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Kaumudi Tripathi

Drama Tragedy Thriller


Kaumudi Tripathi

Drama Tragedy Thriller

Revenge in Solitude

Revenge in Solitude

12 mins 24.5K 12 mins 24.5K


Moving to a new city is the most awesome and adventurous thing you can ask from life. So, before I jump into the story I must introduce myself to you. I am Kritika, I came to Delhi as an engineer and joined a reputed MNC like every other engineer does.

Well this story is not about what I do and where I work, but my story is about one night which happened to me in a pretty strange way.

I knew Delhi would do a little justice to me as this was my first time when I had travelled this long, all the way from my native place. When you are in Delhi, you get to see the vibrancy in everything, people, places, food etc. My love for Delhi was about to start or should I say actually started….

It has been one month that I have moved to my new flat, it is a 1BHK flat wherein I live all alone. Actually I love my independence way too much. I have always dreamt of having my own flat where I can rule, everything should be the way I want them to be in it and finally I am living that dream. I have decorated my flat pretty well. It is having a big hall and a perfect size kitchen just to engross me as I love cooking. So, in order to make the place familiar to my office friends I had organized one small girls' night out a few days back. They are my closest friends in office, you can say colleagues who have become good friends.



Hey Kritika, at what time should we reach your place? Mridul called up to enquire.

Come between 6-7pm and ya don’t forget to mention the time to Shivika otherwise she is going to be late as she always does. I mocked.

Yes, don’t worry I will message her. She must be busy in persuading her parents that she needs to come to your place for girls' night out. She chuckled.

Yes, she is still that immature kid to her parents. I just wish she is successful this time.

Hope so. Mridul hanged up the phone.

Suddenly I heard the doorbell.

Hey, glad you could make up. So uncle aunty are holding up nicely. I asked Shivika and winked.

God knows yar, this is so damn tough to make them understand. They have a bountiful of questions like boys will be coming? You people will be drinking, smoking etc. They make me paranoid, and this little shit Mridul ki bacchi can never keep her mouth shut. She always has to puke in the middle of the discussion. Shivika punched Mridul at her back

Ouch, that hurts. Mridul tried to control her laugh.

Ya it seems funny to her, believe me, Kritika it is just because of you my parents allowed me. Otherwise they would have never agreed to this...she sighed

Chill baby, don’t think so much, show me what you have in that bag. I can’t hold my patience, this bag is making me curious.

Haha, it’s a little gift for you. We thought it’s a new home we should bring something for you. This is a wind chime and we have also brought few scents for this beautiful place.

That’s great, come inside first. I invited them.

The place is awesome Kritika, you have an amazing sense dear. They praised the décor of the house.

Thanks a lot, well tell me how we should start? I asked.

Let's watch any movie, we have drinks na? Mridul asked.

Drinks? Are you serious? I guess you have not heard what my parents had asked me not to do. Shivika almost shouted at Mridul.

Uff you don’t have to behave like a little kid, they aren’t around how they will come to know that you had a drink last night. You don’t stay with them. She explained.

But… almost confused Shivika asked me.

Well, look it’s up to you people if you want to drink I won’t stop you but I will not participate in this. I replied.

After lots of discussion for over 10-15 minutes, Mridul and Shivika decided to go to nearby shop and bring some liquor.

But Kritika, you should try this atleast once, afterall this is a girls' night out, you can have a little fun. Don’t you think so? Mridul asked me.

Yes, I will but not by this. You people wanted to have it you can have it but then don’t superimpose that on me. I had already mentioned, I won’t be a part of this. I looked straight into Mridul’s eyes.

Okay girl you are scaring me now, you don’t want to drink then fine with me. You can have coke and shouldn't we play something. Mridul suggested.

Yes probably we should. I think let’s play “Never have I ever” game. I suggested.

In this game we will be asking few questions to each other and in case someone has done it or faced it, will have to take a sip from the drinks we have. I explained.

All of us agreed for the game but brought a little twist into the game. We decided to keep 3 topics amongst which we would be asking questions like Relationships, Family and Untold truth . We decided to allot one topic to each other, I took Untold truth, Mridul took family stuff and Shivika had taken the crazy stuff and then we started preparing the set of questions we would be asking each other. And also we took this pledge that we won’t lie to each other.

So, girls you ready to play? So from alphabetical order we will start the questions, like K comes first so I will start it later Mridul will ask and then Shivika and also one question from each section alternatively, and for all the questions asked both will be replying like if I ask then you two will answer them and so on. I hope the instructions are clear? I asked.

They both nodded and started the game.

Ques 1: I know we all have been in that stage where we have liked someone. Do you people had any crush on each other’s partner presently or in past?

Mridul and Shivika were speechless, they knew speaking out the truth might spice things up in a negative manner. But since we promised it would be a truthful night and these things would never be discussed after this night so they looked into each other’s eyes and spoke the truth.

Mridul: Yes I had a crush on your boyfriend and even I tried contacting him after you had dumped him. I m sorry Kritika.

Shivika: My answer is No.

Hmm, I looked directly into Mridul’s eyes but didn’t say anything. And also didn’t discuss any further just to avoid any sort of complications but I understood that Shivika knew everything.

Next was Mridul…

Ques 2: We all love our family, is there anything which has made you go away from your family?

Shivika: I am a single child, and believe me I have gone through so many things. But the thing which bothers me is my father’s drinking habit. He never harms or hurts anyone but he lost his fortunes because of this. I am afraid I will lose him because of this habit.

She almost cried, Mridul and I sympathized with her.

I replied: Well I don’t have any serious issues with my family, but yes every time I go home they ask me to get married and get settled before it’s too late which makes me sick, so I avoid going home for this own reason.

