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Amit Kumar



Amit Kumar


My Sweet Sixty

My Sweet Sixty

3 mins

I was born without any choice, just by default

Whether my parents are rich or poor, no choice, just by default.

What country, what city I took birth, no choice, just by default.

Like all children, I was admitted to a school.

The pressure of learning and following daily routine as given by parents have no choice.

No freedom, only act of discipline and discipline. 

One day my school life is over with the only urge of freedom.

My school life never manifested in full blossom.

Now I am in college and aspiring for a great professional life.

Only pressure and pressure, no choice, no option.

A good job and a good life only choice.

Now I'm appointed and doing my job.

I am earning money, oh what a freedom.

But who is my Boss no choice only by default?

My Boss is a hard nut, only task and task with a deadline, 

What pressure may be higher than a pressure cooker.

Still, some freedom as bachelor enjoyed a little bit.

But one fine morning, I got married

Now my sweet wife, with all her sweetness, few months kept me busy, even my Boss is away from my dream.

My dream is over, reality is not in darkness. 

In full daylight, I landed up with two Boss in my great life

My life now tugs of war, stretched between two Bosses, no choice just by default

Losing a job, increment, promotion all are botheration in life.

Days are passed by, now I am a father of two children.

Parenting is a great challenge, no teaching only by experience.

Whether my children will be groomed as like my neighbour's child or like me?

Only tension, no choice what may happen, just by default.

No time always busy, peaceful sleep is now luxury.

Bank balance for future security is now the priority as hairs are turning grey, no choice by default.


My child is now grown up and living in a distant city.

I am retiring now, my Boss is no more my taskmaster, 

My balance in the bank is good enough to live peacefully in my own home with my young old beloved wife.

She also now leaves her dictatorship at home.

Home is now sweet home and with divine flavour.

Now I have no pressure on life and office

So much freedom never enjoyed

No pressure of work just lives with ease.

The stress which was ornament always in the neck.

Now live in stress-free life, is so great just not by choice by default.

Enjoying morning walk with friends without any hurry is the perfect gift of retired life.

No need to take leave from Boss, just decide to travel to an unknown destination with wife or with friends is now options of life.

All are seeking advice nothing to obey.

No dress code, full freedom.

Living with Pets never so entertaining

My kitchen garden is my favourite place to spend time.

My all creative ideas are now my part of life which never allows exploring.

I and my wife is now my family,

My children are now my guest.

They bring a gift for us,

I'm enjoying my retired life.

So great, it's better than all my past phase of life.

Health and wealth are not to be by choice, should be by default.

Enjoy retired life with fullest, no fear when we take last breath, just enjoy as its last gift of God.

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