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Meera betham



Meera betham


My Hands Still In His Hands

My Hands Still In His Hands

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My father is a great guide

To guide me

In all the situations in my life

When my playing time

He acts as a horse

So I ride him

When I feared in the darkness

He told me tightly in his hands

When I'm going to school

I cried a lot

He gives me a chocolate

So I'm going to school happily

When I'm growing

He bought me a bicycle

And coached me

How to ride a bicycle

In my homework

He helped to solve problems in maths


He inspired me

By telling great person's stories

I know so many things from him

How to wear a dress

How to behave with others

By learning many things from him

I have grown as a good human being

Helping needy people

Overcome any risk

Faced any challenge

A fighter in the struggles

My success in life

Is only because of him

He taught me moral values

And humanity as well

So he is a role model to me

He is my breath

But now

He is older

He needs my help

And my support

Even in a wheelchair also

He tries to help me

In every issue

I take his suggestions

Still, he holds my hands

Helped me to run my life softly

He is the eighth wonder to me

So I love my father

I love him

Up to my last breath

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