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Debashis Bhattacharya


True Love

True Love

9 mins

(It’s a real love story which was explained through a letter given below to my wife in Bangla and now it is translated in English)


My dear Priyatama,


Hope the Almighty is blessing and watching you always. My earnest prayer is that you will live long giving full moral support to me like a solid bridge as “Rabindra Sethu” provides all kinds of supports to join Kolkata city with Howrah District for hundred years. Several times I tried to disclose the fact over telephone which has been kept hidden in my core, but could not be brave thinking that you are simple-hearted having full faith on my honest behavior. At last holding the pen with strong determination I decide to describe the real fact in this letter which would be sent to you tomorrow through speed post.

Now I dare to write everything which is happening with me for long time. At first I request you, don't tear this letter till reading the last line. I know that you are loving and kind and forgive me always even when I do anything wrong. I am writing about my secret love which is unknown to you. Although you are my 'Mona Lisa' and legally married wife but suddenly I fall in love with a middle aged widow named Lisa who resides beside my little house. Due to my service condition I am staying far away from you but never feel alone as Lisa and his daughter Nisa both take my care always. Feeling myself guilty of secret love I could not tell all these happenings earlier over telephone.

Getting up early in the morning, always I see her sweet and innocent face, loving eyes, soft and smooth physique which brings more charm in my whole being. She also gazes to my face and tries to say many words but cannot say anything except a little sound ‘woh.’ I watch her beautiful eyes full of passion, love and respect with great expectation. Whole day long I remember her sweet face and get extra energy in my work. Don’t be worried, you were my darling and would be my darling forever, but Lisa and Nisa are just my good company for the time being i.e. till my staying at this hilly area. Now I am telling how I fell in love with Lisa and Nisa.   

Once Mr. Tom Jeelsay and Mrs. Lisa Jeelsay both husband and wife used to live at a slum beside a street. They had good relation with each other. In your absence, I used to feel jealous looking their true love like “Laila-Maznu” and once I prayed in my core to the Almighty with my pure heart “Oh God, if I get a chance for staying with Mrs. Lisa Jeelsay at least one day only…”, Perhaps the Almighty listened my voice and fulfilled my cherished dream. Suddenly I hear sad news that Mr. Jeelsay died on road accident. But such sad news brings a boon to me like winning a lottery. I lost my self possession with huge delight and made idea for meeting with Lisa at once. While Mr. Jeelsay was alive, he never used to allow any kind of intimacy with his beloved Lisa by other people. Anyhow Mrs. Lisa became too upset and broke down to see the dead body of her husband lying on the road. She was also pregnant that time.

After few weeks Lisa gives birth to a baby. Although Lisa is beautiful, as white as cow-milk but her baby Nisa is totally black like “Queen Cobra”. I think in my core deeply, how is it possible! Is it proper justice of the God or Mrs. Lisa is morally corrupt…., whatever may be, it is nothing but a trifle matter to me as love never disregards outlook, status, financial condition and matching, it has to offer others with sacred intention.  Lisa has taken permanent seat in my core, she also loves me too. Moreover everybody has some past history which may be black or bright. It may be possible that Lisa has forgotten her past history long days before. Might has she become compelled to accept injustice in uncomfortable situation. My intention is to look forward and fulfill desire. They are very poor and most of the days Lisa stays in starvation. She has no capability for earning two times bread. Being a widow Lisa feels herself insecure. Taking advantage of her poverty and absence of Mr. Tom Jeelsay, I go forward to meet Lisa with some food. At the beginning Lisa used to deny accepting any food from me, but my constant efforts made a success. In order to get Lisa too close, at first I start feeding Nisa with utmost care. You cannot even imagine the kind of love with Lisa I feel in my heart.

