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A Billion Dreams Start Now

A Billion Dreams Start Now

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In India, Cricket is the Religion

Cricketers are Gods

World Cup is the Ultimate Glory

It embodies a billion plus Indian Dreams

Today begins the World Cup

Life for Indians come to a Halt

It is Cricket, Cricket, and still More Cricket

Each success is a celebration

Failure invites Wrath of Fury 

For Indian Players

The migration from Hero or Zero takes barely a second

Clashes are followed with religious fervour

A billion prayers go out with the Indian team

And hell breaks loose if players return pavilion

Out and Defeated 

For a nation, with nothing much to celebrate 

Cricket is the Ultimate

Starting today 

Till July the 14th

All fans eyeball will remain focussed 

On the Cricket Ball

And the crowning glory of Trophy

For the next forty five days, the world comes to a standstill

And just revolves around the 

Mecca of Cricket 

The World Cup hosting Cricket Stadiums 

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