Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Amit Kumar

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Amit Kumar

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Oh God, My job and my family -

Oh God, My job and my family -

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Oh life, hold please, let's count the score of work and life balance.

let me keep your work and life account on the weighing scale, 

"oh my God, it's my work, so heavy, I never realized, I am losing my weight of life so rapidly".

My life is now rolling around cash flow, operating profit, and productivity.

Keeping no room for enjoying a quality life with my family.

My Boss is next to God to me, who decides how I spend time, what is my preference for the day.

 I felt nervous if I spent Little long evening hours with my family and friends.

My stress is now stimulating in life. I am addicted to my journey to achieve my Goal. 

My goal is to get a good return on investment for our shareholders. 

No room, no space is left for my family.

Oh God, when I first got the job, I thought it's a getaway of super happiness, a charming and super luxurious life is waiting for me. 

My feelings were vibrant and kept me in a fantasy of married life. 

I got married, my sweet wife is charming and demanding.

My Boss is also demanding and stretching my goal like an elastic rubber band.

My wife is giving me a sense of family life and the smell of sweet home.

The smell of black coffee, the smoke of tobacco, the pungent smell of strong alcohol and Chinese food is slowly overtaking my joy of family life. 

My children, My parents, My wife, are no more my attractions of life, a decent performance bonus is more attractive to me.

Slowly my DNA is changing, I am losing my feelings of micro sensitivity of family life.

When my wife expresses her love, my children are excited to show me their report card, My old parents are waiting eagerly to show their lower blood sugar levels after a long-suffering, 

Oh God, I lost my feelings to participate in their happiness, rather I feel happier when my Boss hugged me with all his excitement of hitting the target of the year and presenting a growth-oriented financial budget for the next financial year.

Enjoying Success in professional life is momentary and failure may rub all appreciation of past success.

If so-called successful executives are carrying their long face, health with hypertension, high blood sugar, what message all are spreading to a new generation? 

A sweet home, lovely wife, sweet and cute children, blessing of parents, memories of last family holiday, gives long-lasting happiness and smiling face. 

A hangover is a common word in the corporate world, suffering from hangover syndrome is a common disease.

Now laptop has entered the bedroom, Sweet moments with wife is shadowed by the hangover of days events and stress for the next target.

My wife, my family always gives a healing touch with love and affection. A sweet memory always boosts up my energy and keep me healthy.

My workload is sucking my all energy and pushing me to adopt a lifestyle to become an unhealthy person.

I lost the micro sensitivity of my feelings and emotion.

Now my emotions are triggered only after having a few rounds of alcohol or having a deadline to complete.

A long-suffering and losing balance of life finally resulted in a serious health issue.

My heart is not getting the full volume of Blood and my energy is dropping.

My health is not permitting me to work and getting unfit to continue.

Oh my God, now realise, to manage a family, money is important.

 But to keep a balance between work and family life is another management which one can learn only after full exposure of situation.

It's important how fast the learning is complete to take charge of the future.

To work with full dedication and aspersions of growth in professional life is a prerequisite of any executive. 

Sweet family life is like an effective drug to keep the mind and body healthy.

The Big Mantra of life management is how to synchronise family and professional life seamlessly and know the art of switching mode without any hangover.

A relaxed moment of life is to be kept under own control, no one can control it remotely like a poppet.

Happiness is completely inner feelings, Success is not an ingredient of happiness it's simply the end of one round of journey.



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