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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Kaumudi Tripathi

Drama Romance Classics


Kaumudi Tripathi

Drama Romance Classics

Ego Wala Love

Ego Wala Love

31 mins 254 31 mins 254

Ravi, today is the Induction Day man, and we are so late. Kaushik shouted at Ravi.

Yes, so what? This is just the Starting of our IT career man, and you already started caring way too much about this job. Ravi said with arrogance.

Man, you and your arrogance, salute to that, but what I think we can skip this for now.

They were about to join an MNC with a nice pay scale. Ravi looked least interested while Kaushik looked both excited and scared, as he was from non IT background. He didn’t know abc of any coding language.

I will be thrown out of this company man, look at their hoarding, advertisements. They will never pay a non-IT person in lakhs. Kaushik looked puzzled.

Bhai, can you stop your lewd conversation here? You want to have this job na, they will take you. You are a diligent man, you are tailor-made to find success man. Don’t be scared. Ravi consoled and patted Kaushik’s shoulder. They passed smile and continued to pay attention towards their induction program.

During the induction, they were informed about the training in which three members will form a group and present few real time scenarios followed by some individual tests, group presentations and change requests. To their wonderful luck, they received a mail wherein Ravi and Kaushik were going to be in the same group. Another member of their group was Nandini. Kaushik was very happy, as his group won’t be a boring one, his best friend was there followed by some girl.

Ravi, we should search this girl on FB, let’s check how is she? As soon as her name was pronounced “Nandini” I imagined “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” Kaushik almost laughed

Listen brother, if we have a girl in our group then understand the reality, all the work will have to be done by us. We don’t have any choice. Girls are best for crying and throwing tantrums. Ravi left the room.

But bhai…Kaushik couldn’t complete his sentence even.

Ravi and Kaushik reached the main computer lab, where their training was about to start. Almost everyone has arrived, but Nandini was missing, Ravi was constantly poking Kaushik about it, see I already told you girls are meant for nothing.

Soon a girl came rushing towards Ravi and Kaushik and introduced herself. Hello, I am Nandini, I am so sorry, my scooty ditched me today.

How come you recognized us? Kaushik asked with shock

Why what happened? I searched you people on Facebook last night. She replied.

Kaushik looked at Ravi with anger.

Soon the training started, Ravi hardly talked to Nandini because he found her over smart and on the other hand Kaushik was mesmerized by her. She was unlike every other girl, she talked sensibly and rubbish at the same time. As far as looks were concerned, she only opted for normal trousers and shirts with minimum accessories. She looked pretty decent. She was intelligent so was very prompt whenever any solution was required. Almost a month had passed but the bonding between Ravi and Nandini didn’t grow much.

Kaushik, can I ask you something? She asked very strangely.

Yes please. Kaushik replied

Why Ravi hates me so much? She asked

Haha, Hate is a very strong word my friend, he doesn’t hate you, why did you feel that? He is not very comfortable and open when it comes to talking to girls actually. He replied.

Oh okay, our training is about to get over but he hasn’t spoken to me at all. I think he hates me, because the reason you gave, according to that he should not be talking to any girl right but I have seen him chatting with few girls from our own batch. She sounded perplexed.

Don’t worry, l I will talk to him, I think he is jealous from your technical skills. He winked at her.

Haha, you are a funny lad Mr. Kaushik, well what about you? You never had any girl or you have at present? She asked

Nopes girl, I never had any. I am scared of this relationship thing. And to be honest, never proposed to any, maybe I never met my type of girl. He smiled gently.

So what ‘s your type? If only I can ask you? She asked

Yaa sure, you can ask, and to answer your question, I want a simple girl who can only understand me, rest I will make sure of everything else from loving her to pampering her, to teasing her, the list is endless. He winked at he and then laughed.

You are sweet, Kaushik, I wish one day you meet her. She looked into his eyes.

