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Three Phases: Three Mistakes

Three Phases: Three Mistakes

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Early Childhood days gone

Weighed down mostly by school bags heavier than self

And memorizing a universe of info

Formulas, composition and what not

Once you leave school/college premises

Which eventually turns meaningless later

An overburdened state of formative years


As a youth, distractions and attractions held sway

Pursuit of an endless series of temptations

Discipline becomes a dirty word

Well, in retrospect

A youth that got diverted from pursuit of mainstream

Into a number of useless and avoidable diversions


As a professional there has been this huge imbalance

of Work Life Balance

Where work overtook life

It is all work and no life

And price of that mistake

Keep on burdening me at this stage


Unfortunately, life does not have

An ‘Undo’ button

And life moves on. And on.


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