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Amit Kumar

Abstract Classics Inspirational


Amit Kumar

Abstract Classics Inspirational

Me And My Shadow

Me And My Shadow

2 mins

Someone is calling me, but I am alone here,

looking here and there, who is calling, 

it's my shadow, 

very long and quietly observing me, 

All my movements, changing shape and size.

 It's like a great painter is sketching emotions over a canvas.

My shadow is asking me, do you have any self-assessment report, you generally project yourself as a symbol of honesty and human Idol.

But I saw you are the most corrupt and dishonest person.

Any person is judged by inner thoughts which start running instantly whenever someone is exposed to any situation. 

No one knows the actual character of the person and only influenced by the actions of a great artist.

I replied to my shadow, my dear friend, those who are most successful in life management, they are the real talented actor, not those who are performing on stage.

My greed, my desire for pleasure, my fear to lose some things, my fantasy, is always driving me internally all the time since I got maturity in life.

But I am capable to manage my inner thoughts without having any facial expression, not an appreciable act? 

All set, but an only issue to face self in a dark room when alone.

I have nothing to justify for all my inner act ,just silently accept me as insects of a garbage tank.

But I am most respectable person in society and great father and great son and also a great husband and most trustworthy.

My shadow, if I lose control, maybe the most hated person in society.

When I was born, my inner sense had no existence, but with my growing maturity, observed the influence of the inner world and the art of acting.

Now I really fed up in my life and I have to lose my strength to face me when I am alone in a dark room.

I like to respect myself as a person by purifying the inner sense.

Spirituality is a journey to get the strength to face self and building emotional control to listen to inner voice as driving force of life all the time.

But the tragedy is, the influence of spirituality is not long-lasting, only momentary, in presence of only strong influence.

My shadow, I have no inclination to purifying my life now as I am addicted to my outer life, let me continue.

I am your shadow, my existence is only for the reason which you are manipulating to live your life under a dark cloud of dishonesty.

I may disappear if someone is a true projection of inner sense in actual life. 

But any human being without a shadow is like seeing GOD on the earth.

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