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Amit Kumar

Tragedy Inspirational


Amit Kumar

Tragedy Inspirational

Me And My Cigarette

Me And My Cigarette

3 mins

I am a child and my favorite smell is the smoke of a white stick,

Little thicker than my pencil, not so long, 

My teacher is enjoying the act of smoking in the teacher room,

My teacher is my ideal as he is Supreme and so satisfied while throwing off a cloud of smoke, nothing can give so much pleasure to anyone.

I feel excited, one day I can also enjoy the white stick and throw smoke with full pleasure.

I grew up and now eligible to decide my own choice.

Now the white stick of childhood is known as Cigarette,

when I hold my Cigarette between my two fingers it's gives me the confidence of smartness and visa to the youth world.

My drinks do not give complete satisfaction without a puff of cigarettes.

When I wake up in the morning, it gives a start-up kick for the whole day.

During my day's work, when I feel exhausted, only my best friend is my cigarette.

when I light my cigarette to take a puff, it gives me an energy boost to my work again in full speed.

A cigarette is now my part of life, any time is the best time to smoke and the best combination is a glass of drink or a cup of coffee.

I am so addicted that no one may think of me without my favorite cigarette brand on my lip.

My food is digested only after a round of smoke.

My life goes on and without consuming a few packages in a day, it's an incomplete day.

I might have a smoke so much which can cover a city like a morning fog.

One day I was coughing so much it never stops.

My doctor checked my chest scan and humorously said, my friend, you have baked your internal mechanism of the body, it's like half cook tandoori chicken.

Your lungs are soaked with so much tar and it looks like the hood of the wooden chulla.

if its squeeze may discharge a cup of black tar.

Now my broncho air pockets are not having the capacity to hold my air to breathe.

My mouth is dry and nothing can cure me, the only option is my cigarette which can only poison me slowly towards my journey to the hospital.

I lost my taste, all food is no more gives satisfaction without rich in masala.

My stomach is upset and I am passing my days with great fear of lung cancer.

I am coughing continuously and nothing is working.

My doctor is losing hope as my sweet Cigarette has taken my days of life in exchange for the so-called pleasure of smoking.

I only can live with the support of oxygen.

I am now the burden of my family and retired from my job without completing my full terms.

I regret my mistake, but no chance of getting back my healthy life.

I never realized that life is supported with so much free oxygen of the air, not the carbon dioxide which I replaced for the shake of my pleasure.

Now all my old day's pleasures are exchanged with pain in my life.

All my so-called smart look is now changed to an ugly look, my skins are dry and full of wrinkles.

All look at me as a passive smoker and unhealthy person.

Now when I look into any of my friends who are never smoked in life,

so healthy still in their old age and enjoying their life to the fullest.

They can breathe and hold oxygen in their lungs.

They are enjoying their food as they are never soaked their mouth with hot smoke.

They move freely and never have a restricted life like me.

Their family is happy with their presence in the family but for me, I am not.

Now I realized that cigarette is killing elements, nicotine in blood is like keeping poison in a healthy body.

Momentary pleasure turns into a permanent pain in life.

Nature has given a beautiful body with all its sophistication, not a wise decision to smoke which is injurious to health. 

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