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Celebration Of Life

Celebration Of Life

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Last night was a woolgathering moment

Rained in liquor, damped in sweat and soaked in tears of joy,

Adoring the tricolor and waving it higher on the streets

Didn’t care about the traffic, didn’t care about the soiled embroidery shirt

Bounced and leaped, jolted by an earthquake within

Roaring with the nation in joy, tearing out my tonsils

Breaking empty cans and bottles, blasting out the beast that lurked inside

Its a life changing moment

‘The Game’ is the religion

And it is a festival which we pray to celebrate

The nation's victory in the world cup

Ecstatic, enchanted, jubilant in orgasmic glory and charm.

Today, I have a hangover.

The misty morning smells like burnt crackers

The vapors from my morning tea tickling my senses

I peeped through my sticky eyes

To find the broken bottles strewn over the street

The shattered cans and the littered paper cups

A sense of contentment and delight was comforting my thoughts

‘We are the world champions’ and the party is over.

But with every sip of tea I was soaking into another sense of realization

This world where we live, goes on at its pace irrespective of the hiccups.

The auto-rickshaws were crisscrossing the traffic

The maid was busy sweeping the floor

The newspaper vendor has already tugged the paper on our door and today it was all in blue

The milkman was sorting the milk packets

The general store owner was offering his ritualistic morning prayers

A little child was carrying a truckload of books to his tuition class

And the sweeper was meddling with the rag-picker

Scavenging the litters of celebration.

Somehow I realized,

Let's thank them who help in defending normalcy in life

For they are those who help us prepare for another celebration.

If celebration is randomness and chaos

Then normalcy creates a platform for the same.

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