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Religion the Opiate of Masses

Religion the Opiate of Masses

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Religion is one 

God is one

Mankind is one

Together we prosper

Universal Brotherhood is the natural instinct and order 

But we have recreated God 

In Temples, Churches, and Mosques

And gave them shapes

And associated them with Dos and Don'ts

God and Religion have been our tool

To suppress natural rebel instincts from within

And fan religious fervour from outside.

Many atrocities have been committed 

in the name of religion

Sacrileges have been committed in the name of

Sacred and divine

While common man like you and me

Saw universal brotherhood and peace as 

It's cornerstone 

Bigots made it a weapon for ruling over minds

And using it as a tool for subjugation

To divert attention from a world still struggling 

From hunger, water and basic necessities of life

We mirrored a life up above for the devotees 

To divert their current suffering

Votes got sought in the name of religion

Each religion got seen as Vote bank 

Minority and Majority clashes were engineered 

For rich electoral dividends 

Let the congress of religions take a vow

To further the cause of religious instincts 

Research for creating a better world and the other world

And never permit abuse thereof 

And not to make sections fight one against other

Religion must be made the Highest Common Denominator

Rather being reduced to the Lowest Common Denominator

Let religion scale up our move towards higher consciousness

Than pandering base, profane instincts 

To kill, to avenge, and to demean others

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