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Kaumudi Tripathi



Kaumudi Tripathi




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Sameer this has to stop now. I have been asking you to be normal, why aren’t you able to understand?

What you want me to do? Sameer asked Harsh.

To tell her how much you love her and tomorrow will be her last day here. I want you to tell her the exact feelings which you have. Harsh said

There is nothing new which I need to tell her. Sameer answered with a smile.

Soon there were 50 of them in the room, today was a small gathering of all the people whom Riya knew. She was going abroad to pursue higher studies.

Are you planning to come to the Airport tomorrow? Riya asked Sameer

What time is it? Sameer asked though he knew everything.

Not important for you, don't bother. Riya replied

Well, I won’t be coming then. Do you need anything? He asked

No. She replied.

As Sameer started leaving, she prompted

Can I ask you something?

Don’t want to say anything stupid, so don’t ask anything, with that he chose his way out of Riya.

Soon he was lost in the crowd.

Riya had tears in her eyes, the only thing which she wanted to listen from past four years was still missing. She knew there was something between her and Sameer. But he has always been that sick fellow who left her in the middle of everything. This was her last chance, but he again deserted her.

How are you holding up princess? Harsh asked Riya

Am I so bad Harsh? She asked with teary eyes

Are you stupid? Who said that? Harsh replied

No, it’s just that.

Harsh was speechless, he wanted to speak but couldn’t because Sameer was his best friend. He never wanted to hurt him.

Everyone was having fun in the party but Harsh thought of doing something, he wanted to bring Sameer and Riya close so that they could talk. He sent Riya by saying “Wear something that goes with the theme of the party” and for Sameer he thought of sending him straight to her room.

The Door knocked.

Come in. Riya replied she was having a problem in wearing the kurta which had knots at the back. She had called up Harsh to send Ayushi for help. But the one who came was Sameer.

Oh, I am so sorry. Her beautiful back was visible to Sameer. He was stunned to see her like that but turned his face towards the wall.

Riya was also shocked to see him. She simply wrapped the dupatta and came near to Sameer.

You don’t have to be sorry. She said

No, I should be sorry. I should have asked. He could not meet her eyes.

Hmm, Riya sighed.

There was a sudden silence in the room. They both knew something needed to be discussed, but why are you sad, you should be happy that you are going to study abroad. Sameer tried to break the silence but started a boring conversation.

For this, you have come here? Riya asked him

What do you mean? He asked

Nothing, You should leave Sameer. People must be looking for you. She said with a straight face

Sure. He replied

As soon as he left the room, he could feel the pain of losing her. He knew this was going to be the end of everything they had. She would have a beautiful life ahead. He wanted to tell her everything he felt inside but he couldn’t. She was all he had till date. How hard it’s going to be for him without her. He wanted to kiss her but couldn't. He wanted to grab her but couldn't. He had started to feel the emptiness. But he never had the courage to confess how much he loved her. He knew he wouldn't be able to love someone the way he loved Riya.

He didn’t go to the airport. He kept cursing himself. She was constantly looking out for him, only if she could hug him and ask him “Was there anything which could bring him back”?

Next Day....

It was midnight when the flight landed, and as soon as Riya was out of the flight, she searched for wifi just to inform her parents that she had reached safely.

As soon as her phone got connected to the airport's wifi, messages started flowing in like a stream.

She had messages from the last night party's group where her friends had uploaded the pictures and wished her luck. She downloaded the pictures and moved on to the other messages. Her parents had asked her to send all the details as soon as she would reach the place. She just sighed and thought how much concerned her parents were about her. She was still like a little kid for them.

Harsh had also messaged her “Hey my princess, stay safe and have a superb flight and yes if you meet any girl give her my number” and had a wink after the message.

Harsh had always been cute and funny. He knew how to make her laugh.

But, yes, all the time her eyes were eagerly searching for that one message "I will miss you Riya”, but that message was nowhere to be seen.

