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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Kaumudi Tripathi

Drama Romance Classics


Kaumudi Tripathi

Drama Romance Classics

Wrong Number

Wrong Number

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This is a wrong number, I am not Rehan as you can figure out from my voice I think, I am a girl. I replied with irritation.

Yeah miss, sorry for that, it’s just that I am not sure why every time when I call my friend, it gets connected to you. The voice from the other side replied.

That’s okay, but you check the number. And please now, don’t call me again, that was the 5th time when I repeated this line.

Well, it started with this wrong number and this turned my life topsy-turvy.

It became a little usual, Rehman started calling me daily, it started with the wrong number but then later, we became good PHONE friends. He lived in Bangladesh, he was pursuing engineering in Computer Science and was in 3rd year. We had almost similar interests but were poles apart. Almost 2 months passed and we never failed to be in contact with each other, sometimes through chats, sometimes through calls. We never did video call, our friendship was unique in its own way. And now coming back to me, well I am also an engineer, working in an MNC and also married. Some people may think, if I am married that too happily why I was talking to a complete stranger, on top of that who was completely from another country. But I have always believed in one thing, there is nothing wrong till the time you start feeling you are doing anything wrong.

I just completed one year of my marriage and sometimes, I used to narrate a few stories of ours to Rehan also, he used to get amazed by looking at our relationship that how transparent I was with my husband. I never felt having a friend even though its boy can be wrong anytime.

Hey Rehan whatsup? I called him

It’s good, well actually I wanted to tell you something. He spoke with excitement.

Yeah, tell me. I enquired.

I am thinking of coming to India, I have got my internship to do, and also it would be a great opportunity for me to travel to India, have heard so much about it. I will stay there for 2 months. He again said with excitement.

That’s great, obviously you can come here. I replied

Yeah, I have asked 4-5 of my friends too if they want to come along, they are ready. So, I will book my tickets soon and after 2 weeks, I will be there. He replied.

Cool, so where are you planning for your internship? I asked

Obviously you live in Mumbai, so I am gonna be there only and apply. Like that I would be able to meet you also almost every day. He sounded happy

It was after 2 weeks when Rehan and his friends arrived in Mumbai. I had already made an arrangement for them, my building had amazing apartments and some of them were empty , so by luck they got to stay in one of them.

Hi Rehan, he approached for handshake. I greeted him with smile and did a handshake.

He then introduced his friends to me, Sabrin, Hamid and Naureen.

I showed them their apartment, they decided to be in one apartment only which was a 2BHK flat.

Let me order some food for you guys, also there is a dozen of tiffin services’ pamphlets lying here, you can choose amongst them. They are all good as I have heard good reviews about them, maybe you can try few and then decide which you want for the long run. I told them

Thanks a lot Sameera aapa, Sabrin, Hamid and Naureen spoke simultaneously. Rehan kept looking at me, I passed smile and then ordered food for them.

So aapa, how do you manage so much without your husband been around, doesn’t it bother you that he is away from you from the past 3 months? Sabrin asked

Well, I believe one should always follow his dream, no matter what. He wanted to pursue MS in US and I wanted to work upon many things and also felt like what would I do there for 2 years, as I can’t stop working. We have decided to visit each other twice an year for a month so I think that will compensate everything. I replied.

Throughout this time Rehan was just looking at me, he wasn’t paying any attention towards anything. So, before it bothered me more I straightway asked him when no one was around.

Is everything okay? You seem to be lost. Home sick or what? I asked

Haha, I can never be home sick, it’s just that I am feeling so good around here. I never thought I would be able to come here and also meet you in person ever in my life. It’s a different emotion, I am really happy that I took this decision. He replied

I didn’t feel the same way , he seemed to be a little off, maybe it was the journey or maybe he was so overwhelmed that he travelled to another country at such a tender age. 

I will leave now, you guys take rest. I will see you in the evening, today is Saturday so we have atleast 2 days to explore Mumbai. Let’s catch up at 5pm, if that’s okay with everyone. I asked

Everyone nodded in acceptance.

Soon I left the flat and came back, I had some household work, so thought of completing them and then decided to rest for little bit as the evening was going to be tiring. Soon my phone blinked, it was a message from Rehan.

Thanks Sameera for having us here, I can never thank you enough for this. You made my dream possible, I am glad I would be around you throughout these 2 months, I know I looked a little weird to you in person, it is because I am just so happy, not being a maniac but it is amazing just amazing seeing you in person and man you are really pretty..;)

Thank You Rehan, pleasure is all mine, I am glad you guys liked the apartment. Now take some rest, I will meet you at 5. I replied and took a good nap.

So, this is what Juhu Beach looks like Sarine said in utter amusement, they tasted the famous Chuski and other snacks like PaniPuri, Vada Pav, Dabeli etc.

