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Sanya Soni



Sanya Soni


The Deep Blue

The Deep Blue

2 mins

Curtains of blue,

They shine & shimmer bright,

It’s a beautiful place,

That I see.

A mystical hue,

Fills the entire space,

With peacock shades

On the walls.

I am walking down the room,

On a magical black path,

With sparkling water on both the sides,

& it’s a beautiful place that I see.

To walk with the one you love,

Makes the place all the more

Prettier than it already is.

So quiet & so serene,

That makes even the nature, keen.

The big magnanimous flowers,

On the edges of the paths,

Glimmer a radiant glow,

With alluring shades of the rainbow.

And it’s truly a beautiful place

That I see.

Through the passage long & embellished,

We enter a new dimension,

The place, though cryptic,

Had an uncanny resemblance with heaven.

And my eyes, just couldn’t believe,

In what all they could actually see.

Even in my wildest imaginations, I never thought,

This is where I would get to be.

Astonishing. Remarkable. Magnificent.

Here, the angel doves sing songs of love,

While the water dances to the beats of whispers.

Trust me, if you don’t believe still,

This magical world welcomes you

In the darkest times, if you will.

Here, at this place, almost everything

Seems beautiful,

& almost everything seems right,

It is the rest place of deep blues,

& the wide expanse of the calm whites.

A hushed stream of river,

Flows by the road,

Even solitude at a place like this

Doesn’t seem to bother anymore.

Sleepy gists & tranquil winds,

Makes me want to float

Fantasies, seem real here

& restricts you from jumping off,

The illumined boat.

But reality is different,

& we must know.

This beautiful boat,

We cannot forever manage to row.

And so it’s time to go back

To where I came from.

However, it scares me.

And I wish to stay here forever,

In this beautiful place that I see.

& I open my eyes,

To find that world,

To search for the doves &

To find those roads.

And I realized,

That I just couldn’t sleep anymore….

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