She felt a sudden urge to call Sameer and ask him if everything was okay. She knew if there had been any other girl in his life she would have cried, screamed and never forgiven him. He had always kept everything beneath the wraps. She always had just one question “Am I not the one for him”? And that question was yet to get answered.

She never demanded anything from Sameer. He was always this perfect, not so talkative, sensitive, intelligent boy for her. This was ironical that they hardly spoke to each other over these four years, but somewhere she knew they were meant for each other.

She finally reached the hostel, which was provided by the University. She dropped the bags in the corner of her room and jumped into the bed. She started to check the photographs from last night's party. There were pictures of her having cake all over the face, all her friends around her but it was unrealistic to see that amongst those 150 snaps Sameer wasn’t there at all. Out of utter disappointment, she kept the phone down and went to change. Soon her phone rang, it was Harsh who was calling.

Hey, what's up beautiful? Well, I should say America has something gal, you are looking more beautiful after reaching there, I can feel it. Harsh said, laughing.

Stop making fun of me, you little monster. She replied.

Lol, you say how everything is? Reached the place? Harsh asked.

Yes, just a few minutes before. I am good but very exhausted. I think I should sleep now. She replied.

Hmm, you should. Riya? Harsh instantly changed his tone.

Yes. She replied.

Are you okay? He felt something weird.

Yes Harsh, I am good, only tired. She replied.

Do you want to talk to someone? He asked again.

Do you want me to? She asked him.

Yes, and he gave the phone to Sameer and left the room

Hello, Harsh you there?? She started calling Harsh again and again.

Harsh has already left. Sameer replied

Again there was silence.

Okay. She replied.

How was the flight? At least you should have messaged in the group that you have reached. Sameer started complaining.

Group? Seriously I should have messaged in the group where there are 20 members? There is nothing personal for you? She thought with anger. This guy always had that one word which made her speechless. She wanted to scold him, but the fear of not talking to him after that always scared her.

Yes, I should have messaged in the group, sorry for that. She replied.

No issues, Harsh knows it now, everyone will know it. Sameer replied.

Yes, I m tired. She wanted to say this, but she knew him, tiring word would bring out the real practical Sameer, and that would be the end of this priceless conversation, so she avoided that.

Hmm, I don’t know what to say now? She said

Yes, as always, so close yet so far. He sighed heavily. I guess you should take rest. You must have been tired. He said.

What did he mean by this- So close yet so far???? His words had always been like that maze to her where she would get lost every time.

Yes, I am tired not because of this journey, but she wanted to say because of you, but she left the sentence incomplete and hanged the phone.

The days had started to pass in a jiffy. She had made her first appearance in the university with full on energy and enthusiasm. And yes as they say, with time you learn to move on.

But had they actually moved on?

She had already indulged herself into studies and made few friends. She knew her real friends who were somewhere 13000 km away, but over here she really wanted to be happy as she was chasing her dreams.

She often had a video chat with her parents and with close friends. Harsh was always amongst them. He always tried to make an attempt to let Sameer and Riya chat in person.

One month had already passed, and there was no message exchanged between them. Though she never failed to check her phone and mailbox, yes it was him who had never failed to make her sad. He had always tested her patience to the extremes.

One night the impossible happened. She was doing her assignment when she received mail. It was close to 11 pm in the night.

“Riya, I know you have no expectations from me, and also I am that kind of a person who should not be trusted. You have always been so kind to me, but I have always hurt you. You are a sweet girl, and you are good in every department of life, but I have always failed you. I don’t know why I am like this. Since one month we have not talked. You know how much I love my space and independence so you never forced me to talk to you as well thinking that would violate my space. I think I am the worst person who treats you like this, but you deserve the best Riya. I know you do. I don’t want to sound selfish, but yes it’s time for us to move out from this relationship which is little more than friendship.

