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Debashis Bhattacharya



Debashis Bhattacharya


Warrior Never Dies

Warrior Never Dies

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                   The name of bravery and symbol of patriotism written in letters of gold in the dictionary of fighters is Suraj. He always said, “My motherland is my paradise; I would give each drop of blood in my body for the sake of unity of our nation.” His motto is to fight against terrorism and win encounter. He does not tolerate retreat in the fear of the enemy. He could have easily be doing MBA as his father had taken loans from the local lender to pay for his education but he chose the paramilitary forces to provide his family financial support and enjoy the pleasure of an adventures life. He successfully completed his commando training and was deployed in most dreadful area covered with high dense jungle for internal security of the country. Suraj was a compassionately cheerful person in love, with Roshni who is now studying for Master’s degree of science from a recognized university. After joining service he couldn’t meet her due to his hard training and service condition. Upon getting an opportunity for availing a long leave he decided to meets Roshni in the evening at the premise of her university. Roshni with joyful expectation of fulfilment of long cherished dream was waiting for him at the entrance. Seeing him after long time Roshni got really excited and says with delight, “Oh!!! How you have changed Suraj. You look so smart suiting a valiant soldier.”

Suraj: I see you have changed as well. You look like a school teacher; certainly you will teach students after Muster Degree: of course I’ll be your first student.  

Roshni: Suraj, you’r making fun of me. Why should I be a teacher? Being a collaborator of a brave warrior I have to stay beside you always.

Suraj: Think Once again Roshni, The life of    warrior is very tough and risky; anytime anywhere untoward incident can happen.

Roshni: Yes, I’ve to accept it. It is not a life where there is no adventure, no risk it’s going to be hard, I know. But I believe, we should not lead a life actuated by sleeping, eating and running towards money only.

Suraj: Apart from these do you want to do?

Roshni: Yes, I want to do something for others. Do you know the definition of life?

Suraj: Scratching his head in confusion replies, “No, you tell me.”     

Roshni: Looking at the face of Suraj says, “Live for the sake of love and die for saving all.”

                   Further they go to a garden and sit underneath an old Peepul Tree; Suraj starts describing the past two years of his life as a soldier’s sitting hand in hand. Suddenly Roshni gets up and tries to write something with a stone chip on the bark of the tree. Suraj observes that his name has been written by Roshni. Standing up quickly snatching the stone chip from her hand he writes Roshni’s name beside his. They decide to bring their affairs before their parents. On returning home they express their desires and manage to convince their parents. Gradually the proposal for marriage between the two families is accepted; Roshni and Suraj are bound by the sacred string of marriage. Roshni with full enthusiasm urges to stay with him in the remote area of valley and jungle where no proper electricity, telephone connectivity and cable connection. Although Suraj tries to convince her about the disadvantages which she may face after reaching there but he surrenders before her insistence and further decides to join duty with family.

 They started their journey by convoy. While Roshni was studying in college, she heard the adventurous journey by convoy from a college mate but now she is going sitting inside a TATA Sumo beside Suraj.  There so many Trucks, Busses, cars and different small vehicles moving to cross the hills one by one. The vehicles reach the top of the hills more than 3000 feet where clouds are floating beside and beneath the vehicles. Looking at the cloudy hills and ditch Roshni filled with excitement and says whisperingly pushing Suraj by her elbow, “Look…….look what a beautiful scene it is! See…..see the clouds so close to us.” Telling keeps her left hand outside the window for holding some foggy clouds and clinches. Sitting beside the driver Suraj was thinking about the actual time to be passed in TATA Sumo for reaching his Company. Suddenly getting a push   from Roshni, he moves his neck 45 degree and replies, “I have seen it before, you enjoy and collect clouds as much as you want and preserve in a bottle. So I can pour it on your head when you will feel dizzy. It’s a matter of few months then you’ll say let me go now from this hilly with no source of entertainment.”

Roshni: says with gravity, you’re rude, having no sense of beauty; always you think about combat; anyhow, tell me now is there any water fall beside your company?

Suraj: amused by the questions in her eyes says that there was one a few miles ago. It becomes dry during summer season, but now you can see if you go there.  

Roshni: Eagerly says then we should go there as soon as possible.

Suraj: With a joke says ok, let’s get down quickly, now we should proceed towards that water fall first because I have no work or job only to see the water fall with you for gratification.

Roshni: says with self-esteem, Suraj, are you tounting me; I never said I wanted to see the water fall immediately. It is first time in my life when I am visiting with my life partner where none or nothing could make any fence to restrict us.

