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Revolutionize India's governance. Click now to secure 'Factory Resets of Governance Rules'—a blueprint for a fair and prosperous future.

Nasrin Parveen

Abstract Tragedy Others


Nasrin Parveen

Abstract Tragedy Others

Perfect Society

Perfect Society

3 mins

Is there something wrong with you?

A loose screw or two that ruined your ability to function?

Why are you always so tired?

Your life is uninspired and small; all you do is sprawl on the couch with outstretched limbs like a sloth in slow-motion.

Where is your devotion to succeed Nasrin?

Did it drift out the window with the smoke from your weed?

Do I need to force feed your discipline till you finally concede?

I cook and I clean and I don't stop till the soles of my feet bleed.

But I'm fine 

I'm perfect

Be perfect, Nasrin

Be perfect like me.

Stop wearing those god awful ripped pants

And that lipstick like a whore with double-d implants

You only get one chance

Stop acting like a cat with nine lives left.

Stop committing yourself to songs and stories and spoken slam bullshit in a world where degrees and Ph.D.''s impede the need for poetry.

And stop chewing on your nails.

No wonder why you haven't attracted any males.

Why do you do that? Do you like the taste? Are they sweet?

You can't eat sweets, Nasrin.

You're ruining your teeth like you're ruining your life.

My teeth are perfect. Clean and pristine. 

They gleam like the golden halo above my perfectly conditioned head.

I don't need sugar, Nasrin 

I'm above sugar.

Why are you down here?

Why are you down here when you need to be up here?

Up here with the ones who have a promising career.

Who listens when information goes in one ear and doesn't come out the other.

You'll never be up here, Nasrin 

You act as if the act of listening is a crime.

Or you would have heard me the six hundred and sixty-sixth time I told you to STOP CHEWING YOUR NAILS

Stop chewing your nails like a goddamn piece of trash. 

You can't be trash, Nasrin 

You have to be perfect. 

I get up at 5 in the morning every day.

I start my day the same way worried that i'll collapse.

As my bones start to decay by cleaning up your scraps.

Why is your room such a mess?

The clothes go in the hamper, Nasrin 

Not displayed on your bed like your lack of morals.

Not littered on the floor collecting more dust than my withered expectations.

You disregard my rules with stubborn contempt in a substandard

The attempt at teenage rebellion.

But you can't rebel, Nasrin 

You are not interesting enough.

You need to obey say 'yes' and 'okay'

You need to do it with a smile on your less than average face.

You need to try harder, Nasrin 

Make it wider, Nasrin 

Why don't you know how to smile?

You need to pay more attention 

Stop daydreaming, Nasrin

Stop staring at the ceiling as if your one redeeming quality lies hidden in the plaster.

You need to organize your life 

Your life is a disaster 

Just like your room

Just like your teeth 

Just like your future,

Which will soon come to an end if you don't put down that pen.

You need to stop writing 

Your life is not a book, don't give me that look.

I'm just trying to help you. 

I'm just trying to love you.

I'm just trying to love you.

You have to let me love you so that you can be perfect.

Be perfect like me.

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