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Amit Kumar

Abstract Classics Inspirational


Amit Kumar

Abstract Classics Inspirational

I meet my God on a rainy day

I meet my God on a rainy day

3 mins

It's a rainy day, drops are falling in my face, Black clouds are coming closer,

it seems that clouds are eager to touch the Earth.

Clouds are dancing and enjoying the festival of lighting. 

Cracking sounds are pounding the heart and seem to be starting a horror movie.

I am standing on a highway, black tar road is reflecting like a shoulder of a black cobra, so smooth, dazzling like a real dark beauty.

The darkness is so deep black, nothing is visible after few yards,

it's like the road ends with a big hole endless and have a big mouth to suck everything for an endless journey.

The trees are standing to witness the darkness and falling shadows are reflecting the figure of the unknown demon, very hungry.

My car headlights are piercing the chest of darkness and light beams are showing hopes of brightness.

But I'm feeling so helpless, no hope, no life.

My car is broken down and no one is here to support me.

I am desperately looking for someone to help,

But no sign of life.

I am feeling cold, water is dripping from my clothes, 

I am looking for a shelter, but its endless darkness and big trees and branches are my only companion.

I am really afraid and my knees are trembling, may drop me anytime. 

After few hours, I laid down on the road as I lost all my physical and mental strength to stand on my feet.

My eyes are heavy and facing difficulties opening, I'm slowly losing consciousness, my body temperature is falling rapidly,

I am feeling like a dead man.

I wake up with bright sunlight on my face and found myself in a small hut where I am laying on a bamboo cot.

My body is covered with a blanket it is so warm, I never have so much comfort in my life. 

I found an old lady standing near my bed with a hot cup of tea and a bucket of hot water,

I was smelling the fragrance of burning wood and light smoke is covered the room.

I slowly come out of the bed and taking a flash of warm water in my face to feel that I am still alive. 

My life energy is coming back and giving me enough strength to walk around.

The old lady expressed her gratitude to almighty God for my recovery.

She informed me that his son has gone to a nearby village to call a mechanic to repair my car.

After few hours, I am sitting in my car and ready to drive back to my home.

I have no words to express my gratitude for the kindness of the family towards me in such a horrible situation in my life.

I am a rich person but I realised that my wealth has no use when encountered a situation where God only hopes, 

someone may come to extend kindness and support in a helpless situation,

 it's like getting the blessing of God for all the good work that is done in past. 

The more we do good work for humanity, the count on the life scorecard is increased which is payback when someone is helpless and someone like God is only survival.

My journey ends and I am wiser than before.

My heart is so fulfilled that I remember the fragrance of the small muddy hut in which God is living, my God to whom I like to worship throughout my life.

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