Suraj: tells whisperingly at once, you don’t know our Commander who always counts every second where and how I’m doing my job. My big fence is my Commander; without his permission I can do nothing, but you are free and have no fence or boundary that can make your position “Sawdhan.”

Roshni: starts to laugh continuously, after a while adds, don’t forget, your Commander is a fence in your job but when you will return I’ll be a hard fence at home; after all I’m your girlfriend……..ish……I’ve made a great mistake……I’ve forgotten that I’m married  and  your legally  wife….sorry….sorry…..extremely sorry.

Suraj: Ok Madam, no problem, it’s not a great mistake afterall; day before yesterday you were my girlfriend but I’ve done the great mistake to marrying you. Yesterday I was facing only one fence but now I have to overcome two big fences i.e. one at my home and another at my job.

Roshni: Says with pride, be not afraid, you will get a way while I’m staying with you to overcome all the fences.

Suraj: Looking steadfastly at her shining face asks with confusion, can you tell me what’s the way?

Roshni: Looking at the face of Suraj for a while close her both eyes slowly and says mildly, “My love.”

            At last the vehicle enters into a deep jungle where even sun shines did not reach the earth; even in day vehicle keep their light on for moving. Suddenly a huge sound like a thunderbolt Roshni frightens Roshni, panic-stricken she hugs Suraj tightly

Suraj: Consoling her don’t worry, from here our area of responsibility has started and you will hear sound of firing of Mortar regularly.

Roshni: Shows herself daring and tells with grave, it’s not a problem to me as I’m your better half.

                       In the evening, entering into the office covering by tent they get down from the vehicle. All around sentries in uniform are moving with Rifles. Suraj introduces Roshni to her commander, Mr Joseph. He wishes Suraj and Roshni a happy married life and further offers some Tiffin and tea. He advises Suraj about the precautions while staying with his family. He instructs to have full protection and alertness to avoid any untoward incident as the location is earmarked as terrorist’s prone area. It is not safe to stay with family in dense jungles. No one else     is permitted to reside with family. But Considering his several requests he was accorded reprieve for a few months only. From security point of view Mr Joseph tells to leave his wife at her native place after a few months. While he is on duty, his wife would also not feel well. But at present he should enjoy and all the company personnel will assist him.  

            Suraj and Roshni along with some colleagues reach at a little hut which is two kilometre away from the head quarter. They are acquainted with another family beside their hut. Suraj comprehends Riaz who is also serving in Assam Rifles for 20 years; his wife Nazia with Roshni and assists her in furnishing her newly shifted hut. Entering inside with the help of a candle held by Nazia, Roshni looks around and watches tin shade on top, wall made by bamboos and floor by cement. She quickly opens luggage and sets the cut with bedding and next keep two folded steel chairs at the veranda and requests Suraj and Riaz for sitting. Nazia comes forward and engages herself for adjustment kitchen items with Roshni. Roshni tries to prepare tea with the help of her stove, then Nazia asks, “You have brought stove, utensils, powder milk, leaf tea, sugar, spices and every kitchen items but where is kerosene oil for cooking? Here you can get everything from grocer’s shop except kerosene oil. We collect that from the market five kilometres away from here. Today you could not get it, after 6 pm all shops of the market are closed and no vehicle runs for town. Tonight you and your husband are invited for dinner with us. We have one daughter named Sofia who is reading in class X at Nalbari staying with her maternal grandmother and now she has come here on vacation for a few weeks.  Roshni thinks how she will participate in dinner.

Nazia: Seeing her silence says, although we are Muslim but know about your food habits and taste. Now I’m preparing tea for all, come and join us, she goes inside their hut and prepares tea for all and serves with biscuits, mixture and Papad.

                  Riaz gives assurance to Suraj for all kinds of supports from him as a neighbour. After few moments they take dinner sitting all together with laughter and gossip. Suddenly Roshni is shaken with the sound of a bomb blast, covering her ears by pressing fingers of both hands.

Nazia: Drumming slightly on her back says, dont worry sound of firing, blast of explosives regular. Here our living styles are same; you will be familiar with this situation within few days. Suraj Bhaijaan and Riaz sahib both had taken oath during their training for serving anywhere for the sake of nation. You know some bigots misguide the meaning of patriotism, colouring it give the name of religion, but in the battlefield needs only patriotism where the question of religion could not be arisen. None think deeply the meaning of Bharatmata. It’s true that Bharat is not a woman but the soil of Bharat is called mother because you, me and all are born and brought up on the sacred lap of the earth. So we have a relation with each other like brothers or sisters.  In order to keep up this relation, great India is called Bharatmata. Roshni is stunt hearing such patriotic thoughts from Nazia.  