Thanks Nandini, well you don’t need anyone in your life? He asked

Obviously, I need someone, but at present my answer is No. I want to think about my career now for the time being, everything else can wait. I also don’t want to get committed or engaged to the wrong person even if I will the last girl on this earth to get married. She said confidently.

You are so sorted girl, I guess we should go now, Ravi must be searching for me. Its already 11.30.

If that’s the reason, he should possibly call you right? She asked.

Haha, he won’t call me, because he knows I am with you. Kaushik couldn’t stop laughing which annoyed Nandini a lot and she went away.

Your date is over now? Can we discuss about tomorrow’s plan? Ravi said with a serious note.

Angry? Kaushik winked at Ravi.

Seriously? Do you think all these rubbish things can make me angry? Ravi said sternly.

Nopes, but then what’s the matter with you? Kaushik almost laughing.

Are you done with your silly talks? Can we be serious now? Ravi with a straight face.

Yes, sure. But don’t you think we require Nandini also during this discussion? Kaushik said

No, we don’t need her in any of the discussions, whatever we are discussing here you just go and tell her tomorrow. She will catch up on her own. He said.

Ravi, almost a month has passed, and I am done with passing the parcel game. Can’t we three sit at one place and discuss our work. I know you don’t like her, but man, she has enormous doubts, and I can’t clear them out in one go. Please for God sake, please please….Kaushik almost pleaded.

Did Ravi seriously hate Nandini, or she was a mere distraction to him. But yes, it was crystal clear that neither he initiated talking to her nor looked directly into her eyes. Or was it something else?

Okay fine, we will discuss this thing tomorrow. But convey my message to her, I don’t want to face any stupid tantrums, Ravi said angrily.

What about tomorrow’s class, you know how is Mr. Mahesh, we haven’t discussed anything Ravi. For yesterday’s presentations we need to organize few things. She has prepared a few slides and we have prepared a few, let’s discuss this thing right now. I will call her up, as she sleeps late quite late, Kaushik said

So, you know her sleeping time too? Ravi said with shock.

Ravi, I told you other things too but look at you, you heard only her sleeping time. He started laughing.

End of discussion Kaushik, even if we fail tomorrow I don’t want any discussion with her. Ravi slapped his laptop.

With lot of attempts, Kaushik finally succeeded in making Ravi understand, how tomorrow’s presentation was important and finally called Nandini for the discussion.

Hey Nandini, we are sorry to call you at this time. Kaushik tried to start a conversation.

It’s okay, tell me about it. I have prepared a few slides, if you want to check them out, then here they are, she passed her laptop to Ravi.

Kaushik check them if they are okay. Ravi passed her laptop with disgrace.

One second, what is your problem Ravi? At least for once you can be normal and okay with me. If you will check my slides that won’t make you less than a man. She said with disgust.

Look at the way she talks Kaushik, and you wanted me to patch up with her. Ravi said with anger

No, there is no need of any patch up man. I have never seen a creature like you in my life. God save you and your unprofessional and unethical attitude, Mr. Ravi Sehgal. She shut her laptop and walked towards the door.

Hey, you guys, stop this ruckus. We all are adults here, behave like one.

No, they both said together.

Damn, you guys. I can’t help you both. Go to hell and Kaushik left the room

Soon Ravi and Nandini also left the place.

Soon the training got over and all three of them (though having issues in between) topped the class. They all were 5 pointers. They got their joining letters as well. Both Nandini and Kaushik were supposed to join in Delhi whereas Ravi got the joining for Bangalore. 

Ravi’s phone started to ring as Kaushik was calling. Hey man, wassup, long time almost 8 months have passed. You have been so busy. Kaushik said.

Haha, not much man, this project is after my life. Its killing me like anything, anyways you tell me man how are things at your end? Ravi asked

I am also good, am planning to come to Bangalore in the next week. We should catch up, I have so much to tell you. Kaushik said out of excitement.

Sure, give me a call whenever you reach. I will message my address to you. Ravi hanged up.

Hey nice flat man, quite spacious. They both hugged each other

Reema aunty, please make two cups of tea and bring those coconut biscuits too. Kaushik loves them.

