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Indira Mishra

Drama Romance


Indira Mishra

Drama Romance

An woman’s luck on her defeat

An woman’s luck on her defeat

2 mins

In summer time

the fire of love burns.

the stream of youth flows.

never the rainbow refracts upon.

devil spring comes,

penetrates inside warm sensation.

you loosened your hands.

left her behind in burning passion.

that is not an fallen woman’s luck

but an woman’s luck,on her defeat,

the painful strokes you left inside her is so hard, she endured,                                                                                            

with a smile, embracing your harsh feelings, through out her life,                                                                                          

up holding the principles of sanctity, piousness as you said,                                                                                      

pretending herself in her hypocrisy,                                                                                                                                          

again a never ending bondage of duty for conditional duty sake,                                                                                      

being tired with your sexual urge, sweating in your sexual energy,                                                                                

passion of love, exertion, suffocation, restless breathing,                                                                                                           

to be freed from such a earthly bondage, satisfy, his needs,                                                                                         

rendering all sensual pleasure, hiding in her pretence how long,                                                                                            

she does not know, is her holy duty , she performs it,

it is not an woman's luck ,                                                                                                

but an fallen woman's luck in her defeat,

love never waits for your day, path of your love searches,                                                                                                    

rather the way following all your worries, traumas, pathos,                                                                                                  

but leaves the remark of love always with melancholic love,                                                                                                    

in your miseries, sorrows and tragedy,

the bodily love finds only the path of the relaxation,,,...,

it is not but only sensual way escaping from all sufferings ,miseries of life ,                                                                            

but the true love gives power to withstand your all hurdles, jerks, problems of life,

your mental support is your true love,                              

‘love in need is love indeed’

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