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Stop... Look... Go....
Stop... Look... Go....

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Stop, Look, Go.

This is the slogan written outside of the schools, hospitals...


It's for children going to school don't get into accident.
It's for patients going for treatment don't get in bigger trouble.

We have to implement this slogan in our real life.

We are running like a mad man in our life.

We don't know the goal, where we want to go and when we want to stop after reaching at some point of time or goal.

We have to stop
We have to take leave from our job, business, school and college.

We have to look
We have to look on our mentality, our life and our goal.
We have to think what we want to do with our life.

and go...
And after thinking over it very deeply, we have to check whether we are on the right path. Had we planned for happiness in future, planned for retirement from work, routine life and enjoy life after some point of time.

If you get Yes in response then you are on right path. Go ahead...
otherwise, think over it and plan for your happiness.
plan for yourself.
and then go with that plan and leave your life happily...

Be happy...  Keep smiling... :)

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