Haha, man you remember this common fantasy of ours. Well this job sucks man, I don’t think so I will be able to work for long. Kaushik said

Same here, but what to do, we need to create few plans to make them work. Anyways, what you wanted to tell me? Anything serious? Ravi asked

I will tell you but please don’t judge me. I know you will hate me after this. Please promise me first. Kaushik almost begged

Sure bro, promise. Happy now. Now start with your story, Ravi said with a smiling face.

I and Nandini are dating from the past 3 months. I really like her. I know you hate her, but…He left the sentence in the middle.

Okay, I know this will eventually happen, Ravi winked. I am happy for you guys. Ravi nodded his head with smile.

Are you kidding me? I can’t tell how petrified I was when I thought of telling this to you, and you are really cool about it. Thanks man, thanks a lot. She was scared that you might beat me too. He started laughing.

No, that’s okay. That was past, if you people are happy with each other then that’s good. Have tea and biscuits, and also I have to leave as I have some important meeting to catch up. I will be back by 5pm, till then make yourself comfortable and take some rest. Will catch you, bye. Ravi left the room.

Kaushik instantly went inside the room and called Nandini to tell her everything. He was very happy that his best friend was equally happy with this. 

Sir, today is Saturday. We need to go to the office? Ravi’s driver asked him

No take me to the lake side and I will call you by 4 pm to pick me up. Ravi said

Okay sir.

Ravi went to the lake side and opened his laptop. He had one hidden folder named “Nandini”.

There were around two hundred pictures of Nandini, and a document wherein all the important things related to her, were carefully penned down by Ravi himself, things like How and When they met for the first time, how she looked, what she wore on each day when they met etc. One could have known Nandini in and out with the help of this document and here it was in front of Ravi, who had tears in his eyes as he was going through it.

Do I know this girl? She looks so beautiful, she looks like, hmmmm... I don’t know how to define her. I wish I could go and talk to her but what if she thinks I am a pervert. This is so painful for me, I think she is Nandini (I just hope she is). There are already 60 in this whole room and yes, my group has Nandini in it. Oh, here she is, she is approaching towards me, yes but what is that she didn’t even look at me. She only said hello to Kaushik. This is crap now, but above all look at me, I am jealous. Yes, I am, for the most beautiful girl I have met so far. 

Today was our first session. Everyone was so stressed and scared, but she looked so confident. I think she is very sound technically. I wish I could drop my male ego and talk to her. This Kaushik is so over friendly with girls, he already made her so comfortable that they have started sharing jokes too. I think I need a drink.

Her white kurta and that pink dupatta, her eyes, her face, her pinkish cheeks and then those pink soft lips which she bites at every now and then, Oh God, I am failing to control myself. I really want to kiss those eyes, hey hey hey control Ravi, this is going to hurt you only. 

I wish I could go and talk to her, it has already been 2 weeks. I am mesmerized by her beauty, by her presence. She is such a mind-boggling piece of God’s creation.

 So, today was the day when we actually had a conversation and it was “Hey, I have heard you like java so much”. All I wanted to say, I like java but not more than you but replied with Hmm only. I know I am the dumbest guy ever.

Ravi kept his diary aside and started visualizing the training day when he was so near to Nandini. He had started liking her, but was very scared to tell her. She wasn’t any normal girl. He felt so great to look at her every day. Though he avoided talking to her, but a glimpse of her used to make his day perfect.

His driver was back as it was already 5pm.

So, how was your day? Ravi asked Kaushik

It was good yaar, I loved your kitchen garden, played the pool game and ya chatted with Nandini. It was off for her too. She was asking about you, as in how you took our news. He replied

Hmm, you want to go out for dinner or should we order something here only? Ravi asked

Let’s cook something on our own, I am dying to cook. She has taught me so many things. You want to have kadhi chawal? Or chole masala? Or gobhi paratha? He asked

So, she stays with you? Ravi asked

Naa man, I have asked her for a live-in relationship but she is not agreeing. We will have separated rooms but Ravi broke the conversation saying, Let’s have dosa, I am very tired and hungry too.