It was 9.30 when I decided to take them to Marine drive, Mumbai never sleeps that’s the beauty of this place. We sat there for about 2 hours, talked about so many random things, they told me so much about their lives in Bangladesh, I was fascinated by that and felt like I was living my college days.

Anyone wants tea or coffee? Hamid asked. Everyone screamed “Yesssss” since we were 5 people thus Hamid, Sabrin and Naureen left to get the tea for all of us.

So, how you are feeling now? I asked Rehan

I already told how I am feeling, this city is cool. He replied while looking towards the sea.

After having tea and more chat with everyone, we left marine drive at 1 AM in the morning.

Soon the day started passing very quickly and soon they all got used to Mumbai, we used to meet almost daily. We used to have small hangouts or vada pav break. The weekends used to pass like anything , movies, music, food and lots of laughter. Though I was not much older to them but it always seemed that I had got some responsibility towards them.

Rehan, bring your guitar man and let’s have some music sessions after all its Friday night. Hamid said in excitement.

I have forgotten my guitar at Sameera’s place, let me just get it from there. Rehan asked for my keys.

Hey I have to get changed also and keep my bag as I came directly from office, let me go with you. I said.

I was not sure, I had started feeling bit weird whenever I used to be alone with Rehan. He always sounded so mysterious, I didn’t know how to make this go away and that’s why I decided, I will talk to him today as something was bothering me a lot. I couldn’t hold such discomfort for long, not my way of dealing things.

Can we talk Rehan? I asked him

Yeah sure, about what? He replied

What is wrong with you, it has been 3 weeks now I have been noticing you, when all of us are sitting together, you hardly talk. Sometimes you are so lost that nothing bothers you at all and sometimes you are just staring at me with a question mark look, have I done anything wrong? I asked

Haha, you are really funny, there is nothing wrong, believe me, I am like that “WEIRD AF”. He giggled

It’s not funny, we are friends you can share with me if something is affecting you. I again asked

I don’t consider you friend anymore. He spoke with straight face.

What do you mean by this? I asked with surprise

Nothing, I am joking , can we just leave , my friends will be waiting for us. He replied avoiding any eye contact.

Okay fine, don’t share, God only knows what is up with you. I quickly got freshened up and we left for Rehan’s flat.

Hey let’s play any game like Truth or Dare? Sabrin asked everyone.

You guys play, I am not in mood. Rehan said with straight face.

What is up with you? C’mon yaar it will be so much fun, after pleading for 10 more minutes finally Sabrin convinced Rehan to play the game. We both were avoiding eye contacts. I hated the atmosphere, but never wanted to ruin everyone’s mood so played along.

Sabrin got dare, so everyone dared her to imitate any of the boys, she chose Hamid.

Later it came towards Rehan, he chose truth.

Sameera aapa why don’t you ask him something which you want to know from him as you guys are very good friends but there is a lot of things which you don’t know about him. Everyone screamed at once and pointed fingers at me to ask a question to Rehan.

I didn’t feel like asking, but for the sake of the game I asked a simple question, have you ever been bullied?

This time he looked straight into my eyes, this was the first time when he looked straight into my eyes.

Yes, in school I was bullied, since I have a very fair complexion hence people used to call me by names. That’s it. You could have asked a tough question, he answered with straight face again.

Everyone was getting the vibe now.

Anyone needs tea? I will go and make some. I got up.

After 5 minutes, Rehan was there in the kitchen.

I am sorry for being rude during the game. He apologised

It’s okay, I am okay with every behaviour of yours. It might get annoying maybe in the coming days. I replied while searching for the tea.

Here, he handed over the tea box to me, his hand touched mine, I quickly moved my hand away.

What happened? He asked

Nothing, I don’t feel like being here, I am gonna pass. Feeling tired. I tried to escape.

Maybe today you can run away, but what about every day? He asked

What do you mean? It feels like I don’t know you at all, you are a complete stranger to me. Soon my phone started ringing, it was my husband’s call. I quickly left the kitchen.

It was 11pm in the night, when my doorbell rang, it was Rehan when I saw through the peephole.

Look at the time once before ringing the bell. I almost shouted at him, since I was so annoyed.

I am sorry, I need to talk to you, my brain is giving me hard time. He looked tensed.

Come in, sit . You need anything? I asked.

Well I need a lot of things, that’s another subject all together. He smiled

Again, can you just be normal for once? I felt like beating him.

Well I don’t know how am I supposed you to tell you this, but this is driving me nuts, it’s best that I should tell you this. But before anything please Sameera promise me you won’t stop talking to me, you will be cool with it. He asked

What is it Rehan? Tell me, yeah I promise. I became tensed as I thought he had done something wrong and that’s why he was talking like this.

