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Anchita Kapoor

Comedy Fantasy Children


Anchita Kapoor

Comedy Fantasy Children

A Poetry Contest

A Poetry Contest

2 mins

Mr. Sun came and told about his mail,

Shouted at us, ‘Why do you always run?’

That’s the thing we planets can’t explain,

We can’t stop until our orbit goes another way.

“Okay children, let me tell, this is something which is not a test,

And now you know it’s a poetry contest!”

You just write in a beautiful language, All about your amazing landscapes,

There’s no limit, you just write,

Mr. Black Hole would judge the person who gets the prize.’

And as there is no time to waste,

Mercury is my name, and it is good that I am in haste,

Cause I’ll just run with the trophy, by winning it honestly.

I am Venus and I am the one, the bright one filled with endless fun….

I am earth, home of life, you can’t just let me out of your sight,

I am some green and rest blue, Everything I say is always true.

I am red and can win a bet, I am Mars, the red one in the class

I have two moons & they are nice, & as always, my tune ends with no wise,

I am big…. big Jupiter, I am Zeus, ooh... I like it when others say me that,

I am spinny, I spin really fast, Sorry little planets but you would be the last.

I can float, but don’t say me a boat, my rings are fun, and tiny particles run,

Ich bin Saturn, Was sprichst du Deutsch?

Yes, I know German, cause that language is really fun!

I am a planet, that I still can’t admit, that’s why I don’t exhibit,

I am Uranus, and that’s crazy that I rhyme with Venus.

I am totally blue, I am Neptune, I am deadly cold, cause my heat was sold….

Abruptly Mr. sun exclaimed, very well children,

You all were brilliant, with your efforts, As Mr. Blackhole couldn’t decide,

So, there would be a tie, and yes, this is not a lie.

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