Comedy Thriller



Comedy Thriller

The Castle Crime

The Castle Crime

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The castle was in the water,

But here it was far hotter,

The thieves came by boat,

But to their horror, it was surrounded by a moat.

The water was filled with crocodiles,

And they could not walk on tiles,

Without getting trapped,

Or like mummy being wrapped.

Somehow they made it out,

Guarding the wall was a soldier who was stout,

They around up a wall,

But could not jump as it was very tall.


They put the ropes in their bag,           

And took out a long rag,

That is how they made it to the ground,

Skillfully without a sound.

They put the security guards to sleep,

Thankfully the alarm didn't go beep beep,

When they got their hands on the diamonds they sang,

That is when the alarm rang.

They used the rope and jumped to the ground,

Who knows they must have drowned.

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