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Syeda Shua Zaidi



Syeda Shua Zaidi


Who Will Listen To My Scream?

Who Will Listen To My Scream?

2 mins

There are some days which won't let you sleep

From twilight to dawn I silently weep

That night that whispers to me

Deliberately not letting me set a free

The resonance of the echo pierces the soul

The reverberation, the images lurk in the mind on the whole

That night where they grabbed me by the arm

It was a night of 17, where they targeted me like a board of dart

A sign of their manhood, something they Ionged to gain from the start

My shouts weren't clear to the hollow trees and chaotic streets

Perhaps they weren't streets of ecstasy, rather those tasting damp and sticky sweet

And maybe my voice was unparalleled to the world's watchful antagonism

I have cursed myself with self-doubt and oblivion

Merged and mingled hues will remain imprinted in my character

The transformation of echoes into images will just be a reminiscence for them, with a tinge of laughter

You might call me a wraith, persisting that I lost alI my faith

You might dump me or showcase absolute hate

Your acts of ghastly cowardice may shout out to me, until they take a drop

You may shoot me with your eyes, calI me a storm that will never stop

Your delusions will never pierce me alI along

My eyes glistening with pain might not prove you wrong

Your attacks by acids reminded me of my favorite science chapter

Your valor was certainly the most extensive downfall of your character

Pride residing in your heart will always support your will

The exquisite pallor of your shame will inevitably remain, your heart will cry and the soul will shrill

Don't believe that I was a formidable victim

Your actions won't let my pain dim

O' innocent faced stone hearted lads

Your drunk yet conscious mind will always justify you

Your sins will only prove me true

And don't you ever be such highly mistaken

The burden you transmitted will never be laden

The echoes of your existence now no more scars will give

And yes, my love today I will live

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