My Piece Of Peace

My Piece Of Peace

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Writing for me

Is blurting out everything

That is in my heart and mind,

With words and thoughts

Being to me

Clear and kind...

I fear no one and express all my feelings with ease,

It comforts me and gives me mental peace...

Many of my emotions and secrets flow out,

When I take paper and pen,

With no one unwanted around,

I can speak out freely in my den...

No one I want to tell,

Everything that I have inside me,

But when I sit and write,

I can live the person I actually want to be...

Writing to me

Is my real stress buster,

Makes me positive


Erases negatives

Like a duster...

If I ever stop writing,

I might lose my sanity...

That'll end my freedom, my strength and

My true personality.

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