Okay, I have been feeling a little strange these days, first I thought it is nothing but later I understood it’s huge and that’s why I have been avoiding you. Sameera, I have started liking you and not just in a friendly manner, it’s more than that. I get that rush whenever I see you or whenever you are around... And

Just a second, what the hell are you saying? Are you out of your mind, can you hear yourself for once? I interrupted him midway.

Please hear me out, I know this is all stupid and rubbish for you. I was also feeling the same way, but these things happen when they are suppose to happen. But please don’t be worried everything is in control. He couldn’t look into my eyes when he spoke the last line.

Rehan you are mad, seriously I don’t know how to look at your face right now, I am married for God’s sake, I am elder to you. Your friends teased you, why don’t you call me aapa, even I also didn’t think about it as I thought we are friends that’s why, sorry we were friends. I was self-shocked at my words, I didn’t know what to say, had so many questions in my mind but everything got jumbled up. Rehan, you please go now and when you find your sanity, we will talk but please don’t call or message me for a few days, I ordered

Will that change anything? Sameera I know, I don’t have any right to question you but this is a normal thing, first even I thought it was just infatuation. The day I met you at the airport, my heart skipped a beat, but I thought I was just happy because I was going to be near you, my best friend, but I was wrong, this whole time something else was happening and it was beyond my control. I know this is wrong and that is why I was thinking to let my feelings go and let these 2 months pass, once I will be away from you, I will start feeling better or maybe normal. But Sameera I don’t know when you are around.. I am, he had tears in his eyes.

Look Rehan I am not disrespecting you or your feelings, whatever it is, but please understand it’s not okay. Even we cannot talk also about this anymore, please understand. I almost pleaded.

Yeah I understand Sameera, but from now onwards if I am avoiding you please don’t mind that. I am really having a hard time facing you, I cannot face you and feel awkward at the same time. I will be okay and maybe I will avoid you a little, I hope you understand. He was sad that was what reflected in his tone

Hmm, you go and sleep please. Good night. I closed the door and went to my bed. I was not able to sleep for many hours, I felt like calling my husband and telling him about it. But he had his exams coming up, I didn’t feel like giving him unnecessary tension but so badly wanted to talk to him. I was freaking out, still for 40 odd days Rehan would be in Mumbai, I didn’t know how I would go through this. I finally slept at 4 am in the morning.

My doorbell was ringing, it was 1pm, the next day. I quickly checked my phone, it had 15 missed calls from my husband, Hamid, Sabrin.

Coming, please wait. I opened the door with sleepy eyes.

Good afternoon, Finally you woke up, God we called you like million times, please take us to some good place na today? I don’t want to eat that tiffin wala khana. Sabrin requested.

Hehe, yeah sure, just give me one hour to get ready and freshen up. I replied

But why did you sleep so late, was watching any movie or talking to your hubby? Sabrin winked at me.

Nopes, nothing like that, I just couldn’t sleep. I slept pretty late, I guess 4 or 4.30am, okay guys give me some time, you may watch TV or eat something from the fridge. I need to make few phone calls and then will get ready.

At 2.30pm we decided to go for some street shopping, it was raining but Mumbai rains are fun all together.

Rehan and Naureen, lets go guys, Sameera aapa is also here. Sabrin called out for them

Rehan was still in his pyajammas, Naureen came ready.

What is this man? Are you going to make us late? Hamid asked

What will I do in street shopping? It’s okay you guys go and have fun. I will stay at home, have some work to finish. Rehan replied

Seriously man? We will not go only for street shopping, we will have good food and beach, what is this Rehan, its just 40 more days here man, let’s have some fun please. Hamid pleaded

But Rehan refused again, he was making excuses, I knew, he was trying to stay away from me by any means.

Sameera aapa, you scold him please. He will listen to you. Sabrin said

It’s okay Sabrin, if he says he has work let him do that, we will catch up at dinner. Let’s go now, it’s already raining a lot.

We reached the flat at 9.30 pm, we brought dinner for Rehan.

What did you do Rehan, throughout the day? Sabrin asked

Nothing, slept a lot, made Maggie, watched TV, it was a good relaxing day. What about you guys? Rehan asked

It was awesome, we went to so many places, wait let me show you some pictures, Sameera aapa is just awesome, she knows all the best places of this city. Hey wait is that your sketchbook? What did you sketch Rehan? Naureen ran towards Rehan’s sketchbook.

It’s nothing guys, leave my sketchbook. Rehan anxiously went towards Naureen to stop her.

No, it has been days that you have sketched anything, we need to see this. Hey Sameera aapa do you know, how amazing Rehan is when it comes to sketching. Naureen asked with sparkling eyes.

No, I am not aware that he sketches too. I replied.

