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Ivana Dua

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Undeters pt 1

Undeters pt 1

23 mins

 I must go to this special, off the globe place called Undeters. Pretty strange name, right? The reason we are undetermined is that we come from this portal which opens somewhere in time. Some of us could be from the past or the future! The portal is controlled by a crystal. Without it, no more undetermined creatures (sometimes we ourselves are called undeters!) can be released from the portal. The governor (his name was 'Nobilis Princeps') was the first to discover the crystal inside a pit (I'm getting to that) Because of this, we don't have any exact date of birth. To become determined, we need to be claimed by one of the elements, earth, wind, fire, or water. The date on which we become claimed, tell us when exactly we were born. Each element has its own zodiac. Each determined person has a zodiac based on the element which claims them. The zodiac for fire is 'Briskurn'. People claimed by this element are granted with their own phoenix which occasionally appears when they face a problem that has something to do with the mind. The phoenix tail feathers contain wishes which can only be used thrice in their entire life. The zodiac for water is 'Splantain'. People claimed by this element are granted with their own trident which can control water. The zodiac for wind is 'Thundrain'. They are granted a gift to summon wind spirits and control them. The last zodiac, of the earth is 'Soiquake'. They can cause earthquakes at their feet without causing harm to themselves. When an undeters becomes claimed, they are called 'Sciris'. Anyway, this place is off the globe because once a giant called 'Sargus' demolished the whole area and everyone thought that it was the end of Undeters. But the governor endured, and he has this crazy power to identify undetermined creatures. Also, once he's found an undetermined creature, he has this way of kidnapping them by feeding them a cupcake filled with sleeping drought and bringing them right here to Undeters. I know that because the same thing happened to my best friend, Hillary. Also, the exact same thing happened to me when the governor found out that I was undetermined). Anyway, my name is Ruphus (pronounced as R-oo-fus), and as I said before, I am an undetermined creature that must go to Undeters. Anyway, when Sargus attacked, his destruction made a huge pit (which contained the crystal I told you about before). According to the legend, Sargus lost his balance and fell inside the pit, never to be seen again. Though Sargus meant to destroy, his fall revealed a new land. It was a fertile valley with food supplies, medical plants, and aquatus (special, sparkling healing water). The governor brought the supplies to Undeters using a pulley. He thought that it would be safer not to go inside until they were sure that Sargus was gone for good. While the governor was bringing the supplies up to Undeters, he pulled up a gorgeous, sparkling, shiny, silver crystal. The governor thought that they should keep it for display and that it was just an ordinary crystal. But, after a while with the crystal on display, the governor noticed more and more undetermined people appearing. He realized that it must be where the undetermined people were coming from! The governor removed the crystal from the display and kept it safely inside an enchanted box so that no one could steal or try to destroy it. Before the governor died, he told his son that he would have the honor to be the new governor (our present governor) of Undeters. He showed his son the enchanted box and told him to keep it safe, but he decided he couldn't trust anyone with the secret of how to break through the enchantments of the box which would reveal the crystal. Everyone from our world refers to the story as the prostal. Hillary gave me a startling shake and told me to hurry or else, I would miss the meeting.

I asked him 'What meeting?'

He said, 'The meeting to decide who should be Clark's (Undeters' new governor, also Nobilis's son) assistant, idiot!' 

Uh-oh! I had totally forgotten about the meeting with Clark, what was I going to do now? I asked Hillary when the meeting was going to start. and I started to wish I hadn't asked him that because that made him so mad that he started shouting at me as if Clark was going to make us jump into fire or something like that (he might)! His shouting was way more than enough for me to understand that we were already late for the meeting. I ran to my room, grabbed my UD card (Clark doesn't allow anyone without one), and made my way to his office. Hillary was too busy shouting at me, so I grabbed his shirt by the collar and dragged him all the way there. Since I had to drag Hillary to Clark's office, it slowed us down by fifteen minutes (Hillary weighs a lot more than me and he wouldn't stop shouting), Clark was so mad, 'WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU NINCOMPOOPS, CAN'T YOU BE ON TIME FOR ONCE?! I MEAN, HOW HARD CAN IT BE TO ATTEND A MEETING TO DECIDE WHO SHOULD BE YOUR SWEET, KIND, INNOCENT, MAJESTIC, AND AFFECTIONATE GOVERNOR'S ASSISTANT??!!' Everyone stared at us like, now you've done it! He tore our UD cards (Undeterification cards) and threw them down Undeters cliff! We really had done it! He also may have said some inappropriate curse words…. Now, since we don't have UD cards, we have no allowance to even visit Undeters! It is also a strict rule that anyone without a UD card must leave instantly. Yup, you might've guessed by now that we were left in the same case as our cards, we were thrown off Undeters cliff, they might've ATLEAST sent our BELONGINGS! As we fell, we screamed at the top of our voices (or maybe it was only me). My arms flailed around and my face probably looked like a grumpy, fat uncle on a roller coaster. This story seems very sudden! I think that's because it is. I was lost in my own world when I noticed the ground coming closer and closer. I screamed. I landed with a big, fat thud in the face and blacked out. Hillary gave me another startling shake and told me to wake up. Let's just start this routine with less dragging, shouting, and falling off of cliffs.


'Are you okay?' he asked.

'I'm great! I just fell about seventy feet off a cliff after getting kicked out of Undeters onto a deserted island in the middle of nowhere on my face! So, just great!' I responded.

