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Amit Kumar

Classics Inspirational


Amit Kumar

Classics Inspirational

Canvas Of Life

Canvas Of Life

3 mins

Me and my mother, a young widow ready to sacrifice her life for the uplifting of the only son.

She lives with the only dream that her son will be a great person one day.

She works hard to clear the borrowing of her late husband.

She works hard to earn money for the education of her son.

She forced to stay with her bother 

It's a great embarrassment to stay in another family and accept all mental pressure.

But no option-

Life continued, crisis days are over, 

Her son is now well settled and earning enough money for good living, 

Mother is happy and starts dreaming for a great family life.

She thought my son for whom, I live my life lonely, I spare all my happiness, must be thinking to give a shower of happiness to me.

Happiness to Mother is not a luxurious life, simply some moments of joy,

To keep her feeling live that her son is still like a small loving child to her and always stay with her to return all happiness of life which never reached to her.

Every mother wants her son will get married soon when the mother is alone.

Son was not keen to get married,

Life was continuing with two members family.

Not much expectation, 

Son is very much passionate about his work.

His 1st priority is to work than his mother's feelings and desire.

Addiction to work can cause much harm sometimes more than any other addiction for pleasure.

One day son decided to stay in another country with her foreign wife.

Started a Biz to accomplish his all dream.

Never considered the mother's pain to stay alone, 

Mother was staying alone with all luxuries items and caretaker.

But son never considered that mothers heart is paining and nothing can heel up other than his son presence.

Mother never complains and always encourage her son to keep her family happy and blessed him for great success in his biz. 

Every moment of her life was full of sorrow but never to express to others.

Always keep son happy by saying that all are taking care of her and nothing more is required.

There may be no definition of pain which a lonely, exhausted mother can pass through after her highest sacrifice of life.

Tears are dried up without keeping any mark on her face, 

Son was a nice person and doing the best to take care of his mother from a distance.

Only a small portion of his heart never activated for his Mother.

One morning mother left her body and forever remain unsatisfied soul.

Life is fast when you enjoy your living on earth.

Son has never realised there some life left when you are not doing any professional activities.

Now his sweet wife has no business with great son, 

Son is suddenly feeling alone and his wife is not supporting his ambition and expressing now the time has come to stay home and to follow her roadmap of living old age life.

Son has never thought any life without his work which has occupied most of his lifetime.

Now feeling helpless and all his ambitions are placed over a hot plate which is slowly dried up to dry sand.

The great son is now staying alone and sitting in mother's old home, 

Now he realized that a small portion of his heart which remain deactivated throughout his life, kicking back now for his realisation,

It's a life which has the potential to create its canvas with a choice of own colour.

When liking is only red, blue, violet, when the white colour turns to Black no one noticed. 

Now Son may be realising the pain of mother which she underwent every day and every moment for his decision.

Life throws pain if by any chance someone hurts feelings of parents, more they are happy, more drops of happiness fall in life.

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