            Few months have passed. Gradually Roshni has matched herself with others. Thrice in a week an aged lady named Shakuntala comes from another village to sell green vegetables. Nazia calls her Sabjimashi; as the market is far away from their residence, both Nazia and Roshni purchase green vegetables from her according to their daily requirement.  Gradually Sabjimashi becomes familiar with Roshni. Sometimes Roshni provides her some Tiffin and drinking water as she is  above 60 years and feels tired on walking from different villages. She has a son of 25 years old named Subir.

Roshni: what does he do for a living?  

Shakuntala: He is a guard. He mostly keeps away from me and spends all his time drinking liquor. He has dirty clothes and rarely has money to spare. Being soft hearted Roshni traces out one old but clean white shirt of Suraj from a steel box and hands it over for her son. Pleased with the gift Sabjimashi blesses Roshni keeping her hand on her head and chanting, “God will give you so many.”

 In the evening returning home Suraj says, Roshni close your eyes. I have a surprise for you.

Roshni cheerfully closes her eyes and eagerly waits for her gift palms open in front of suraj. Suddenly she feels the touch of a plastic packet on her palms. Opening both eyes sees a violet coloured silk sari inside the plastic. Beaming with happiness she hugs suraj and asks how he knew violet was her favourite colour.

 Suraj: I’m your true lover and husband; you know, when I along with my parents and relatives went to see you at your house for final agreement of our marriage, then I noticed that you wore a violet coloured saree. So I concluded that you liked violet and wore it to look you very best. No doubt you were looking very beautiful.

Roshni: Hastily replies with sensitiveness, what do you mean? You are telling I was looking very beautiful that time; it means now I’m looking not good.

Suraj: Says hesitatingly, no……no, I’m not saying that; you were looking very pretty that time. Today also you are looking very beautiful.

Roshni: I know…..I know, every man prefers ladies other than his wife. From today you will never look at any other beautiful lady; only you will see me otherwise you may fall in love with another beautiful lady.

Suraj: Ok….ok madam, from today I’ll never look any common lady.

Roshni: You cheater, you are again saying like that. I know…..I know, you feel in mind, you desire better lady. Oh my God, very soon you have made me old.

Suraj: No…, listen to me first, now I’m catching my both ears, you are only my darling. From today I’ll never look at any beautiful lady but could you tell me what about others who are not looking pretty?  As per your direction I will look at always the ladies who are not beautiful. So you have no problem.

Roshni: No….no, I’ve so many problems. You don’t look towards anyone whether she is beautiful or not.

Suraj: How is it possible! How shall I cross the road closing both eyes? You think about me.

Roshni: Yes, I’m thinking  about it; ya….I’ve an idea, you see all the ladies but remember me always; for your remembrance I’m giving you my passport size photograph which was taken before final exam of  my college for my Admit Card.

            Roshni takes out her photograph from a diary and hands over to Suraj. Taking the photograph Suraj kisses twice on the photograph and further keeps it in his Parse.

Roshni: Yes, you’re a good boy, now you get ready, I serve your dinner;   you know….today I’ve prepared your favourite Halwa of carrot.

Suraj: Well done, I should not wait more, eating early we should go to bed.

Roshni: No, I don’t want to take to bed early,lets talk for some time.

                  While Suraj is eating she starts to say about Shakuntala and also narrates the fact of giving his shirt to her.

Suraj: Immediately stops eating and tells loudly, what have you done Roshni? Do you know that shirt was kept for wearing formal dress occasionally? Now, from where I will arrange? Here nothing you can get easily and cheaply. At least you have to ask me once before giving such useful shirt to her. I’ve so many T shirts, from where you could have given one.

                         Hearing the loud voice of Suraj, rohini is startled and apologizes for her mistake and starts weeping silently. At once Suraj understands and shees her hand is trembling holding the spoon of halwa. Coming close to Roshni, pulls her chin by his left hand and notices that tears are dropping from her eyes. Taken by sorrow he slowly kisses her on the forehead and slowly strokes her head.

Roshni Opening her eyes slowly regrets her mistake.