Yes, he does and amazingly well, since you haven’t seen his work you check this out, later we will see. Naureen handed over the sketchbook to me.

Rehan pounced towards me to stop me from looking into the sketchbook, but he failed to do so as I was already into his sketch. It was the painting of the most beautiful eyes I had seen with a small quote “Don’t look at them or you will be in TROUBLE”. I looked again into the sketch and damn they were my eyes. He had drawn my eyes, I closed the sketchbook as soon as I realised it.

What is it aapa? Naureen asked

I am not sure, you can take a look, raised my hand to hand over the sketchbook to her but Rehan stopped me, he knew I had understood.

No need to see it, it’s an useless sketch, he took the sketchbook and went to his room and shut the door closed.

What is wrong with him? He is becoming so weird these days. Naureen said

Okay guys, take rest now, I am going to my flat now. Good night. I left the flat, earlier I used to wait for the weekends but now I used to hate it just because how awkward was everything becoming.

It was useless, hence I burnt it, sorry you had to see it. Rehan messaged me.

It wasn’t required and please stop doing such things, I don’t know how to make you understand or fast forward my life. I replied.

What if I don’t want to make things correct? He replied.

Rehan, you are driving me nuts, firstly your presence is so freakingly uncomfortable for me and now your words. Stop talking like a romantic maniac please. I replied

Romantic Maniac..!!! What an adjective, well maniac is fine with me, but how come you know I am “Romantic” ? He asked

You should sleep now, focus on your studies and other things please. Bye. I replied

Haha, even my messages make you uncomfortable now, we can never be in the same page now I guess. Well before I go to sleep, I have decided something, I am going to quit my internship and will move back to home in next week. Don’t worry it is not because of you, it’s just that I am actually home sick, I am missing my home badly. It’s just internship, I can do there and get any certification. He messaged me back

Obviously it’s your choice, whatever you think is best for you, do it. I replied back

Can you be normal atleast when I am discussing my career with you? He messaged

I am normal, you are 21 years old, you have travelled to another country just to do this internship and now you want to quit so obviously you are mature enough to take this decision. I am not being sarcastic, it’s sheer truth, you know yourself more than anyone else. I replied back.

It’s okay, I certainly have lost my friendship, anyways you have office tomorrow. Good night. He replied back.

Can we meet today to talk somewhere? I messaged Rehan.

Well okay, marine drive at 7? He replied back

I reached Marine Drive five minutes before and patiently waited for this decisive meeting.

Hi, I greeted him as soon as I saw him.

So formal haan, tell me how come you wanted to talk to me? He asked sarcastically.

Hmm, you want to remain friends? I asked with a straight face.

Is that a question? I hope you know my answer. He replied.

Then how do you want to continue? Like this, that we cannot talk even, we cannot be in the same room, we cannot laugh on jokes, this way it’s too weird and awkward for me. I replied

Why you become so awkward? I should be the one, who should feel weird, well this is a never ending debate, chuck it. You tell me what have you decided? He asked.

It’s going to sound very weird, but what you can do is, make some female friends, once you start talking to new girls you will feel comfortable, with Naureen and Sabrin you are already very comfortable, but if you talk to new girls it might divert you, don’t worry I am not asking you to hook up with anyone random. I am just asking you to bring some diversion in your life, do think about it. I asked

Hahaha, man you are hilarious. Do you even hear yourself? Atleast I shouldn’t be the one telling you how people fall in love. Leave it Sameera, I will avoid you as much as I can and if not then I will pretend as if I do not exist. I will be okay, I am glad that you talked to me. Promise, I will not make things difficult for you. He smiled.

God, I hope things get better, chalo let’s go now, it’s getting late. I asked.

Yeah sure. He replied

We took a cab, for 10 minutes there was complete silence which I wasn’t liking, so I started a conversation just to break the silence.

So, how are you liking Mumbai until now? I asked

It’s pretty great, people are humble and very chilled out, it’s very crowded but still the crowd makes this place so much better. Mumbai is great. He replied while looking outside.

Yeah, that’s the beauty of this place. I smiled while looking towards sea.

Can I ask you something? He asked.

Hmm, sure. I replied.

What if you were not married? Was there any chance? Please don’t get upset or mad at me, I am just asking. It’s my destiny, but just wanted to know. He asked by looking at me in the eyes.

I smiled and said, Well, I being married is not the only issue here, I am happily married, and secondly you are 5 years younger to me, religion is different, country is different, so yeah there is no way to think beyond all these problems. I replied

And what if all these things were not there? Then ? He asked again.

No, Rehan you don’t understand, I never considered you anything more than a friend, I always believed you and me could be very good friends, but now really I don’t know where you are heading. I replied.

Hmm. He replied and looked outside.