I wish you all the best in life, and yes I should stop typing now. I am moving out from here for few months, today is my flight and this is the last thing I am doing as the air hostess is scolding me to switch off the phone. Riya you are the first and the last one with whom I wanted to share this. My phone will be switched off from now onwards. Hope our path never crosses each other.”

Sameer had only a few friends and no family. His parents got divorced when he was a kid. As he grew up, he decided not to be in contact with any of them. He was a strong-minded person. He knew what was right for him and what was wrong.

But the questions are “Was he right with what he did to their so called relationship which is a little more than friendship???”

Was he right in choosing silence over words for Riya???

Was he right in controlling his emotions and not giving them a vent to come out???”

Their story is still incomplete failing to find a way to end, still unending.

Life is strange isn't, till now the distance was keeping them away from each other, but now the last hope of having them together was gone.

Riya is an independent girl, never thought that she would face an instance like this. She knew though Sameer was resilient and practical still he would never leave her alone and go away.

She was her family, she used to be the actual Riya only in front of him, and moreover, he had nobody except her so how could he leave her in the middle of everything?

She started calling Sameer's number, but it was switched off. She could not hold back her tears. She started crying. Her beautiful cheeks soon got wet, and she could feel the heat of her tears. Nobody has ever hurt her the way Sameer did. Though they didn’t talk for a month, still she knew he was there and now that little hope got vanished too. He had actually abandoned her. She was shivering with fear.

Harsh.. Riya called up

Yes, Riya what happened? Why you sound like this. She had a trembling voice.

Harsh.. Sameer.. Sameer.. She started crying

What happened to Sameer? Stop crying Riya talk to me first, what with Sameer? He is still not talking to you??

No Harsh, he has left me. He is gone, She started crying again.

Gone? You tell me exact things Riya and stop crying, please. I am here to help you. We will find that stupid don't worry.

After a lot of attempts by Harsh, Riya told him about the mail which Sameer had sent, and now his phone was switched off.

Harsh was shocked because Sameer was always a strong-minded person, he could never do such stuff.

Even his parent’s separation could not break his composure then what happened suddenly that he lost it and left without telling anybody anything except Riya.

He didn't know what to do. He searched his room thoroughly to get any clue. But to his shock, everything was gone. Suddenly Harsh's phone started ringing. It was a reminder. He quickly checked his phone. The reminder said "Hey buddy, don't worry I am not going to die. It's just that I don't want to settle with my life like this. Take care of yourself and yes take care of her also".

Harsh had tears in his eyes. He didn't know how to console her. He was the last hope she had.

He immediately called Riya

Riya you have to promise me one thing, you are going to be strong because you are a strong girl. Harsh tried to console her.

I don't want to be strong Harsh. I don't want to be. I want to cry out loud. I want to feel the pain. I know I mean nothing to him that is why he left me like this. He never acknowledged my feelings Harsh. My sentiments are meaningless for him. I have never been so weak Harsh, but he made me like this. I am all alone here. I have no one who will listen to me. He has abandoned me Harsh, and he did not think twice before doing this. Her voice started to break with pain.

She kept the phone aside and started crying loudly.

The pain of losing someone from your life, you care the most, is the worst.

Riya had stopped going to college for few days. She was weak. She hardly talked to anyone. Her parents were worried for her, but it was Harsh who tried to maintain the balance between them. He took utmost care of Riya and her parents.

They didn't have any idea how Riya was feeling.

Three weeks had already passed and there was no sign of improvement in Riya's condition, but as her parents were worried she decided to rejoin the college. That was her way to deviate herself from all this.

How are you? Harsh had called up.

I am fine Harsh, How are they doing? She enquired.

They will be fine when you are fine. Please help yourself Riya. He suggested.

Hmm, yes I am trying my level best Harsh and don't worry I will be okay, Harsh wait for a minute I am getting a call from the hostel reception, will call you back. She said.

Sure, take your time. Harsh kept the phone.

After the call, she called up Harsh again.

