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Light Of The Dawn

Light Of The Dawn

2 mins

Silly things we take for granted/

It has a big tail tightly holding up you/

The axe have tasted your blood of a bandit/

You are just a small pupil to become a guru.

I can't tell how much i searched for you/

Those days are now floating in the air/

I painted memories with you from red to blue/

Just roaming around like you'll be there.

You were as a support for me/

I collapsed as you bid me farewell/

I feel loneliness in here lets get flee/

Someone set me free from myself.

Just an anonymous poem without a poet/

I'm alone without myself/

You are still in this big but didn't knew it/

Keep it within don't let see anyone else.

My fear's leveling up every minute/

Open the door don't be absurd/

Let the threshold get bloody a bit/

Fly out like a cage of a bird.

These days reminds me of my childhood/

Used to enjoy playing games with my friends/

Tried to play in dirt as much as i could/

Coloring books with friends, crayons and pens.

We used to run unlimited covering whole ground/

We fought for our first turn/

Parents scared of that we won't get any wound/

Whole day that hot sun got us completely burnt.

Just wanted to say that i don't know why i'm here/

My truth you'll never know 'cause its hidden/

Late night stories is what my past now i hear/

Life's not about sizzling bacon and eggs in the kitchen.

I have lots of stories but got no one to tell

My thinking power is crushing down/

My brain's gonna explode if it doesn't drop off/

My heart is overloaded with this pain around/

I just need some more steps to play off.

Under the sky along with the moon and thousand stars/

Watching the moon hiding itself in the clouds/

Birds got silent and fog smokes as a cigar/

Come along with me... and enjoy some naturalistic melodic guitar.

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