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Love, Career and Live-In
Love, Career and Live-In

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It is always easy to fall in love with someone but it is very hard to commit to it..

So like most of the women today, I am also a very ambitious and independent woman who have always dreamt of living independent in a metro city with a good job and a handsome partner. Well, you do not get all of it... Bad situations always bring pressure with them, this story is also about a bad situation which changed into anecdote of my life :)

Three years ago, I was living in Mumbai working as an Application Specialist in healthcare field for a very big firm (Of course it was a dream for many professionals to come to that firm, but we were some 20 fresh graduates who were hired as a part of their one project). I was extremely happy professionally, working in Mumbai, living alone in an apartment, good salary and perks, but there was a hole in my fucking boring personal life, because I had a boyfriend who was NOT in Mumbai, so we were trying to work out our long distance relationship at every cost, as usual phone calls and video calls, life became kind of imbecilic three months later we were out of topics to talk about so we had our office to talk about and it seemed that we were at really different places professionally, I was more happy and successful in my profile and he was facing some serious issues with his. Well this was not more concerning till the same thing happened with me and I decided to change the situation. One year later, I realised that I am too good for the job and it was not working for me, so I RESIGNED and called up my boyfriend, " Listen, I have resigned, I could not take it anymore and I do not know what to do now, I know I will get another job, but I don't want to do this anymore." After delivering seven minutes of illogical facts, I justified my resignation to him. He consoled me and asked me what I wanted to do, I did not respond because I did not know, he got me and asked me if I wanted to go back to my parents, I did not know that either, he finally said those words and my whole mindset of being independent and ambitious got blacked out... In a very concerned and comforted voice he said "You want to come here and live with me??? You can always find a new job after few months, you should take off for sometime, sit back and relax and I will handle things for both of us." Without giving it a second thought, we agreed on it, after making up some stories and excuses, I was all set to take off from Mumbai and land to his place.

I reached Bhopal, he was there, waiting on the exit and took me his home, life seemed like a dream, we were living every bit of it, we rented a good duplex in a very good area, set the whole thing up from furniture to kitchen to household, in a very less time, I was convinced that this is what I want, a lifetime of togetherness whether working or not, being ambitious or not, but I wanted to hold his hand for the lifetime, it was the time when our families also knew that we were in relationship and are now in the same city. As a girl's parent mine was always so cool, that I asked my mother before go and live with him to which she gave the coolest reply by saying "of course, if you are in same city, you should live together, your expenses will be half, and you will learn about each other, as now you two are serious, there should not be any problem." With my mother's blessing we started it on a very good note. His mother also knew that we are in same city now, but her approach was different towards the situation, she asked him very upfront that if we were living together which would not be good if it is true as that was not the way she had raised her son, which he plainly refused. Things were going smooth, and eventually we told his younger brother about us living together to which he reacted in a very mixed manner, but as it was expected and was not bothering, we did not respond.

Months passed by and like every relation we faced our very first setback which was two days long (seemed like forever though), we were not talking to each other and were busy in ourselves, when suddenly his phone rang and his face went pale and as I was staring at him, his eyes were asking me to figure it out as soon as possible, he hung up the phone and before I could asked he said "Bhaiya ka phone tha, mummy kal subah ki train se Bhopal aa rahi hai", we both went numb for sometime like a lightning ball has come and struck us. Within a moment we forgot our setback and started to brainstorm about the situation, we called our broker and explained him the situation if we could get one room somewhere for one week far away from this locality, we waited till night for his response but we got nothing, and we got stuck in the middle of nowhere with 14 hours left. After thinking the ass off, we decided to lock me in the lower portion of the house and set up one room upstairs for him like a single boy who is living alone, and there stared our night long arrangements to work it out.

Started from cleaning upstairs, it was month of June, and there was no fan upstairs, so we took out our living room fan and installed it, after installing it we set up the his room but making it semi messy like a boy's room, because too cleaned room could be fishy, we decided to divide and conquer, I took the upstairs and he downstairs, we decided to hide all the things in front and back porch, he dragged our washing machine, plants and everything that I had put my heart to decorated into the house so that nothing could be visible from upstairs window, I set up the room upstairs, meanwhile he installed the dim and cheap bulbs instead of bright cosy LEDs, at 1:30 in the night, we were pasting black charts on all the windows downstairs so that even a single ray could not reach the dark outside as it had to seem like an empty house downstairs, I set up my small kitchen in bedroom itself with minimum cutlery so that there will be no sound at all, we checked several time from upstairs window if there is any hint of a life downstairs, but we succeeded in creating the story. Now the time had come to execute it, it was 7:00 in the morning and we were preparing ourselves for the coming one week, as I was going to be locked from all sides in a very big house in which I even could not walk to remove the slightest possibility of doubt. He had to leave at 7:45 AM for railway station and she had not called him up till now to keep the surprise visit intact, she called him at 8:00 AM and told him that I am reaching in half-an-hour so please come to pick me up, to which he gave the worst made up surprise reaction I have ever seen of anyone, well he left at 8:15 AM, and I still remember, when he was locking me, he had his eyes full of tears, I do not know why he felt emotional, we were committed (today also) and it requires efforts and some impractical things to make it work, and that is what seemed right that time, so we did it.

For one week, we were scared our asses off every moment, his mother was a Sherlock of his house, at everything she raised questions, I used to sit near window and listened their long conversation about the air tight jars that she had given him for almonds and cashews are missing from his stuff which were by the way were downstairs having tea and sugar in them, his shirts were folded in a very irregular manner, his temple was missing Sai Baba that she had given him... I texted him in one of the conversations telling him to divert her from the topic right now so that I could go to bathroom otherwise she will hear the sound downstairs, so he found a way to give me some relaxation and started playing music whenever I had to go to bathroom, one week passed and in that week, I met her also in a shopping mall as his son's girlfriend, which is a story in itself.

Till this day, we laugh and cherish those days, we left Bhopal long time ago and shifted together to Delhi but those days and stories are still fresh in our memories, that house is invaluable to me, we are engaged and about to get married in coming year with god's grace and our families' blessings.

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