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Sanya Soni

Drama Fantasy Inspirational


Sanya Soni

Drama Fantasy Inspirational

Up & High

Up & High

2 mins 51 2 mins 51

In this world of hers,

She had her share of insecurities & self-doubts.

A basket was full of 'em.

But she held it up & high

& gracefully carried the burden.

She knew the world would try

& push her down at every step she takes,

But she kept her balance

And held the basket up & high.

The world threw stones at her,

And she picked each one of them,

Knowing and holding on to the belief,

Of one day, building a palace out of them.

And She carried the burden gracefully,


On roads rough and spiked,

Her bleeding feet said it all.

& She bore the burden up & high...

Intimidating dark tunnels

That showed up in her way,

Wanting her to think, 

That it was impossible to surpass.

She proved them all wrong,

Oh! Gracefully carrying her burden,

She lit a torch

From the portion of her

Torn lilac dress,

& Held the basket up & high...

She was alone she realized,

She had to do it all

Or was there someone for her as well?

She wondered often at nights...

Gleaming at the stars

That wonderful brave girl,

Thought to herself 

"What would it be like, to have someone by your side?"

This thought,

Gave her sleepless nights

And the burden she carried 

Gave her restless mornings...

And still, she carried her basket up & high...

So kind at heart & rich at the soul

She just didn't realize who she was,

Her beauty couldn't convince her

Doubts were her mates,

Indeed a pity, this empathetic soul...

She hid every grief, 

& She found a way out through every dilemma,

She gladly hugged the thorns,

& Got bruised from the flowers she picked.

And she gracefully carried the burden up & high.

Oh how beautifully she dealt

With thy world,

If only someone could show her who she was...

For, she hated her reflection,

& She underestimated her abilities...

If only someone could look her in the eyes

And make her believe of the wonders she could do...

A strong soul she is, and she will be till the end,

She will be waiting for the one 

Who could share her load,

And make the everlasting pain end...

But till then, she'll walk the path alone,

Through the bright sunny days 

And the moonlit nights,

She'll carry the basket gracefully

While she holds it up & high...

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