Suraj: No….no, you did the right thing. It is I who was wrong to raise my voice. You just donated something to a needy family; we should give something to others which are not use to us. Now without further delay suraj continues to eat his halwa and applauds roshni for a job well done.

        In the mid night hearing sound of an explosion and trembling of the hut Roshni awakes with palpitation, quickly hugs Suraj tightly with repeated throb, “Thundering……..thunder...” Keeping her head on his chest Suraj says, “Why are you getting fearful unnecessarily? I’m here with you; it’s not a thundering but explosion of IED (Improvised Explosive Device). Some casualties might have been occurred tonight. Certainly it will be published in newspaper tomorrow. You are staying at the centre of terrorists infested area where bombing is a trifle matter. After a few weeks I’ll proceed on leave and then I’ll leave you at my home. Then you can make efforts for getting a job but Roshni denies telling that she has accepted this life after thinking a lot.

Roshni: Fear is a big weakness of human and coward can never accept any challenge. When I’ve accepted you, I’ll be enjoying till last day of my life with you. Life is not life when you are living like a jelly-fish; you have to win in all fields of combat like a real hero.

                    Holding the right hand of Roshni, Suraj comes out from the hut at mid night, both stand on the courtyard baithing in the moonlight, Suraj says “I’ve accepted this job for adventure and to do something for our nation. I feel  that I’m not alone now;  You’re my life partner who stand beside me always so  that I can touch the sky of success climbing the Everest of war. You should never get disheartened, you’re my pillar of mental strength and bullet energy for fighting.”

Roshni: look how beautiful the moon is, spreading its silvery shine on us equally. Looking at the hills at a distance from there courtyard, Roshni says, “The world is so beautiful and silent under this moon. The trees are sleeping under its watch, hills make way for water-fall. The breeze bringing the message of peace and harmony, every fibre of this beautiful heaven facilitating each other.

It is beyond my comprehensions why terrorist chose to spill innocent blood disgrace the beauty of this divine place. I don’t understand.

Suraj: Even in deep sleep I can hear the cries of helpless innocent people in need of our help. No matter how much terror terrorists try to create in our society. But we will always stand in there way like a shield so that common people can sleep peacefully.

                          Suraj quickly goes inside the hut and returns with two Arms in two hands i.e. one SLR AK-47 and another 9MM Pistol. Showing the Pistol he says it’s my personal weapon which I always keep with me; next he showed the AK-47. I do my job sincerely with the help of these weapons. Roshni eagerly pulls up the 9 MM Pistol and tries to move but Suraj quickly snatches it away, “No…no, you shouldn’t move it so quickly Roshni, If you accidently fire, everyone will be panic stricken.”  I’ll give you proper training.

       After a few weeks Roshni could handle the 9mm pistol like any trained soldier.  

            Few months later Suraj returned from duty a little early, “Roshni, I have to leave for three days for a special operation. You’ll have to stay alone for 72 hours, until my arrival don’t go outside. Riaz and Nazia will provide you with all the necessary supports. If I fail dont return on time then some of my colleagues will come with rations, green vegetables, and groceries according to your requirement.  Some of them you know very well; they tell me, “Your wife is an ideal Bhawi and Bhawiji of the Force.” But don’t fret, I’ll return as early as possible.

Roshni: I’ll miss you. But Don’t worry this will be give me training for when we’ll be have to be apart for my training to join the force.

Suraj: equips himself of essential items like dry fruits, water bottle, and uniform in a bag along with the SLR. Without wasting a minute Roshni goes to the kitchen to prepare some food. She hands over fried potatoes and eight puries.

 Roshni: It’s your Tiffin for tomorrow morning, Keep it inside your jacket pocket carefully. Eat it early in the morning and drink water timely.

                          Keep the packet in the pocket of the jacket Suraj says, “Of course, it’s not only my Tiffin but your nectar which you’ve prepared for me.” Hearing a horn of vehicle he says, “Now I’m going, good-bye.”

Roshni: I’ll be wait for you.

                A four wheeler vehicle with troops comes and stands in front of their courtyard. Some colleagues say “Namaste Bhawiji,   Staying here you have proven to be a great Bhawi, we mean Bhawiji of the Force.” Sitting in the vehicle everybody bids goodbye and the vehicle slowly vanishes within seconds into the darkness.  Standing for a while on the courtyard once Roshni looks at the hills, the sky, the stars and moon where everything remained unchanged except Suraj.

