Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Sahana Banerjee



Sahana Banerjee




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"You are now free of the pain", God said,

"Now that you are dead,

You can find your own way,

You can take another birth or you can stay."

"So what do you want ?", asked He,

And wondrously looked at me.

For I was lost in my own thought,

And I asked after a pause, "what place is it? Where am I brought?"

"This is heaven", he replied, with a calm voice ,

"Didn't you always wanted to be here ,wasn't it your choice ?"

"Yes, all humans desire to be here after death", I replied with a shudder,

"But tell me this Oh God!, why was my life suddenly over.

In earth we believe everything is planned by You alone,

Then why did you give me this painful death, which sins I had committed for what did I atone?

My parents were poor but they loved me with all their heart,

Why God Why? Why was I torn apart?

You know when I was lying on that hospital bed,

And my mother was weeping beside me, her eyes were bloodshot red.

She would weep and I would also cry,

And one day, almost vehemently I told her,"Maa, I want to live,I don't want to die"

While alive, I suffered for 16 long days since 2012 December sixteen,

And the one who had brutally raped me, was released since he was a teen?!

I was there on earth, for verdict of justice for 6 long years,

The hostility which killed me in days, justice took so long,

Isn't there any value for the agony, pain, suffering and tears?

You say, you plan everything, you are omnipotent and all Knowing,

Then tell me Oh Lord! tell me this, why the deaths due to rapes are growing?

After I was murdered with my insides torn ,

Why was a 5 year old raped and thrown?

Somewhere it's a 3 month old, somewhere its 73,

And these rapists, after ruining our lives are walking free!?

Is this your justice? Is this your way?

Is this why, to You, all the mothers they pray?

Why don't you do something God ?? Why? (sobbing)

Atleast , atleast make these people here try.

Give them the strength to man up and fight,

Against the extortion and what is right!

You , yes You! Not God! its you I am speaking to now

These scums roam free Would you like to know how?

They might be 2, 3, 4 or 5 guys,

They are able to do what they want, because YOU shut you eyes.

You become mute like some cattle,

Do not stand up to fight thinking its someone else's battle!

When it happens to your family members, guys or girls,

Only then does your world swirls.

When I was alive I was like you too,

Blamed the government, did not have strength for a me too!

But please, do not follow in my path and repeat my mistakes,

Rise above everything, make Rape, abuse and sexual violence intolerable,

For higher are the stakes.

If the people rise hand in hand,

No evil can ever stand!

Before being relieved I heard the screams from dark corners and saw the death of many

But if each one of You stand against this heinous crime, there will be no rapes of children, nuns, aged, Asifa or Damini"

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