While having lemon tea, Ravi can I ask you something? Kaushik asked

Yes tell me. He replied

You never liked any girl in your entire life?

Hmm, no.

Seriously, how is that possible man? You have everything. After our training ended you switched to a bigger company with awesome package, look at your lifestyle such a beautiful house, car. You own everything, you can have any girl man. Kaushik said with glittery eyes.

Haha, you are very innocent Kaushik, yes I have everything but I cannot have the one whom I love. Ravi replied

Then why did you say, you never liked anyone.

Because, I have a one-sided love story which is meant to be dumped into the dustbin. Ravi dragged on his cigarette.

And you started smoking too? Ravi, please tell me what’s wrong with you? If you like someone we can discuss the same isn’t? It’s never too late man, only tell me she is not married.

No, you stupid she is not. But she is happy with her life and there is no point in discussing it further. Leave mine, you tell about yourself. Ravi asked

No, you know everything about me and Nandini. You already know how we met, and came close and I proposed her three weeks back. She said yes. So everything is cool as always. Hey, If your girl is happy with her life, you can check out some other girl. A casual date will do no harm to you. I have few friends in Bangalore too, if you are okay we can all go for dinner tomorrow. He proposed.

Kaushik, please stop I don’t want to date anyone and no more discussion on this. I have some meeting in Delhi in the coming week. I will be coming. Ravi said

Hey that’s great, it will be those happy days when we will be together. If it’s okay I can call Nandini too, right? He asked

Ravi got flooded with thoughts of her, meeting her after 8 months, looking at her but in some other way, was going to be very difficult for him. But Kaushik was his best friend, so he gave into the idea of meeting Nandini.

At Delhi Airport…..

Hey brother, all good? Kaushik hugged Ravi and they walked towards the car.

I asked you already not to do such formalities. You should have not come to pick me from airport. Ravi said.

Chal chal, too much drama. Kaushik slapped Ravi.

You make yourself comfortable, Manu dada bring something for Ravi, he is my best friend you see. Kaushik almost gave a shy smile.

You can never stop your exaggerated emotions na. Manu dada, I am fine with anything. Ravi sat down

Well, bro I have an important meeting today which will last for 2 hours, so Nandini will be coming to give you company. And you have already promised me, you will not misbehave with her. I can count on you for that right? Kaushik gave a mystery look.

My brain couldn’t stop thinking, what will I talk to her. Though I like her, I can’t show that to her. She is Kaushik’s girlfriend. 

Okay, don’t worry. I replied

And yes, there she is, Infront of my eyes. She wore a beautiful short kurta and jeans, she had those silver jhumakas and lip gloss. I just couldn’t stop myself from looking at her.

Hello Nandini, long time. Ravi greeted her.

Yes, nice to see you after so long. You definitely have gained more weight and those specs. She almost smiled

I felt little uncomfortable, did she really check me out. And I felt a sudden slap on my face “Check me out”, seriously it’s impossible for guys like us, if a girl says hello we start thinking that she likes you. Hatred came out of my mouth for my own self. 

Yes, I guess so, my cook prepares good food may be cause of that. Ravi said obediently

This behavior doesn’t suit you. You used to be so bossy during our training days, over optimistic, over confident, egoist, arrogant and yes add that over to each word which I said just now. She laughed and moved her hairs aside.

I looked at her and her smile on those lips, got mesmerized all over again.

You always hated me right? She asked

Nope, you want something to eat? Ravi asked skipping the topic

See again, why you want to leave the topic like this? I asked you a simple question and we both know the answer to that. Well, it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me in person. I already had my lunch before coming, because I thought you will not offer me even a glass of water. She mocked

Haha, you hate me to this extent? I am sorry I know I am very rude at times. Ravi replied

At times? You are rude at every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every month and of every year. She replied cutely

Oh, is it? You observed me pretty minutely it seems. Ravi winked.