Hey, Harsh, I don’t know why my life is behaving like this. Dad had called up to know about my health and the warden told him everything, how I am not able to concentrate on my studies and eating stuff. They are worried Harsh. They cannot come to this place, so the warden has suggested me to apply leaves and go to India for a few weeks. This country is different. I don’t know what to do? You suggest something. She was worried.

Hmm, I guess that is a good idea at least you will be here. You need a break. It has been three months since you left and also so much has happened. I think you should come for 2-3 weeks if that’s possible for you. Harsh suggested.

I am confused, I don’t know. I will think about it. They have asked either to go to India or go to some local guardian which I don’t have. She said

Yes, don’t think much you brainless beauty and come to India, you will be okay here. Harsh said with a smile.

The whole idea of being at that place wherein the essence of their friendship and so-called negligible relationship bloomed, seemed a bit scary to her. She could never lie to her parents. Now they were worried for her as she was unable to concentrate on anything and also this was taking a toll on her health as well. But then she was alone over here as well. She got more confused.

Next day she booked her ticket and decided to go to India. She kept on reading the same mail time and again and only one question crossed her mind, ‘How could Sameer leave me like this?’ She had tears in her eyes every time.

Finally, she landed.

Harsh had already booked a cab for her and messaged her details before the journey. He messaged her that it might be possible that he won’t be able to make to the airport because of some work.

As soon as she came out of the airport, she found one middle-aged man standing with a paper in his hand which read ‘Riya’. He had a big smile as if he knew her.

The cab driver seemed to be little friendly, so he started asking her few questions like what she was doing in US and few more topics. He was taking unnecessary care of her and asked if she wanted to drink or eat something. She had never faced such an “over welcoming” gesture in her own country before.

Suddenly she realised that the cab driver had totally diverted her and was taking her onto some other route.

I guess uncle we are moving in some wrong direction, the address which I gave you was something else. Please check that once again.

No beta Ji, this is my duty I am here to take you to your destination. Don’t worry. He smiled weirdly.

Riya sensed something wrong in his wicked smile. She suddenly started feeling uncomfortable.

Listen I gave you some other address from where you are heading? I will call the police so just stop. She literally screamed out of fear.

Ma’am, your phone is switched off, so you cannot call the police. He sounded with a mysterious and cunning smile.

Damn, she was taken aback, how come he knew her phone was switched off. Then she memorised during the journey he became over friendly and took out every little information from her. She was feeling helpless now.

Please, Uncle if you want money, I will give you money, take this gold also. Please please leave me. She started begging and started crying

Madam you don’t have to cry in my cab, my cab is for laughter and enjoyment. He mocked.

Suddenly he moved his car towards some familiar place. She had already seen that place before. She tried to recall very hard, where it was. Then she remembered, it was Sameer’s farmhouse where she had her farewell party.

The cab stopped at the gate and the driver came out smiling.

Madam I already told you I am not like everyone, you should have trusted me. You cried a lot which you shouldn’t have. I am leaving you here only. Take care.

He took nothing from her, she was shocked like anything. She didn’t know how to respond. She decided to go inside as she saw few caretakers working in the garden of the farmhouse and they knew her. So, she went ahead to make a call to her parents. It was around 10 pm and was dark outside.

Suddenly as she entered, she heard a familiar voice.

You said you wanted to ask me something? Someone came near to her from the back and whispered in her ears.

She was shocked and almost fainted. It was him, yes it was Sameer whom she saw.

She was spell bounded and scared, and then suddenly few lights were switched on.

It was Sameer!

She didn’t know how to respond, the moment, for which she was not at all ready, had finally arrived. He had a mischievous smile on his lips, and his eyes were fixed on hers. This was the first time he was constantly looking at her.

She went speechless out of shock and had tears in her eyes out of anger. Her throat had choked up.

Riya, what you wanted to ask me then, ask me now? He asked her.

She cried and punched him tight into his face.