Gradually Nisa grows and both mother and daughter start to love me. While going to meet Lisa I always keep a packet of biscuits with me for Nisa. When I try to hide it, Nisa looks with her little eyes and starts moving around me until I give her all the biscuits. Although Nisa is too black, but I like her because she is the daughter of Lisa. If I caress Nisa certainly Lisa would like me too. When I play with Nisa, Lisa watches all these things sitting beside us. Seeing her loving face I could not control myself and touch her head and body mildly with fear and excitement. Lisa looks at my face but does not react. I gain more courage and start caressing her with great delight. Sometimes I touch her ears, sometimes head, nose, silky body and sometimes touch long legs slowly with fear. In response she also licks politely and bites passionately. I hug her neck and pass my hand lightly on her head caressingly.  Although you are my “Mona Lisa” but she is only Lisa who has been deprived from modern society. Her residence is in slum, but it is not understood how she has made me mad of her love. It can be one reason that I am staying far away from you and secondly you also know very well that love is the basement of my nature. I cannot stay alone without love. So I try to share my love among all. It is my promise that you will also like Lisa; Come once during summer vacation, we will enjoy together. It is my belief that you would like the beautiful structure of Lisa. My heart craves to stay all day long with her, but it is not possible to me. Sometimes I feel that I am a very lucky man. Day passes and night comes, we feel too cold at night. After sun-set, closing the doors and windows I avoid cold air from outside. Then I try to ignore Lisa and Nisa so that they can never enter in my room. During January we use boiled water staying inside the room but Lisa and Nisa wait outside for me. I give them some scarps of my meal after dinner and say ‘good-bye.’ While I try to close the door, I look at their faces for last time for the day. They are standing in front of the Gate, their faces are innocent, they move their tails slowly and try to say by barking that don’t close the door as it’s too cold here and we have nothing to cover our body or any shelter for protection from cold. How would we sleep beneath the open sky at night on the wet earth? Let us go inside at the corner of your room so that we can sleep peacefully with you. Even feeling guilty myself, I close the door and stand behind the curtain of the little window. I peep outside once again and observe both Lisa and Nisa are going forward towards the Tamarisk tree. Perhaps they are thinking how we would share the day with so intimacy, but at night we are not allowed inside the room for staying with our lord. He leaves us alone without thinking about our poor condition because we are street bitch.

 Soon after they try to dig earth by their claws for removing dew on grass in order to get a warm hole and further they lie to crouch together. While they feel too cold, keep their noses and faces below thighs to avoid falling of snow from the sky, but dew falls on their body whole night. They are happy getting only scarps of a meal. At mid-night when they notice any movement or hear sound start barking jointly and tell with valor, “be not afraid, we are here. None can do anything harmful till we are staying here. We will protect you sacrificing our own lives too.” Lying on my bed under the solid roof thinking I am wrong. Get up quickly and notice aside from the curtain that both Lisa and Nisa are watching movement of the curtain pricking up their ears.  I open the door slowly and come out from my room. Seeing me they start to run fast towards me, coming in front of me, Lisa and Nisa both mutually hug my legs by their front legs, barking with joy and moving tails. I smile and tell them to let me go. But Lisa holds tightly my right leg by her two front legs standing on hind legs and barks repeatedly. Probably she thinks that his lord will again close the door leaving them alone on wet grass. Nisa cannot bark properly, she only sounds ‘wook-wook’ and starts to lick my feet by her little soft tongue. I tell them with joy, “You are my true friends. I have bounded my soul by yours love. They wait for scarps but never pounce others food.

Who is great? A man who thinks always self-satisfaction and does best to earn more for saving depriving others or a  bitch who tries best for her lord. We have many things but cannot give something for mitigation of others misery. They have nothing but want to do everything for the sake of love and respect to their lords. We have read in Mahabharata that Yudhistera reached the paradise by foot with the help of a dog. Why not we share some of our foods, clothes, shelters or anything which we can do, even sympathy too for the poor and distressed who are deprived from modern society. I don’t know as and when the summoner of death would come telling me, “Get up, I’ve come here to receive you; Immediately you must follow me leaving your longing and illusion, health and wealth, pride and fame, joy and success, profit and loss, neighbors and relatives, friends and foes, happiness and misery, even your clothes, ornaments and mortal frame too forever. Only your air – the soul is permitted to accompany with me for observing amorphous beauty of love.” What have I done coming in this beautiful world. At least I ought to love all and try to see the world in love. If someone asks me the meaning of love, definitely I would say, “It’s a sacred feeling beyond expectation for dedication”.


                My heartiest well-wishes and happy New Year


                                                                             Always Ever

                                                                             Your well-wisher


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