So tell me, what’s new with you? She asked changing the topic.

Nothing as such, just working, sleeping, eating and repeating. I replied looking towards the window.

Hmm, for once can we have eye contact? She asked

And why that is required? I replied angrily, looking at my phone.

See, that’s what I was referring to, you snap at me all the time. Ravi, if you don’t feel welcomed by me, then please tell me, she continued speaking, if this continues, I don’t think you will come to attend your best friend’s marriage as well.

Maybe. I replied

I am leaving now, bye and take care. She walked towards the door and then suddenly stopped

Why you are like this Ravi? She had tears in her eyes.

Like what? I replied this time looking straight into her eyes.

You know like what, Am I so miserable? That you can’t face me even? She spoke with utter disappointment.

How can I tell you what I think of you, Nandini. But everything is not the same anymore, you are my best friend’s girlfriend and would-be-wife as well. I wish if I would have gotten an opportunity to tell you, what I think of you. Ravi said in his mind.

This should not bother you Nandini, to be precise, I should not bother you. My opinion hardly matters here. I am sorry I am not like Kaushik, I don’t know how to carry a conversation. I am pathetic that way. Ravi replied back.

Yes, you are just pathetic. She went outside

Her voice was echoing in my head. You are pathetic, you are pathetic. I took deep breaths and opened my laptop and wrote a line- 8 months and still I am pathetic.

Hey man, wassup. Kaushik greeted me

I am okay, how was your day? I asked

It was hectic but good, should we go out for dinner? He asked

I was shocked, like Nandini didn’t tell him about the incident or what? How come he was so normal?

Let’s eat here only or order something, what say? Ravi quickly opened Zomato.

Okay, but shouldn’t we go out? I will ask Nandini also to accompany us. She told me you behaved nicely today. He winked at me

What nicely? Did she say that actually? Or she was just being mysterious? I got shocked, why she told a lie.

You know what, why not you and Nandini go out, I will order something for myself, maybe watch some series and go to sleep. Ravi replied

Are you serious? For this you have come to Delhi? Go get changed, I have booked a table for 3 at this very cool place, I and Nandini love their food so much. Now go fast. He pushed Ravi towards the room.

Kaushik and Nandini hugged each other, Ravi looked away.

Ravi and Nandini, didn’t greet each other.

Let’s order something. Kaushik quickly handed over the menu to both of them.

You order, I have no idea what is good here. Ravi returned back the menu card to Kaushik

So Ravi, I just want to tell you that we are planning of getting married in 6-7 months. Kaushik said with a preposterous smile.

That’s great. Ravi simply smiled and looked away.

Well I will go to the washroom, you two please decide what to order, Kaushik said

I am again with her, thing that I just don’t want to happen. Look at her, she is looking fab as always. How can she look so beautiful every time? I need to look elsewhere, but how, how. Kaushik had to go now only, I just need to figure out a way to be normal in front of her. Ravi said to himself.

So, you guys often come here? Ravi asked in order to break the silence.

Yeah, she replied looking not interested.

Cool. Ravi replied back

How irritating you can be Mr. Ravi? She asked with utter disgust.

I already told you I am not good in conversations. Ravi replied looking away.

Are you good at anything? Just tell me? Even a single thing except coding, I don’t think so, now even I doubt your coding skills. She spoke with anger.

You need to be calm, you need to be calm. You cannot give in now, you have to behave normally, you have to. Ravi tried to calm himself down.

Yeah, I am pathetic you see. Ravi replied with a calm tone and their eyes met.

Hey guys, here comes the starters. Let’s dig in. Kaushik finally broke the ice.

So, Nandini I am going to give you one breaking news. This guy secretly loves someone. Kaushik almost screamed out of excitement.

What? Nandini was shocked.

No, it’s nothing like that, Kaushik you need to stop exaggerating petty things. Ravi gave a tough look to Kaushik.

