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Meera betham



Meera betham


Shower Me Your Love

Shower Me Your Love

2 mins 114 2 mins 114

The day is

An unforgettable day in my life

He left me silently

I don't know what happened

Why my day is the darkest day ever

I forgot to tear

I forgot what's going on around me

I'm walking without feelings

Without concern anything

I felt the time stop

It never moves

I can see nothing

I felt everything disappears

I'm walking with barefoot

On the ugly road

My foot hurts worse

Surprisingly I felt nothing

The only words echoed in my mind was

"He left me"

Suddenly some hands

Thrown me away from the road

Someone tries to talk to me

But I listen to nothing

I reached my hostel

Some of them try to talk to me

But I ignored

I went to the terrace

Actually, it's a beautiful view

It's my favourite place

Every day I spent my time in that place

By talking with him

Along observing the seashore

The cool breeze touched me

But I'm not aware of it

Suddenly the day blackened

With the heavy black clouds

The day appeared darker

Like my life

Water changes its color

They are ready to fight

They angrily come and meet the road

They try to kiss the sky

Everyone feared to see that the sea ghost

They rushed to leave that beach

The seawater is ready to

Capture all those things at any time

The water's evil laughs

Feared everyone

The sky shouted

Lightning glare thrash all

But nothing feared me

I look at the sky

I enjoyed the beauty of angriness

I enjoyed the darkness

The rain comes with hailstones

The hailstones beat me

With more anger

Suddenly I feel my heart pain

Why everyone angered me?

Nobody loves me

Why everyone treated me

As an unlucky person

Why everybody tries to cheat me

Slowly my brain starts working

It feels everything

I'm bursting with crying

My tears kiss my cheeks

It flows like raindrops

I don't know the time

I don't know how much time

I spent there

It's maybe a night

Someone called me

But I avoided

I'm not interested to talk with anyone

So I just ignore

I'm sick with crying

I strained to think

I fainted some time

I decided nothing

So left my life to time

I fall down on the floor

I noticed the rain leaving

My eyes closed slowly

Shut my thoughts

Now I fly in the air

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