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Amit Kumar

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational


Amit Kumar

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational

Fire and my sweet memories

Fire and my sweet memories

3 mins 266 3 mins 266


Me and my family standing helplessly near my sweet home, 

My sweet home which is full of my memory,  

I could see my old days, my childhood, my naughty act with my friends,

Days I spent with my sweet mother, 

My father's love for me without expression,

The sweet smell of our kitchen and my mother cooking,

The home task for my teacher 

My school, my college

Sweet memories of my wedding day,

My sweet wife and my honeymoon days 

My first child and her naughty plays in all corners of the house. 

All now coming in my mind like a flashback,

My house is burning, dark fumes and orange flames of fire are slowly covering my entire house,

I am helpless and lost all hopes 

Just watching and my tears are flowing.

It's like a monster is devouring my house slowly.

Each drop is washing my sweet memories forever and forever.

I am helpless and I may build another house but we never get back our sweet home. 

All my sin and virtue has also turn into ashes which I did in my sweet house.

If I want to refill my old memories in my new house it's never possible, it's like starting another life. 

All my old emotions are lost, I may be not comfortable in my new house,

I am still crying and may continue to drop tears rest of my life.


I build my factory when I was young,

I spent my best part of life, my all luxury, my family life only to build this large industry which is like a Temple for me,

Every brick is carrying the memories of strong waves which I passed through, but still standing like a monument.

Every moment are carrying memories of every transaction which I did during my old days.

My small project office and my luxurious director cabin is coming to my mind like flashback,

Me and my young son both us are standing near to my factory,

my factory is burning. burning with the huge fire of flames and smokes are covered all around.

I am watching flames are long and dancing in the air like 

An artist is painting abstract art on a Canvas,

So beautiful, I like the view 

Heat is touching my face, 

my mouth is dry, 

But emotions are not bursting into tears, 

My son is asking me Dad why you are so cool, not tense.

He surprised and looking very much depressed and sad.

I lost all my wealth and all my earnings are turning to ashes in front of me.

All my glory and status are vanishing from me

I once again turn in to zero and feel like a beggar.

But it's another opportunity God has gifted me, I look into another side of the situation, 

All my mistakes are also burnt into ashes, 

Now it's my chance to rebuild my new factory with all my wisdom, 

I am now a wiser person and learnt from my all mistakes. 

When a House is burnt, it takes all old memories. 

We live life with emotions which attached with old sweet home if lost never returned.

The factory is a centre of wealth creation with and without attachment of personal emotion, 

We do a lot many things, much great decision or many mistakes.

When the factory is burning and it's taken all elements of mistakes. 

Given chance to rectify and wiser for future.

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