Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Chayan Chakma



Chayan Chakma




2 mins

Sure Was as a boy

Born Less a Half and a kilo,

Grown without a toy

Against those each flow.

De-grouped by all,

Mother didn't even try

Hold my hand just before my fall

No one cared if I laugh or cry.

Hard as steel I grew

Beard as jungle I rule

Had my dreams I sow

Heart of a kind to fool.

Still they say where I was born

A river through hills

Down to shades without throne

Full of blood and grills.

Schooled a harder

Than I thought

As was the most of younger

Among all against I fought.

Had even a girl

Who dropped my heart

In my darkest swirl

When I begged her to restart.

She didn't even listen

A voice that I framed

For us and what we can

Denying me as she can't be tamed.

I lost myself

Again in dark woods

Before I ask for any help

Felt like I was breathing my roots.

Tears was not my option

Not even as my rebellion

Harder I felt that alone

I smeared up my own.

They said what they could

To make my soul bleed

Lost and dead if I would

Counting my each last breathe.

I grew slow

Even slower If I say;

Saw my face daily in a row

Till I found my shore with ray.

Pledged for my dignity

A life that I let drown

I was promised for a destiny

And I shall mark a sigil; of my own.

I shall stand for truth,

I shall clock what was swept;

I shall keep all that I brought,

For all beings those I debt.

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