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Shourya Shrivastava

Drama Tragedy


Shourya Shrivastava

Drama Tragedy

Dear Mr. Chrysanthemum

Dear Mr. Chrysanthemum

2 mins

Mr. Chrysanthemum on top of my coffin, had a conversation with me last night...

Miserable was my sight... but even worse, was my plight!

I dwell into the past that cannot be undone

The terror and the screams underneath the bright sun

All this happened when this very society decided to do something beyond their sanity.

Who's gonna fight for this? All in the name of humanity? 

Torn clothes, bleeding nose, short dress... or probably... she's a wreck!

The agony so real, the fear so deep.

I scream! I shake! I fight! 

They laugh! They enjoy! Because for them! It is right!

Hopeless in the puddle of their shame

As they walk away smiling, 

Bathed in my tears, satisfied by my pain.

I've sold my smile today.

To this rapacious beast so wild!

To the one who cut me deep

To the one who made me weep.

Sometimes late at night... I simply couldn't fall asleep

Thinking about how my innocence is no longer mine to keep

What someone can only imagine in their nightmare

Is my gruesome reality that cannot be repaired.

Fighting! Yelling! Crying!

No matter how loud I screamed

Because you! You! You! And you!

No one came to my rescue!

And every night I lie awake..

Wondering how much I can take.

The pain never decreases... no one little bit..

It just keeps deepening... like a bottomless pit.

They are everywhere I go around every corner I turn.

The sight of their face.. just makes my skin burn.

I hate the way they've hurt me 

With every bruise, they've left

Horrors of that night have buried with me...

Because dear chrysanthemum for forever... I've slept.

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