We didn’t speak in the cab for rest of the time. Silence was better than this, I thought.

Sameera aapa we need to play some game today , please we are getting bored. Naureen screamed as we entered the flat.

I am sorry Naureen, I am bit tired, you guys can carry on. I replied

But no we won’t be doing anything if you go away, everyone would crash , please aapa, we are here for few days only, please aapa. Naureen started pleading with folded hands.

Okay, Naureen you are really a kid, chalo what do you want to play? I asked and sat next to Naureen.

Truth, Dare and Stare or Never Have I ever? Choose amongst this. She asked

Everyone agreed for Never Have I ever. So we decided that whoever would be the defaulter, would drink water from the glass.

So I will ask first, Naureen said

Game started with basic questions and then there was a bomb thrown to my face.

Has anyone has ever liked someone present in this room? Means amongst the 5 of us.

I was just shocked, I knew Rehan liked neither Naureen or Sabrin in that way and they knew about this. My mind was buzzing like anything, did they figure out something from Rehan’s weird behaviour, and what if he picks up the glass and takes a sip. Too many things were crossing my mind and it was uncontrollable.

Rehan took a sip.

What, Oh My God, this is new . Everyone screamed.

I was supposed to drink only and I am not supposed to answer this question. He smiled back to everyone, he didn’t look towards me.

C’mon Rehan, this is huge actually, if you don’t tell us , we will play Truth and Dare and then we will find out. Naureen said in excitement

Haha, and you think I will fall for this? Firstly, I won’t play and if by any chance I play then I would only choose Dare. Answer to your question. Happy now? He replied.

Yaar, you are so bad, what is there to keep it a secret now? It’s either me or Sabrin, so tell us na. Naureen again insisted.

We can call it the night I suppose, Rehan smiled and got up and walked towards his room.

Well, I should also leave now, it’s late for me, thanks Naureen for that coffee and Maggie. I hugged Naureen and left the flat.

Hey guys, I don’t know but are you guys also smelling something weird? Hamid said

Oh My God, I think I forgot to turn off the gas knob. Naureen rushed towards the kitchen.

No, stupid it’s a question, Rehan has been sounding quite different these days even Sameera aapa is also acting a bit weird, normally she used to stay back late, playing games, chatting. But from past 1 week she seems very lost. Hamid said.

Maybe she is missing her husband, or maybe she is having any professional issue. Sabrin replied

No, I don’t think so, I think it is something between Rehan and her. I can feel it. I think, there is something going on between them. He sounded confused.

Have you actually lost your mind Rehan? Can you for once stop behaving like a kid? I messaged Rehan as soon as I reached my flat.

Haha, I knew you would message me todayJ He replied

Answer my question first, have you really lost it? I replied

Can I call you or meet you? He replied

 I am seriously fed up from your nonsense actions, you are pissing me off to another level. I replied back

You are going to ignore the context of my message now ? ;) He replied

Ahhhh, you continue talking in loops, I will not give in to your nonsense stuffs anymore. Bye. I replied

No, I want to talk seriously Sameera, I want to. They are my closest friends, I couldn’t lie to them, don’t worry I will be always in denial mode when it comes to you infront of them. It’s just that for once I didn’t feel like lying about you, I know I would have to lie about you throughout my life, just today I felt like not doing that. Is that so bad? He replied

I read that message for 3 times to understand, actually felt bad for him. But then, I couldn’t have allowed my softer side to get the better of me as that would unnecessarily worsen the entire situation. Hence after controlling myself, I typed, Rehan, please get it what I am trying to say you fool, your friends must be talking and thinking about this now, they aren’t stupid either. I replied

Tell me one thing, can I control anyone’s thought? No, right, then why should I even try. Let them think whatever they want to think. Well I am sorry if you felt any bad or if again I made you feel “Uncomfortable”. He replied

Can you stop being sarcastic? I replied

Nopes, I cannot ;) He replied

GoodNight. I replied back

You get really angry, I don’t know how tough it would be for your husband to tackle you. He replied back.

That you should not worry, he knows how I am and he is damn good at handling me. I replied

I can bet on that, obviously he knows you , he is your better half, the love of your life, the miracle of your life, the most precious person of your life. He replied

Man, you are really in mood today Rehan, your sarcasm level is on Cloud 9, I will send this message to my husband sorry the love of my life, he will love to hear so much from you. I replied back

Haha, go ahead. Sameera, can I tell you something, but please promise you won’t scold me. Please, I want to meet now, Can I come? He replied.

It’s not a good idea Rehan, its past 12, you can tell me over chat I won’t scold you. I promise. I replied back

But I want to meet you in person, have gather a lot of guts to talk to you about this, please Sameera, this is least you can do for me. He replied

You are really stubborn Rehan, okay come in 5 minutes. I replied back

Come and sit, you want something to eat ? I asked in order to break the silence.