Next was Shivika…

Ques 3: Tell me the craziest things which you people have done. Shivika winked.

Mridul: One night I was working late in our office. I thought I was the only one who was there except for the security guards. I went to the male’s washroom just to check how it was and also clicked a selfie and played a song. But to my super-shocking luck, while I was playing some B grade song, I saw Prashant Sir ( our Boss) coming out of the washroom. I almost fainted. And you know what he told me? He asked me not to play this song again, shape of you would have been better and left the washroom laughing out loudly. I was embarrassed to the core.

We all laughed our guts out listening to this incident.

Similar to this I also quoted one incident which made the atmosphere lighter.

After some laughter Round 2 started, we decided to make the levels little tough.

Round 2:

Ques 1: We all have faced some or the other trauma in our lives, may be an acceptable insult or have participated in such things. Is there anything which you people have done to be accepted? I asked.

There was a dead silence, the alcohol made it more obvious that they had to be truthful. They were merely into their senses but still understood the intensity of the question I asked. They also couldn’t make out what was going in my mind, did I choose this topic out of purpose. They were dumbstruck.

No, it’s nothing like that Mridul and Shivika almost stammered together and said the same line.

Hey guys I already mentioned previously that we have to speak the truth no matter what. And here, by your stammering, I can easily make out you people are lying to me which is not acceptable. We are playing a game here and what I am expecting is a little truth.

But Kritika this is not done, in the end, it’s our choice what we want to speak and what not to, you cannot pressurize us. Their eyes were burning with guilt and anger.

Haha, I know and I am no one to pressurize you guys, obviously, it’s your call. But girls believe me I have something important to show you both.

I stood up and went towards my cupboard and took out an album. I then came towards Mridul and Shivika.

Can you people recognize him?

Shivika and Mridul were stunned and their faces turned pale.

No, we don’t know him. Mridul said instantly.

Well, then I guess you click pictures with all random guys present in this world, because look what I found, you and Shivika with him. I guess it has been morphed.

They were shivering with fear.

Are you guys up with something or should I call the police? Because I know each and everything here what happened and how it happened.

What do you know Kritika? You invited us here for a girls' night out and what you are trying to prove here that we did something wrong in the past? You think we will fall for this. We have not done anything. We are not stupid like you and now if you excuse us, we would like to leave. Shivika and Mridul started packing their bags in hurry.

You are right Shivika, must say what a bold answer but when you really think that you haven’t committed anything wrong then why to leave? You must have heard this saying “A guilty conscience needs no accuser". But yes before leaving have a look at this clip.

I played a clip in which Shivika and Mridul are having some discussion very silently.

This chap is playing quite hard to get this promotion, I have heard he is interested in men ( both started laughing), this promotion is very important for both of us. I guess he is doing something extra for the boss to get this position (showing disgust and continued laughing). I think we should plan up something. I have a plan why don’t we fool around with him a little bit, he gets nervous when there are women around him and then will cook a story as he tried to harass me ( Shivika winked at Mridul). I guess this plan will work and he will get kicked out from this office and we will get our promotions. They both laughed and hugged each other in order to support the plan.


I hope this will be helpful and will help me to kick you people out of this office now. I said with anger.

From where did you get this? Shivika almost shivering.

Well you people are stupid and blunt as you might have not heard this “What goes around comes around”. It is sad when you people were trying to kick out Raghu from the office you discussed the same in our own library where hardly anyone goes but yes they do have cameras and good quality microphones and they keep the footage. As Raghu’s case got dismissed because you people made a fake story that he harassed you in his office and clicked photographs to prove it to the board of directors and higher authorities and gained a hell lot of sympathy because obviously when a girl’s cries out pointing a finger to a guy, people gather on their own and make the boy a villain without even thinking who is the actual culprit. This is how our society works.

Everytime it’s not the guy’s fault, sometimes girls like you commit such hideous and unethical crime because of which unintentionally innocent people get punished. He worked hard to get this promotion, I saw him working so late just to get promoted and in the end he faced such harassment. After all of this, because of such great past record thanks to you two that he didn’t get any job. He left the city and started doing some small business but his past made him sulk. He started drinking and smoking vigorously and because of overdose of such things he is in rehab now. He was humiliated infront of his own team and office colleagues, everyone looked at him with disgust. He lost all his respect and confidence. It was just because he wanted to do his job passionately and do well, was it so difficult for you to accept?

You must be thinking how come I know all of these incidents, it’s just that I am his poor sister who just helplessly saw his brother suffer like hell without doing anything wrong. I got to know everything what all he faced from his friend Mayank and took 3-4 months to gather all the relevant information and proofs against you people and also joined the same company. My brother had stopped talking to everyone after all this. I could see the pain in his eyes, he never had any affair during his school and college. He was always that studios fellow who had bigger dreams and just because people like you, it got shattered within a minute.

Shivika and Mridul understood that they did something very wrong, they shook with fear, they started crying and wanted to apologize to my brother but I didn’t allow them. They never deserved it. I called up the police and also sent the video footage to the police station and their office. They both got fired immediately. And also, as an apology, the board of directors summoned Raghu and offered him the job with a lump sum increment in salary and also gave him the promotion for which he worked all day long. As a sister I managed to help him to come out of this trauma. He was just 27 and faced such a stressful life.

I somehow managed to be friends with those girls in order to bring out the truth. I finally succeeded in bringing justice to my beloved brother and taught those two girls a lesson they will remember for some time at least if not for life. We girls, sometimes forget that we should not take undue advantage of being a girl to destroy the career of a person who is so dedicated and hardworking. Jealousy sometimes makes us do things that are heinous and terrible without making us think about the consequences we can face for them.

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