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Is writing a hobby of a writer? No, it’s not applicable to all writers; a writer who writes to substantiate the voice of a divine soul who predicted him while he was lying on death bed, for moving forward towards the way of literacy world. It’s a very interesting story of writer Debashis Bhattacharya who started writing having been inspired by the divine voice when he was fighting for survival at Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Kolkata few years ago.

Debashis Bhattacharya was coming from Durgapur along with his uncle for better treatment at Kolkata through Durgapur-Kolkata Expressway (National Highway-2); suddenly he was feeling dizzy and suffering from extreme asphyxia on the way. For getting relief he got down from the car and took a seat on a chair in sweet & Tea stall beside the highway at Shaktigarh where more than 60 people were gathered for eating food and drinking Tea & Coffee etc. Due to his acute condition, his eyes were shutting down slowly. Astonishingly one Mahindra Bolero which was running on the highway towards Kolkata at 80 or more KMPH stopped applying sudden brake by the driver. A tall healthy blond saint having long clotted hair, hanging a garland of Rudraksa (Bead) on the neck, holding a Trident by left hand and a Kamandalu (a water-pot made by brass used for religious purpose by Hindu ascetics) by right hand wearing ocher cloth was seated in front beside the driver’s seat of the vehicle. The sound of the vehicle due to sudden brake with horn invited concentrations of all who were standing beside the road and Tea stall. Immediately all passers-by enthusiastically started to follow the vehicle but the saint didn’t allow anybody to come; he gesticulated shaking his hand towards Debashis Bhattacharya only for coming to meet him.

Debashis who was nodding in slumber sitting on a chair inside the stall regained his sense hearing the sound of horn of the vehicle, noticed in half-mast eyes that the saint was inviting him to come near to him shaking his hand repeatedly. Being astonished thought in his mind how it is possible! Why such an elite saint is calling him from the vehicle without any reason! In the meantime three disciples of the saint getting down from the vehicle requested Debashis to meet the saint as early as possible. While Debashis started walking slowly towards the saint bearing acute pain in his chest and asphyxia, other people were also walking eagerly behind him; but as per direction of the saint none was permitted to come towards the saint. As soon as Debashis arrived in front of the vehicle, the saint said, “I saw the blissful hand of the almighty on your head; so I direct my followers to stop the vehicle and convey my message to you so that you could meet me at least once just now. I live in the Cave of Himalaya Mountain; staying in Varanasi few days I have served for the poor people and now I’m going towards Orissa state for providing some foods and clothes to the distressed people who are staying beside the Jagannath Temple of Puri. Now you should donate some for purchasing rice, flour etc so that starving people could be benefited by you.”

At that time one of his followers told, “You don’t know about the saint, he is not an ordinary saint. Many people wait for years getting a look of him. Even several requests of pilgrims he hardly allows few of them for getting divine touch of his feet. You are a very lucky man who has been invited by such a great saint.” Telling this he opened one album where so many pictures made him spell-bound. Debashis noticed eagerly the picture of that saint standing at the Himalaya Mountain having no clothing on his body except Lyangata (a small underwear which is worn by Indian saints), holding the Trident and Kamaldulu by left and right hands respectively; a number of people were paying homage to him lying on the ground in front of him for getting his boon only. Being bewildered Debashis could not understand what should be done by him; he needed sufficient funds for his better treatment. He was not sure that he would be surviving long; however, he paid little amounts from his cost of treatment to the saint and prayed in his core mutely, “My condition is so serious that I don’t know how I’ll survive.” Immediately the saint fled telling, “You would be succeeded.”

Debashis felt that the saint was not a common man but a great saint; he didn’t bow the saint touching his feet as the saint departed twinkling of an eye, his Bolero car ran away speedily. He has been feeling himself culpable till date for not getting a sweet touch of feet of that divine spirit. After reaching Kolkata he got admitted in the hospital in emergency being serious condition.

Next day, after undergoing angiography his condition was going to be deteriorated in ICU. It was 11 PM when most of the patients were sleeping and a nurse was taking care of a patient who was lying on bed at the corner of ICU; another corner of the hospital lying on bed Debashis was facing acute dyspnea and in urgent need of oxygen max. He lost his energy for speaking and moving rapidly; heart condition which was showing in monitor on top of the bed became changed speedily from green light to yellow and further yellow to red indicating very critical condition. Unexpectedly the Nurse who was standing another corner got looking askance his critical condition; she walked fast towards the bed and put an Oxygen max immediately on his face. An alarm started ringing beside zigzag graphing formation of his heart in the monitor and a team of Doctors consisting six cardiologists and cardiac surgeons along with two nurses rushed near his bed carrying life-savings drugs in a trolley.

Even after putting an oxygen max on his face, he was facing intricacy in breathing, his pulse rate slowed down rapidly into zero and the doctors measured speedily falling of his blood pressure thirty two and below. Although he was in unconsciousness but got hearing slowly the names of medicines “Heparin and Dopamine” which were injecting in his body without losing a second by the cardiologist and further a Cardiac surgeon cut by a blade on his biceps of the thigh. Blood started flowing speedily and the white bed-sheet colored reddish; in spite of his unconsciousness, he saw at that place six elite saints/nun (Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Sri Loknath Brahmachari, Sadhak Bamakhyapa, Sri Sri Mat Swami Swarupananda Paramhansa(Babamoni), Sri Sri Mamoni and that saint who was seen before one day on the way) were standing around the bed. Debashis used to study their ideology always except that saint who came from the Himalaya. Sri Sri Lokhnath Brahmachari who was standing beside the bed holding a Kamaldulu by his left hand sprinkled water from his kamaldulu by right hand; Debashis realized the sweet and cool touch of the drops of water. A few drops which were fallen on the bed were noticed by two or three doctors, but they failed to understand from where the drops of water fallen.

Observing his dreadful situation five doctors decided to communicate his next of kin for mental preparation so that they could be informed about his death at any time; then only one doctor opposed saying, “The family members will come and wail standing outside the hospital whole night. Although he is on death bed, but we should try at our best once.” He was shifted to Ventilation and further underwent successful heart surgery after a long.

          What is miracle? When any incident occurs in our life beyond expectation and we fail to find out any reason or resolution we call that incident is a miracle. It was a phenomenon to Debashis Bhattacharya while he was lying unconscious on his bed, suddenly heard the divine voice of that saint from the Himalaya Mountain, “You would be recovered soon and your stories would be made movies.” Even having no solid academic background, he starts writing after fifty years of his age in Bengali, English and Hindi languages having been inspired by that divine voice. One more significant matter is that Debashis Bhattacharya was an average student in his school/college life and he did never read any book of stories or novel till date. He is writing keeping faith on the divine voice and recalling the words of Sri Sri Swami Swarupananda Paramhansadeva (Babamoni) “I shall make a thunder out of a straw.”

Once he asked one question recalling the image of that saint what characteristic is required to a writer for his success? Amazingly he got hearing the voice of that saint, “Motto of a writer is to spread good message in the society so that every reader could gain a good lesson reading his book.” 

What thing is required to be spread in our society and what thing is needed in our society at this modern era? There is one thing required to be spread i.e. Love and Love can develop our society. It is the Love by which inhabitants of the whole world could be united leaving the way of antipathy. Another name of God is Love; all religions admit the ways of prayers through Love, but never allow the ways of malice, antipathy and killings. Supreme Being surrenders himself before Love of a pure heart. We should move forward hand in hand loving each other because Love is our destination.                                 

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