No, I am good. Actually I wanted to tell you something, it’s my first time, as in I am in love for the first time. He replied looking into my eyes.

Ohh, Ahh Rehan I was not hoping you would tell me this. I replied back trying to avoid the eye contact.

You don’t have to look here and there, it is okay, I just wanted to tell you this in person and believe me I am really proud that my first is “YOU”. He spoke with serious face.

Rehan, you okay? Should I bring some tea for you. I asked with concern

Yes, Sameera I guess I am not okay, I don’t know why this is happening to me, we watch this in movies, we laugh why people are so idiotic when they are in love, but I never thought this would happen to me. I always pray that one fine day I will be able to come out of this, but gradually it is increasing, I thought of changing my flat and living alone but then I thought what my friends would think of me, I brought them here, I convinced them and literally dragged them out of their homes. Leaving them like this will be pretty bad. This is my problem, no one else’s and also I don’t think it would be okay if I don’t meet you every day, yeah I know one day I have to go, but for the coming future I can’t sacrifice my today. I need your help, I am not asking you to do anything, but I just want you to listen to me whenever I want to talk to, I want to meet you whenever I want to, the avoiding thing is making me pathetic. You can be uncomfortable, I get that but please don’t stop talking, maybe I will get better. He spoke with teary eyes.

I literally wanted to hug him, but again controlled myself as I did not want to do anything which would make the matter worse. I thought in the middle of all these, I am losing an amazing friend.

Rehan, that’s it, you don’t have to worry, and I will surely talk to you whenever you want.

Thank You, I should leave now, sorry I asked for 5 minutes and took 30 instead. Good Night Sameera. He left the flat.


Hey Rehan, did you hear that Sameera aapa’s husband is coming to Mumbai next week? So exciting isn’t, we will able to meet him too. Naureen spoke in utter excitement as always.

Really, well I didn’t know, yeah it is amazing. Rehan spoke with a blank face.

Yeah, I am really happy that I will meet him after so many months, I am thinking to throw a surprise party for him, only his friends and you guys will be there. I need to make some arrangements and will need help from you guys as well. I told them about my plan.

Yeah, obviously Please tell us what all we need to do, I love these types of things. Naureen spoke with excitement.

Yes, Naureen you are too cute and a darling, we have this weekend with us to figure out everything. I spoke

Sameera, can I talk to you for one minute, Rehan suddenly interrupted me.

Yeah Rehan, tell me. I replied

In private. He whispered in my ears.

Yeah tell me. I asked while we moved out to the balcony.

Does your husband know about me? He asked looking perplexed.

Yes, why wouldn’t he? I asked

I mean, know about me? Please understand what I am trying to ask. He again asked

Ohh, that no I haven’t told him yet, he is very busy and involved in so many things, don’t want to drag him into this. I replied.

Okay, cool then, please don’t tell him anything, I really don’t know how he would take that. He begged.

Yeah, I know that, even if he is very cool and not that possessive, but he is a guy and my husband so yeah I know when to tell him, what and how, maybe after when you guys are gone then I would tell him. I replied looking away.

Thank You, you are an angel. He smiled

Soon the weekend arrived and I with the help of Sabrin, Naureen and Hamid made all the arrangements. I ordered his favourite cake, decorated the whole house, ordered his favourite snacks and prepared his all time favourite chole bhature and other items which he would always crave for. 

Surprise ...!!!!! Everyone screamed. Anant was blown away as he wasn’t expecting any surprise like that. Since he will be having jet lag thus we had arranged the party during the time when he would be fine . I had invited his friends and cousins, it was a small gathering but surely Anant was shocked and surprised at the same time.

I had missed you like anything, he quickly hugged me.

Ohh guys, please get a room. Everyone literally screamed.

We have our room but thanks to your presence I cannot use it. He mocked

He met everyone one by one, later I took him to meet Sabrin, Hamid , Naureen and Rehan.

Hey guys, I have heard a lot about you from Sameera, I am really happy she had good company while I was thousands of kilometres away from her, he kissed me on my forehead.

Yeah, she is amazing Anant Sir, she has been like an elder sister to us, we were so confused about this, but she made everything very smooth. Naureen said thankfully.

 Yes, she is the delight of my life, so who is Rehan because of whom all this started. He quickly searched for Rehan though he knew who Rehan was.

Nice to meet you Sir, Rehan came forward for a handshake.

Hey why you people are calling me Sir, I am not that old, guys. Anant laughed looking at Rehan

We are sorry, Rehan spoke.

So it’s a strange friendship you and Sameera share, you people started talking, thanks to Wrong Number and now here you are living in the same building, this is quite courageous of you Rehan to convince you parents and even your friends parents to come to another country for internship.