That hurts Riya, seriously. He said

So you understand what pain is? Do you really understand how much it hurts when she left the sentence incomplete?

I don’t want any incomplete sentences this time Riya, it has been long, very long since we have faced each other. It’s the right time to face and speak, and no stones should be left unturned. I don't want that "so close, yet so far" to prevail here.

No, I don’t want to, you actually don’t deserve it. She was angry.

Before you scream, shout or punch me again. I just want to say Sorry, I know whatever I have done is wrong and immature, but I didn’t know how to get about it. I created this whole story that your parents were worried about you. I knew you would easily fall for this. I did this because I wanted you to get an answer to your question. And this was the place where it started so better it should end here. And yes to your surprise, Harsh also helped me in this. When you meet him, you will know that too. He winked at her.

Yes, everything is a joke for you? You don’t deserve any questions and answers Sameer. You don't deserve my time. You don't deserve. She was about to speak "me", but she stopped.

After a little pause. You are a coward. She said with a heavy voice.

You should stop crying now, I know I was wrong, but I wanted to figure out something. I wanted you to feel the same pain which I felt when you left me alone. I wanted you to understand how one feels when the only person, whom he trusts more than himself, walks away and leaves him alone. I wanted you to feel that emptiness. I wanted you to realise your inner feelings about me. I knew I might fail here, you might start hating me, but that emotion will be genuine. I know I am selfish, but there is nothing selfless Riya. Even if you hate me I will accept it but I want you to seriously think about you and me, about us and this is the only way with which I could have forced you to think the same.

Out of disappointment and sadness, Riya started to speak, but Sameer had to stop her because the moment demanded them to be together and not to fight.

He came close to her and kept his fingers on her lips just to stop them. He succeeded in stopping her from speaking but failed to stop the flow of the tears. Those priceless tear drops kept on flowing and was clearly depicting how much Riya felt for Sameer, how lonely she felt without him.

He came closer to her, maybe to fill up that emptiness which he created just to make her understand how much he needed her for his life to be complete. He wanted her to feel the closeness of their soul now, the untouched feelings.

I want to tell you something Riya

I really don’t know why I behave like this when I am around you, remember that day we accidentally met in the room when you were changing? She nodded. I wanted to stop you from leaving me, wanted to make you feel how empty my inner-self was feeling, how painful it was for me to see you leaving me. But I know I failed miserably to make you understand or feel the same.

I wish you could read my eyes then. They were burning in the hope that you would stay back and would not leave me alone. I needed you so badly. You left me and my soul left with you. I was heartbroken Riya, and I failed to stay back like that. I don't want to cry for the rest of my life Riya, don't want to spend my life without you.

She was again speechless. She knew he would melt her heart as he had that awe and aura even though she was angry with him.

Sameer, you never let me complete my sentences. You have a bad habit of deviating me, as right now I was so mad at you but your sudden appearance in my life changed the whole scenario. I thought I would never meet you. I know I m insensible to you, but yes your sudden departure had shaken me. I always thought one day I would get a call from you or just a little message. Am I so demanding? Why you always fail to speak Sameer? Why you always make me feel miserable?

But yes this time you made me realise how important it is to know your inner feelings and to express them to the person whom you want so badly. The more you express it, the lighter you feel and the happier you become. I tried to run away from this, thought time would make everything alright, but I should have talked to you that day when you came to my room while I was changing.

Sameer just nodded in acceptance and his forehead touched hers. She smiled, he smiled. They were looking deeply into each other’s eyes and finally, everything started to look perfect. He finally succeeded in making her feel how much he loved her without even saying the same and also the tears in her eyes and the smile on her lips showed that she even reciprocated the same

This was their end of lying and running away from each other.

This was their end of waiting for each other.

This was their end of endless fights and sleepless nights.

This was their end of unasked questions and heart-wrenching answers.

Their unending story eventually ended and those magical words filled up their hearts and made them beat for each other.

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