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Mumbai Monsoon Mayhem

Mumbai Monsoon Mayhem

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It is that sinking feeling

Every monsoon

When the city that never sleeps

Is put to bed rest

With waters, waters, and waters



Walls collapse

Lives are lost

Trees fall free

Live wires give electric shocks

Flights skid off runways

And not to forget giant manholes

That one falls upon not to rise again


Mumbai is paralyzed

Offices, institutions are closed

Man hours lost

Financial capital quickly slips into a coma

Each year there is a solemn promise

This will not recur again

Measures were taken- tall claims

Which, all of it, proves in vain

Once the rain starts pouring in.

It is the same story

Of lost lives and livelihood

Making a mockery of accountability at any level

Poor Mumbaikar- you are destined to suffer

Like a cursed one with no visible end to it

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