Yeah, can’t even tell you how much I had to convince our parents for that. But if it ends well then I guess all will be good. Rehan replied.

So, what after this? You people are leaving in another 2 weeks right. You people should have been here for some more time, should have kept some time for visiting the beautiful places of this country, Anant suggested

Yes, we wanted to , we saw a lot of Mumbai that’s for sure, but yeah a lot more India maybe some other time, parents were reluctant in extending our stay, so for this time, it’s this much only. And also now, our heart is here only, so we would surely visit India again. Rehan replied with a smile.

Wow, heart and all, so tell me guys, you all are single? Anant asked

I, Naureen and Rehan are dead single. Sabrin is seeing Yusuf back home. Hamid replied.

Arey why so, Naureen seems to be very chirpy, come Naureen I have got a friend for you, he is my friend’s cousin, Mohin, you may like him. And Rehan I will take your class later. Anant asked Naureen to come with him.

Anant being Anant, he was always spot on and he always knew what was right and what was wrong, he was funny, witty and sarcastic at the same time. He knew how to get about things, had this uncanny nature of reading between the lines.

Your husband is one of a type, isn’t it? Rehan inquired.

Yeah, he is, very quirky when it comes to conversations. I replied

I am happy that you are with him, he will always take good care of you. He is very respectful, and everything about him is awe inspiring, well obviously I think I am developing a man crush over him. Rehan winked.

Ohh God, please you cannot have crush on both of us at the same time, this is like the worst thing possible. I replied sheepishly

Who is having crush on both of us? Anant asked

Ohh, we didn’t see you, it’s nothing Rehan just mentioned he is developing crush on you. I replied, controlling my laughter.

Well that’s okay Rehan, you can have a crush on me, I can be little intimidating but having a crush on my wife ? Well lets discuss on that. Anant asked Rehan

Haha, it’s not a crush Sir, I actually love her. Rehan replied.

Wait what , I quickly interrupted Rehan

Yeah ma’am I actually love you and having something for Anant Sir also, see I am a single kid and there are no possible options for me here, either they are married or happily involved somewhere else, so you guys are the best option for me. Anant Sir, since I met you today, hence its just a crush but Sameera ma’am is here with us for the past few weeks now, hence it is love now. Rehan replied with a smiling face.

This boy is quite an entertainer Sameera, I must say. Just look at him, he is just 21 I think, but he just floored me with his answer. I have started admiring you man, Anant replied

We all three started laughing after this, I was glad it went well, but I was a bit worried also as Anant has some 6th sense when it comes to me, he must have got hints about something after this conversation with Rehan.


So Rehan really likes you right? Anant asked me, as soon as everyone left the place.

What do you want me say? I asked while approaching him

Please lie, please , as God knows how many people have crush on you and this thing crushes me you see. He winked while hugging me.

Let’s talk about that some other time, I really missed you, lets focus on each other now, we can discuss this later.

Our whole night went in talking and sharing our feelings towards each other, how much we missed each other, and how difficult it gets when we can’t see each other for so long.

It was already 6 in the morning, I went to make some tea for ourselves. I was wearing his tees and I loved wearing his clothes, so I told him that this would continue as long as he was there. I had already taken leave for 2 weeks from my office after fighting a lot as I wanted to be with him, love him, spend more time with him.

How silent is Mumbai na at 6’o clock, this one hour is so magical, we sat in our balcony, he kept on teasing me as he pulled me towards himself . You know what, I missed this, this shyness on your face, the softness of your hands, ahh, tell me Sameera, have we sacrificed these moments by focussing too much on our careers. He looked into my eyes and for the first time I realised how much he missed me.

No, Anant it’s just a matter for 2 years or even less now, this feeling of missing each other is very special, we still behave like teenagers , thus I don’t think so it is anywhere near to bad. We chatted for 2 hours straight and then suddenly he asked me about Rehan.

So what is up with that guy Rehan? Anant asked while taking a bite of his pancake.

Aaparently , he has started liking me. I replied

Ohh, wow , I knew something was fishy, the way he was looking at you. He replied

Yeah, he asked me not to tell you about his feelings, as he thought it would be awkward. I replied while sipping my second cup of tea.

Haha, he is a kid, that doesn’t mean we are very old, but yeah I am confident you must have handled this situation nicely as you always do. He smiled

I don’t know Anant, I am sure that this is infatuation, obviously when to talk to someone, you get attracted and its very normal and I suppose he is going through this feeling for the 1st time , that’s why it’s a little difficult for him. I replied

What? Are you serious, you are his first love? He spoke with utter shock.

Yeah, that’s what he told me. I replied giving weird look.