Whatever dude, be angry but this is true, please tell something about her. Please, he pleaded

I felt a rush of blood and I want to describe her but then I don’t know how to. The girl who is sitting in front of me is the girl whom I want to describe and yet I cannot as she is not my girl. These emotions are getting a better of me today. Ravi thought deep inside his mind.

Well, I don’t know how to describe her, she is just amazing, beautiful, smart, caring and very childish. I feel like talking to her every minute, but I can’t. I am weird and I have this ego. But yeah truth is, this hopeless creature is in love with her. Ravi replied, and looked at her.

Wow, Ravi, she must be so special. What is the problem then? We can help you talk to her. Please let us help you, what say Nandini? He tapped on her shoulder.

Yeah, why not. She was shocked

No, nothing is required. Let’s go now, I have a flight tomorrow. Ravi stood up.

But, you said you will stay here for few more days. Kaushik said with disagreement

Yeah, but I have some work, so better I should go, let’s go Kaushik.

Okay, let’s drop Nandini first. Kaushik said sadly.

I don’t know man, I wanted you to stay for few more days. But what to say. He hugged me

Yeah drama queen, don’t worry. I will be back soon for your marriage. Ravi winked and hugged him back.

5 months passed in jiffy. Ravi and Kaushik talked almost everyday, he always had some fun stories, some sad stores to share, and whenever he tried to include Nandini in any of his story, Ravi made sure to break in between. It used to make him feel miserable.

One day, Ravi received one FB notification in his phone and to his shock, it was a friend request from Nandini. For one moment, everything stopped for him, he didn’t know what to do, to accept or to reject or to wait, nothing crossed his mind. He started to have flashbacks of that day when he first saw her during their training days. He accepted her request.

I waved at her and waited her to reply. To my disappointment, nothing happened. I started going through her photos, posts and whatever was there to view, I know I was stalking but I don’t have control over myself now. Sometimes we should allow our mind to control us, sometimes!!! Ravi said to himself.

And then the unexpected happened ……

So, you know how to use Facebook. She messaged me.

Ravi got shocked. His heart was pounding inside. Slowly he gathered some courage to reply. Yeah, a bit, he replied.

Well I thought, you didn’t, you are a nerd type. She replied back

Hmm, maybe, but yeah I know how to use. Ravi replied

I didn’t know how to talk to her, what to talk to her, this is making me sick, I feel like slapping myself, I don’t know why I am hoping for some miracle to happen, why I am hoping for her to realize my likeness for her, I don’t know. Ravi mumbled inside his head.

Well I wanted to apologize for my behavior, I am really sorry. Ravi messaged

For which time? She made a wink smiley after that

Haha, for all times, but for now you can consider Delhi time. Ravi replied back

Also, I wanted to ask one thing, why didn’t you tell Kaushik about that day? The way I talked to you? You showed as if nothing happened. Ravi messaged again, as this thing was tormenting him.

Well he really adores you, and moreover he wants us to talk, I don’t know why. If I would have told anything wrong to him about you, he would have been shattered. I can’t do that to him. He is too sweet. She replied back.

Hmm, good, you are quite matured. I am sorry about that day too. Ravi replied.

Whole life will pass in saying sorry. She replied

Acha listen, we have decided to get married in next month, so you better book your flights asap. She messaged again

What, nice. Congratulations ..!!! I need to rush, have some work to do. Take care. Bye. Ravi replied in shock.

I am frozen, my heart is pounding like anything. I don’t know what to do, whom to call, whom to talk to. I want to let them know, that I will not be able to attend their marriage. How can I? I am also a human, I too have some feelings. How can I see her getting married to someone else? Damn. Why I am like this, why? Why I don’t find a way to tell her how much I LOVE HER. I am going to regret this throughout my life. I will never be able to love anyone else. How can I see her getting married to someone else….. Ravi went into an endless loop and he kept on thinking all these throughout the night. He did not sleep at all for the next few days, did not eat properly, had no energy left to work. Everything seemed to be doomed for him.

2 days before marriage……………..

