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Daughter To A Stranger…

Daughter To A Stranger…

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This is an ode to a stranger,

This is an ode to my mother,

Sitting at home in the middle of the week

Listening and singing along Kishore Kumar’s songs with her on her radio,

I feel totally in sync with her,

I am a daughter to my mother.

And suddenly a shift occurred and now we were arguing

On issues like marriage, career, one’s duty towards their family and community, what color of eye shadow seems prettier and what not!

And I realize the person who gave birth to me is herself still a stranger to me.

I realize that I am detaching myself from her.

But I pace myself and recall that

To love someone isn’t to agree with them on every existential issue but is to give into them beside all the differences and bridges.

After all, everything I am from my nose, my face to the way I feel love and express love

Is a part of her,

I am a part of her,                        

I am a daughter to a stranger!

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