Ohh crap , Sameera this is seriously bullshit, it’s going to be so bad for him, falling in love for the 1st time and that too with that person who doesn’t feel the same about you, is damn difficult. I will not talk to him about this, you are mature enough to deal with this situation, but please don’t be harsh to him, he is a kid. He said and looked outside towards the sky.

Two weeks passed in a jiffy, we spent most of the time with each other only, watched movies together, ate Maggie at 3am in the morning, and we didn’t have time for anyone else. No one disturbed us, it was our time, we went out with the group twice for lunch and dinner, Rehan avoided both the gatherings, and as usual everyone hated him for doing this.

It was that day, when Anant was supposed to leave for US, I was crying since morning, it was really difficult for me to see him go away just like that. We left for the airport to see him off. I was hating this feeling, I kept on crying, everyone came and tried to console me. Rehan was standing quite far.

Sameera aapa you can stay with us tonight. Sabrin asked

No, I am fine , I mean I will be fine. Tears kept rolling down my cheeks.

At 2am, my phone beeped. It was Rehan’s message.

Are you okay? He asked

I thought of replying, but just ignored his message, and kept looking at our pictures that we clicked. I was missing him so very much that tears didn’t stop rolling down my cheeks at all.

I am coming over, I know one popular tea, it will calm you. Please open the door once I ring the bell.

Again I ignored the message.

Soon after 5 minutes my door bell rang. He kept on ringing it, I had no other choice but to get up and open the door. I was all cried out.

When people don’t reply that means they don’t want to talk, is it very difficult to understand? I almost screamed.

There are flats here, please don’t shout, you can scold me once I enter. He replied

Rehan, don’t trust my patience please, I don’t want anything. I scolded him again.

I am just trying to make a special tea for you, let me just make it for you, it will calm you down and then you can scream. He entered the flat.

Here it is, I am sure you will like this tea.

Yeah it is good. I avoided any eye contact.

I told you, I will tell you the recipe of this once I go back to my home. He replied

When you are travelling back? I asked him

This Saturday. He replied

Oh God, you guys are going early? I think you had 2 weeks more I mean you all. I corrected myself

Yeah, I had two weeks’ worth of time left when Anant Sir came. Now it’s over, I mean my internship is over. There is no point in extending it. He quickly corrected himself and avoided any sort of eye contact.

Rehan, are you leaving because of me? I asked in anger

No, Ma’am it’s nothing like that. As my performance was good, I asked them to take my test early so that I can return a little early, I have shown them personal emergency. I already told this news to my friends, they are upset with me but they will be fine hopefully someday. I am sorry that I am ditching them. He looked sad.

If that suits you, then that’s okay. I looked straight into his eyes.

It’s very late Rehan, you should go now. I said with a firm voice.

It’s just 30 minutes, and you are asking me to leave? He asked shockingly

Then what do you want from me? I spoke with disgust.

Nothing, I want nothing. Thanks for your time. Goodbye. He left the flat.

As soon as he left, I quickly went through all the conversation which we had in my head and realised that Rehan had never said Goodbye to me, never, I kept on thinking and then I don’t remember when I fell asleep.

Anant had reached New York and I had rejoined my office, everything seemed to be dull and low, but I had no choice. We kept on calling each other and just revisited the memories. Since I had taken 2 weeks of holidays, I had lot of work to complete. I was so occupied that I didn’t have time for anything else.

On Wednesday, Sabrin called me at 9pm.

Hey Sabrin, whats up? Sorry yaar I am so messed up with my work during these days that I am unable to do anything else.

We get it Sameera aapa, I just called you for something important, Rehan left for his home today, he preponed his flight from Saturday to Wednesday. He requested us not to tell you. We are sorry Sameera aapa, that stupid fellow forced us. She sounded very upset and angry.

Hmm, that’s okay Sabrin, if he didn’t want to tell me that’s not your fault. I obviously get it, let’s have dinner tomorrow at my place, atleast I can spend some time with you people. I replied back.

I already knew why he did this, his GoodBye that day said it all. But I don’t know why I felt so bad that day in office after I ended the call with Sabrin. Maybe I did not deserve a GoodBye like this, I deserved to meet him once, atleast he could have told me that he was leaving. At the back of my mind though, I already knew he would never meet me again.

What really bothers me even now is that in the midst of everything that happened, I lost a very good friend who was there for me in thick and thin in these months of loneliness. I wished that he did not have fallen for this which destroyed our friendship. I really cherish those memories when he used to call me everyday and we used to talk. I wished that he would have never come to India for his internship. I really feel bad that I lost a very good friend. Feel bad that it had to end this way. What started with a Wrong Number, ended so wrongly that it will bother me for long. I failed to help him get out of it. I failed as a friend. So yes, it was a Wrong Number…for me and for Rehan as well.

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