Man, you are coming right? Don’t do this to us. Please. Ravi read Kaushik’s message for 5 times.

Finally, Ravi decided to go.

I am so happy that you came. Kaushik hugged me in excitement at the airport. He again came to receive me.

Yeah Man, I tried not to come, but you are my best friend. Ravi winked at Kaushik.

I would have postponed the marriage if you would not have come and I am serious. Kaushik replied angrily.

I am panicking, I have not done this before and I am scared. Kaushik continued.

Chill man, you are marrying the person who you love the most. You will be perfectly okay. Ravi replied, looking away.

I went to my room. Kaushik’s friends and cousins were partying and having fun, but me, being the way I am, I avoided. Silence mattered to him more than anything else as it was silence which always made him think about Nandini.

I never did anything to get what I want, maybe hoping that it will come to me on its own. But does it actually happen? God knows, in which fairy land I was living in. I felt like talking to her, just expressing myself for once, but why it is so damn difficult, and moreover knowing the fact they are going to get married, will unnecessarily complicate things, Ravi pondered. He sipped his coffee and looked outside the window

D Day……………..

Kaushik’s haldi took place, everyone looked so happy and excited. All were dressed in yellow. Ravi was the odd one out as he wore white. Traditions never mattered to him. Ravi was happy for Kaushik, thinking at least someone was able to do justice to his love.

You need to take this haldi to Nandini’s place, Kaushik handed me the bowl full of haldi and left. Ravi tried to utter something but by that time he was gone.

His few friends and cousins joined me.

Nandini’s House………..

Hello Aunty, Hello uncle, we all greeted in the same tone. Ravi was looking down all the time, as he was very petrified. Probably these are his last few moments with her. He was constantly getting flashbacks of their each and every interactions. 

Ravi dreaded to see Nandini but what one dreads the most, that thing bounds to appear in front in all its glory. Soon Nandini entered the room, draped in a yellow saree. She looked something like the princess of a fairy tale, like a sunflower, just glowing and beaming, this haldi seemed nothing in front of her.

Hey, I heard, you planned not to come to the wedding then how come you are here. Nandini said mockingly, after greeting all the cousins and friends.

Yeah, but look here I am, attending your wedding. Ravi smiled sheepishly.

You know how to smile also? She started laughing. I just hope everything goes well today. She said in a nervous tone.

Hey, it will be great, don’t worry. Kaushik is dying to get married to you. Ravi said jokingly and they both started laughing.

This was the first time that both of them had a laugh together. Ravi got smitten by her beautiful lips and that smile. He fell in love all over again but he thought, These are my last few moments with her.


Meanwhile Kaushik went to Ravi’s room to get his phone’s charger, Where is my charger yaar, this place is a huge mess and now I can’t find it. Ahh, Kauhsik spoke to himself with anger.

He has to send some documents to the wedding planner and it was very urgent. He saw Ravi’s laptop. I can send them through Ravi’s laptop. Let me get the password. He called Ravi for the password.

Ravi, I need to send some important document to the wedding planner and mobile has died and I can’t find the charger. Your laptop is here, tell me your password asap.

For once I thought I shouldn’t tell him the password, as the folder was open only, but I don’t know why once in my life I want to be selfish. I want to think about myself and nobody else, I want to give myself a chance, a chance to get her. I want to listen to my heart for once. I know I will do a grave mistake. I will hurt so many people, but that’s what love is, it’s never right or wrong, it’s just Love. Ravi gave him the password and kept his phone aside.

As Ravi thought, the same happened, Kaushik read everything, everything. When they reached Kaushik’s place, everyone was panicking and crying and screaming, Kaushik was gone..!!!

Ravi was not surprised by his act, Ravi would have done the same if he would have been in Kaushik’s place. Soon he received a text message from Kaushik.

“You should have told me Ravi, you should have. I was not supposed to get this information on my wedding day. I treated you like my brother, I always stood by you and this is how you paid me? I am hurt man, I am badly hurt. I have told Nandini about this, and I won’t be able to marry her, I can never marry her like this, knowing that my best friend loves her this much. I just cannot.”

