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26 Lessons I Learnt

26 Lessons I Learnt

2 mins

Adopt or foster a pet, be it a cat or a dog, a hamster or a hen, a parrot or a cow,

Their love is unconditional,

Bury seeds,

the joy you experience when a tiny leaf pops up is immense,

Cook, be it a simple rasam or a four course tasty meal,

it’s a kind of meditation,

Do it yourself or DIY, doing means learning,

which is essential until we die,

and don't forget to dress up,



Enjoy your life, especially all the little things or moments,

Engage in real conversations,

It enhances positive vibes,

Family that prays together stays together says a proverb,

And yes keep your family as your first priority(always)

and friends too!

Glow from within,

and the reflection can be seen on your lips,

Glowing is a sign of growing physically, emotionally and mentally,

Hurdles may let you down,

But look out for options and not opinions,

Find a way to overcome it and you will,

if your observe it keenly,

Ink your memories,

It’s one kind of therapy,

A healing therapy,

and don't forget to Inspire others with your energy,

Jump here and there,

Move your body,


As you may not know what you're good at,

Until you try,

Kindness is my religion,

Be kind,

Stay polite,

Aim for inner peace,

Love, laugh and live,

These three Ls

Is the way to happiness,

Marry when you're ready,

Not when others are saying,

Marriage is a long term investment,

Hence think before you leap,

Nature is the best medicine,

Invest your time in it,

On your marks, get set, go,

Stay fit and be fit,

Eat what is required not desired,

Food is the fuel to activate your brain,

Pump your blood cells,

Recharge and stay active,


Reason out,

Read books, run a library, gain knowledge

For getting a clear perspective,

Silence is golden but don't forget to swap letters as pen pals!

Technology has everthing but is it making you think,

transfer knowledge whenever possible,

Use reusable things,

So we gift our younger generation a beautiful portion of our Earth,

Value people, not possessions,

vault may store money and jewellery

but it's not we all need,


Collect stamps,

dive into the ocean,

get lost in the forests and

don't forget to set your foot on all the lands which Google Maps can't identity,

and do travel solo to tell stories!

Don't be a xerox (photocopy) of someone,

Be orginal,

Stay original!

The most beautiful moments/things are yet to come,

Wait for it!


Don't live in a comfortable zone,

Come out of it and sparkle like a diamond in the sky.

26-year soul!

Happy birthday to me.

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