            Next day Shakuntala comes and gives some green vegetables to Roshni but does not accept any amount from her as she produced these vegetables at her field for own consumption; she tells Roshni to provide some food at the afternoon as his son is away from her. Cooking vegetables Roshni gives her some rice and breads with the vegetables. Then Shakuntala caresses Roshni keeping her right hand on the head and says, “You are like my own daughter, come tomorrow at my hut; I’ll show you my little village Laxmipur and my little field where I cultivate regular in the morning.”

Roshni: Sabjimashi, Would you provide me some green vegetables like today, on the day after tomorrow? I’ll prepare mixed vegetables for Suraj, he likes it very much. Shakuntala agreed and went back to her village.

                         Three days have passed; Roshni is counting every minute and second for Suraj’s arrival. All of a sudden she started feeling uneasy and nauseous. She calls Nazia; Nazia comes quickly. She gices her tamarind   and with delight exclaims that she is carrying a baby. Excited Roshni quickly baths, paints the borders of her feet with red coloured liquid and decides to forecast the great news to Suraj upon his arrival. She ran to the door on hearing any honk or horn of a vehicle; But is disappointed each time. It’s been two weeks where was he, why had he not returned. She passed her time watching the movement of the table clock that suraj had purchased. She got up early in the morning to prepare for his arrival. A strange and ominous feeling had taken a hold of her, she was filled with anxiety. Days had gone by with even a message or call, no news of his return.  Restless she comes out from the hut and stood on the courtyard. Suddenly a mini truck of Police Force having troops come towards the courtyard. Three commandos steps down from the mini truck silently. Commanding Officer Mr Joseph who was sited beside the driver gets down slowly and orders whisperingly to the soldiers to do their job maintaining silence. She quickly runs inside to get the emrgrncy light. Four commandos holding the dead body of Suraj covered in white sheet step down from the back of the truck and place his body in the courtyard. Rohni is stunt; the emergency light falls from her hand on the ground and puts out the light. Standing like a statue of stone she gave no reaction; neither she weeps nor says any word. Coming forward Nazia touches her body and asks to sit on a wooden chair but in vain. Some women of nearby area who were well known to Suraj reaching on the spot start crying. Roshni looking all around with bewilderment falls down unconscious on the corpse. People from the neighbourhood and fellow women officers are witness to the tragic scene standing beside the dead body. At last two aged women come near Roshni and sprinkle water on her face repeatedly. Roshni opening her eyes looks all around confusedly. Mr. Joseph orders to search the jacket of dead body and hand over personal belongings of Suraj to Roshni. One commando gropes on the undulating portion of moistened jacket with blood from where he traces out one plastic packet wherein two puries and some fried potatoes are kept carefully.Roshni starts cryinf profusely; further a purse is found from the inside pocket of the jacket; Roshni slowly opens the purse wherein four hundred rupees and her photograph which she had given to Suraj are found. Clinching tightly Roshni breaks down losing control herself and says in grief, “My beloved, why did you go to die alone? I told you not to see other ladies but now I’m telling you to see all the ladies, see all, see once….see once,  Suraj….open your eyes once, look at me; how  would  I stay here  without you? See me….see me once…” Mr Joseph tries to console Roshni describing the bravery of Suraj who won the battle killing five most wanted terrorists; even when we were suffering from heavy shelling over 24 hours he did not move backward. I heard his voice, “We’ll win the battle as we are fighting against the terrorists who are enemies of our nation. Privilege should be given to Motherland first; if I die some people will come and express their grief but after few hours they will return at their home advising to cremate my corpse as early as possible. My dead body would be untouchable to others but only the motherland will take me in her lap where I will lay for eternity in peace.

                Several times I’ll come

                Several times I’ll depart

                But prayer of my one

                For unity of our nation

                Battlefield is paradise

                Where death only invitee  

                Meaning of life is to sacrifice

                Warrior never dies.”

                   But when he was returning to his home with joy and courage suddenly one terrorist shot him from the back like the coward he was and ran away. We are searching for the culprit. We will find him soon enough.

               Getting up slowly Roshni bind her hairs by a plastic clip and further salutes the corpse telling,  

     “To unfurl flag of victory

                  Stand like a pillar

                  Death will go back saluting

                  Warrior never gets fear”


                   Few hours later the dead body is taken away by the commandos for cremation. Holding a candle Roshni shuts down the door and stands before their joint photograph which is kept on the table beside a table clock; looks at the wall where the uniform of Suraj is still hanging and shining by a coat-hanger and further she puts out the candle by puffing.   