Ravi read that message 4-5 times and then received a call from an unknown number, it was Nandini’s Mom.

Beta ji where is Kaushik, what has happened? She started crying.

Aunty don’t cry please, I am coming over, Ravi said.

Ravi reached Nandini’s home, and soon he realized the effect of his deed. The place, which was thriving with happiness a few minutes back, had been jolted. Everyone was crying. Ravi met aunty and tried to console her, she wanted to know the reason but he kept silent. He didn’t know what to say.

Can I talk to you Mr. Ravi alone? Nandini came out of her room and spoke with anger. Her face was red, and for the first time, Ravi was scared.

Yeah, sure. I looked down and went towards her room.

Where is he? Where is your best friend Ravi? She spoke with teary eyes.

I don’t know Nandini, he is gone. Ravi replied in hesitation.

But Kaushik said in the message that he told her about me and my messages but he didn’t. What was he upto? 

Please tell me Ravi, I know you know something, I beg you. This was our wedding day, and this is not how I imagined it to be. Please, she covered her face with mehndi ladened hands and started crying.

Don’t cry Nandini, please don’t. Okay well I know why he went, but after telling you this you are going to start hating me. Ravi spoke softly. He started to feel disgusted about himself.

You? Why you? Just tell me please. She pleaded.

I showed her Kaushik’s message.

What is he talking about? She asked me.

Ravi looked down.

I am asking something Ravi, what is he saying? You? You love me? She said with disgust.

He looked down, he couldn’t look into her eyes, his heart was pounding.

Can you speak up? She literally screamed.

Yeah, I like you Nandini, I mean I love you, I always loved you. I know I am pathetic, a coward, or whatever you wanna call me, but that’s true. I started liking you from day 1. I never had the guts to talk to you, to tell about my inner feelings, to convey my love for you. But I always did, I know I became selfish and chose a wrong day to tell you all this, but I wanted to do this. I am a horrible person, I admit it. Today I have ruined everything, my best friend, the respect I had for myself, but my heart said to me I should do it, so I did let me heart decide something for me today, you all will hate me and I am okay with that, I can live with hatred but I cannot live with regret, I hated when he used to speak about you, I hated to hear your name from him, rather I would have hated to hear your name from anybody. Can’t tell you how difficult it was. Ravi replied back by looking into her eyes.

Are you out of your mind? This is how you wanna justify your act? You coward. You think after hearing your so called love story I would fall for you? You are a terrible and horrible person, for once in my life I gave a benefit of doubt to you that you can also be a good person, but here you are standing here with audacity to speak like this infront of me. For once in your life you couldn’t see me happy, like how is that possible. I was foolish that I trusted you and even invited to my wedding day. I don’t want to see your face ever again, I hate you. I hate you both. You people have treated me like a doll, just go away. She shouted with disgust.

She wasn’t crying anymore, she was pissed off. She was angry, disgusted and moreover she was left marooned on her wedding day by Kaushik, and now by Ravi.

Ravi quickly went to take his luggage and leave for Bangalore, now he was feeling bad with whatever he did, he ruined everything. He tried calling Kaushik, but his phone was switched off. He had tears in his eyes. He literally destroyed everything out of utter selfishness. He was just about to put his phone in flight mode and then suddenly received a message from Kaushik.

You know what, she always liked you, she had a crush on you, she told me towards starting only, but as you always pushed her away, she became reluctant and kept her feelings aside, then slowly we became best friends and came close, but it was always you, Ravi. So, when I saw those notes in your laptop I spoke to myself, these two are meant to be together, I care about her, I love her but maybe not more than you, you were sacrificing your love for me, you stupid, I could not have taken that burden on my heart. Maybe you did that on purpose that you gave me the password, but as they say, Everything is Fair in Love and War. Talk to her and show your love for once, do this for yourself, for your love, for Nandini.

Ravi sighed, sighed deeply as his flight just took off.

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