A Dark Girl Talking In Verse

A Dark Girl Talking In Verse

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Night's minion, chocolatey Bourbon - I've been called names in different jargons.

They say, "...dark and brown,

You make everybody frown.

Why dont you apply cucumber, curd

And everything absurd?

Drink water, wine and everything fine.

I'm sure your skin will get the scope to shine."

Dumbfounded, I hear you, nod my head,

And say I will do whatever you said.

But deep down I realise,

My skin is smooth and feels so nice!

The little voice in me screams,

"One day I will rise and shine

In this dark and dusky skin of mine."

They say, "Don't wear red;

Settle for pastel shades instead!"

Ignoring them, I pick out the brightest colour

That resonates harmoniously with my fervor.

Can you ever suggest the queen of night

To apply beauty cream and get rid of her plight?

Can you ever stop worshipping Goddess Kali and call her your mother,

When it's only the skin tone that makes you bother?

One day I will find that little voice of mine

That will help me to glow and shine

In this dreamy and dusky skin of mine!

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