                       Shakuntala is waiting for long time for return of her son. Having so tired Subir comes back at mid night.  When he puts off the white shirt which was given by Roshni, Shakuntala watches that there are so many spots of blood; with great suspense she asks, “How did u get these spots of blood on your from my daughter”

Subir: Replies with great enthusiasm, Maa, do you know from where the spots of blood have come? Now I’m telling you everything; for long time I had been waiting for a great achievement, but finally I got a chance today and have been successful. For many years I was serving as a Guard only but today I’ve been promoted as Area Commander. Now I’ll earn more money and a lot of commanders will be protecting me.  But when you told me the suraj is a police officer and is going on a special operation, I was determined to kill him and made a secret plan to assault him from his back. In the evening when he was coming back after a successful operation killing our five most dedicated fighters I shoot him from backside to spare only two bullets and then I picked up his weapon which has been kept at a secret place in the jungle. Telling this Subir keeps his pistol in a wooden box.

                 Without saying any word Shakuntala provides him dinner; when he is eating, she stealthily manages to trace out the Pistol from wooden box and further says with rage, “You culprit…….you are murderer of my daughter in law. You have made my daughter a widow; I will never forgive you.

She screamed fanatically and garbed the pistol to shoot. But quickly lost control, sizing the opportunity Subir pushed her a side and grabbed to pistol. She couldn’t believe it was her own son struggling to find her footing she gasped for air.

Subir: Quickly picking up the pistol from the ground says with rough voice, you’re my real enemy; you’re not happy with my promotion; certainly you’ll disclose the matter tomorrow to all; you have no right to live and fires two bullets consecutively towards her heart. Sakuntala falls to the ground forming puddles of blood around her. Opening the magazine hastily from the Pistol notices only one bullet is still remained in the magazine; while he is loading the magazine in Pistol again, suddenly hears voice of a lady; he looks at the lady who is standing in front of the door holding a 9mm pistol by left hand targeting him. Looking her scattered hairs, reddened eyes, wearing black commando gent uniform of uniform, Subir asks with great suspense, “Who are you? You’re not a member of any of our groups; do you want to join our Liberation Force. You’ll be given every opportunity to become and great leader every step of the way.

Lady: yes I would like to join you. But don’t move an inch or I’ll shoot you. Before I do, I want to know everything there is to know about your force.”   With a gun to his head sitting quickly on the ground Subir starts to speak “I have been working with the Liberation Force for the past five years. Only today I’ve achieved my goal of killing a brave warrior famous for encounters. I could never defeat him in a face to fight but today when he was returning home after killing five of our best commandos I shoot him from the back and he died on the spot. I managed to recover his weapon AK-47 which is kept in jungle and tomorrow I’ll hand it over to my chief Raja Sahib who stay 10 kilometre. Hearing this great news hell surely promote me to area chief of this area. Our Head Quarter is in the dense jungle, near about 50 kilometers away from here. We have 800 soldiers. Among them some lady soldiers are also working with us. If you join in our Force I’ll guide and support you fully and I’ll make you chief of our lady fighters. It would be a great a great pleasure me to work with you in our Force. We get incentives according to our achievements…….”

Lady:  Now five minutes over and I’m giving you more incentives……bullet hits the forehead of Subir and his body rolls down on the ground.

            Many years have been passed; Roshni is now a successful Commanding Officer who achieved so many medals for her gallantry. On the occasion of Independence Day she comes forward and salutes to the statue of martyrs; behind her a young Commando follows her and he also salutes the martyrs, further sits beside Roshni.  Being astonished I ask, “Who is he?” Roshni smiles for a while and further says, “He is Prakash – my son.” Being surprised again I ask, “Both you and your son have joined the Force……but why!

Roshni: It’s a great job to me and my son for our Nation; since our Nation is great, we have to do a great job always. Could you tell me, if we, I mean all mothers try to make our children like machines for earning money or establish them outside the country, then who will protect our Mother India?

                         I think in my mind why not such sacrifice of her would be shown in Movie; then I say with utmost zeal, “We see so many heroes and heroines in movies but you are a real…” Preventing me Roshni replies smiling, “I don’t want to hear more words from you about my sacrifice. I have tried to fulfil the dream of a great warrior ‘Suraj’ only and now both I and my son Prakash are happy doing in our job.” When I look at the innocent face of Prakash, he tells, “I’ve two mothers; one who is sited before you and another is Mother India. Both I and my mama say two words every day – JAI HIND.”   







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