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Kaumudi Tripathi

Drama Inspirational Children

Silent Guardian

Silent Guardian

3 mins

Doorbell Ringing:

Coming Bhai, just wait for a second..Pranav rushed towards the door

Milkman while pouring the milk.. Pranav Bhai it is almost two years since Bhabhi ji left you. How

come you are able to cope up? It must be so hard for you.

Hmm, I am not alone Gopi, I have my little princess Nayra with me. Pranav replied with a smile

Gopi left by passing a smile as well.

As soon as he left, flashback started to roll infront of Pranav how he got married and had a 

beautiful child Nayra. He had a love marriage and their love was inseparable.

How much he fought with everyone just to get married to the only girl whom he had loved. It was a 

stupendous task to make their parents understand their relationship.

But then when the match was made in heaven, everyone had to bow down in front of their love, so

did their parents. They got happily married but then somewhere his parents could never accept her

as their daughter-in-law though they accepted her as their beloved son's wife.

Suddenly he remembered that day when......

Pranav, it is going to be very complicated, you know Meera has health issues, she cannot have a 

child. I hope that is known to you.

I know doctor, but science has done some wonders. Those wonders cannot happen with us?

I know Pranav how much this is important for you and your family. But there are complications in this process. You love her and I know that but her life is more important, right? The doctor looked 

very serious

I want to adopt a child doctor, but my parents are not agreeing on this fact. Even Meera knows all this but she wants to bear these complications just because my parents want it, she thinks our marriage couldn't make them accept her as their daughter-in-law but at least by this they will

forgive her and accept her.

Doctor nodded with sadness.

Present Day:

Dad I am getting late, have to catch my bus, please daddy come fast I am getting late. Nayra 

almost screamed.

I am coming baby. Pranav left having tears in his eyes.

While moving towards the bus…

Daddy, why are you so sad?

Pranav was almost off track...Nayra asked him again

Daddy please tell me what is the problem, why are so tensed. Are you missing mom? She asked

Pranav smiled and said nothing.

Mumma is very bad, very very bad..Nayra almost concluded and went towards the bus.

Pranav didn't get the time to respond and ask her back but kept on thinking why his little girl 

said this.

At the dinner table, Nayra, can I ask you something? In the morning why you said your Mumma 

is bad? Any reason?

Because she left you in the middle of everything, Nisha Miss has told me that good soul never 

leave this place and also they don't leave their beloved ones behind. They are meant to live for 

thousands of years like God and Goddess live. And you are the best dad in this whole world, 

then how could she leave you? I have never met her, but she knew you daddy then why did she

leave you? She said 

I will never leave you, Daddy, never ever.

She walked silently and hugged Pranav.

Pranav couldnthelp but cried like a child in front of his little child as he knew he would not be 

able to make her understand how great a sacrifice her mother did just to ensure Nayra would 

be able to see daylight, just to ensure his parents would accept their marriage and her as their

daughter-in-law. He would not be able to make her understand how she forced herself into

darkness, how much pain she endured just to make this family complete, just to give his parents a

moment of happiness that they would rejoice throughout their lives.

She would always remain that silent guardian for Nyara whom she could never see but who had

given her life and her grandparents, their beautiful, angel-like grand-daughter.

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