Hillary and I landed somewhere in the middle of the ocean close to a small island with coconut trees. But the thing was, only one tree had a coconut on it… it was barely enough for our lunch. Since we had just eaten breakfast, Hillary and I weren't very hungry so we decided to look around and see if we might be able to find more food. That didn't take us too long as the island was quite small. To pass our time, we tried to find some wooden logs lying around so that we could try to build a raft or something. But the only things we were able to find were some leaves, a few twigs, and half of a coconut shell. Soon it was lunch time, Hillary and I decided to skip as there was only one coconut and it wouldn't last very long if we ate it now…plus if we finished it now, we wouldn't last too long either! There was nothing we could do, stranded on the island. Hillary had to use the toilet but, he was taking an unusually long time. He never took this long back at Undeters! I went to look around and find him, but it was hard, as it was already dark. Remember when I said that the island was small? Well, I might've been dreaming, but I think I was lost on this SMALL island! When suddenly, out of the blue…Hillary came out of the water, while STANDING! It was almost like the ocean had been carrying him…half of his body was wrapped up in a wave! Hillary was wearing a big golden tiara covered in diamonds and rubies, he was dressed like a king, and he was holding a trident in the colour of the sea…he even had light glowing all around him! A part of my brain thought I was dreaming. The other part of my brain wondered what was going on. As more and more thoughts rushed to my head like, what's going on? I'm kinda' hungry! Hillary (or at least I thought so... (It was hard to tell with that gigantic crown and trident) asked, 'What d'you think?' What did I think?! I thought that this was just ridiculous! He giggled. 'I've been claimed, can you believe it!?' 'No, I can't', I muttered. I stared at his trident as he waved it around like a magic wand. Hillary got powers granted by the ocean, and I was stuck as a boring undetermined something??!!!!!!!! My jaw dropped. As Hillary gestured to the ocean to set him down, I stared at him in disbelief. I envied him…. I wanted to be claimed too! I wanted special powers, and cool weapons. I turned my back on him and went to go look for more branches and twigs. Occasionally, Hillary would dive into the water and come out perfectly dry. When we were able gather enough twigs and tie them up with seaweed which Hillary found underwater, we took the coconut and set off to find a place to stay. After a while on the raft, I plucked up the courage to ask Hillary, 'How did it feel to become determined?' He remained silent for a while and then, he replied, 'Well I was quite excited, but as I approached you…I knew that if we ever got back, we would be separated,' As he spoke, I imagined what I would have done without him. 'Hey, it's going to be fine.' I smiled back at him when I suddenly heard a small gurgle come from the water. Hillary asked, 'What was that?' I stared down into the water, when suddenly something popped out! I picked up a log floating nearby, ready to defend myself from any sort of vicious, nasty, horrendous, poisonous- 'I don't think that it's something that will harm us,' Hillary said. As I took a closer look at the creature, I too realised that it wasn't any sort of monstrous thing at all! She was a young girl about ten with curly, long red hair. She was wearing a shiny, silver jacket on top of a dark sweater, and black pants. She grabbed onto our raft and gasped for breath as we helped her up. I asked, 'Who are you?' 'I'm Clavis, Clavis Cincinno,' she replied. Hillary reacted immediately. 'Oh! That's Latin for key lock isn't it?! I've heard of i'- 'thankyou Hillary!' Hillary could have gone on about Clavis's name forever, luckily, I stopped him. I asked Clavis, 'What were you doing underwater?!' 'I was sent by a governor called Clark from a place called Undeters. He said that there was some sort of crystal which had gone missing and he wanted me to find it. My wind spirits helped me get onto a ship which had the person who stole the crystal onboard. The guards on the ship threw me out, I've been swimming around for hours! The governor told me not to tell this to anyone and to keep it secre- Oops!' Hillary and I stared at each other, we were worried, if the crystal were stolen…that meant that someone was plotting to destroy it, that meant that no more undetermined people would be able to enter this world! I stared at Clavis for a while. 'You're a sciri?' I asked her. 'Yep, I'm a Thundrain!' Was I really the only one left outside Undeters who wasn't determined???!!!! Hillary and I spoke in unison, 'We've GOT to find that crystal!' Clavis looked confused. 'You guys have heard of this random crystal which is so important?' I explained to Clavis that a governor, 'Nobilis Princeps' had found the crystal and it was the source of the portals from which undetermined people like me came from, without it, there wouldn't be any more undetermined people in this world again! Clavis stared at me as if I were a stuffed dummy she wanted to punch. She started to shout at us. 'WHAT?! HOW COME IT TOOK YOU THIS LONG TO MENTION THAT THE CRYSTAL WAS SO IMPORTANT. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT OUR WORLD IS DOOMED WITHOUT IT?! IT'S GOING TO BE THE END OF ALL UNDETERMINED CREATURES!!!!!!' I gulped. Even though she was young…she seemed quite a bit scary! 'Ok then. Let's go bust some- Owwwww!!!!!!!' For a ten-year-old, she could kick hard!  'Well?! What are you dum dums waiting for? Start rowing!' Boy, she was bossy! We rowed around on the raft for hours with only a coconut. After a while, we noticed the ocean water turning into a thinner path, as if it were connected to a river. We rowed further and further when we started to notice small houses, trees and even some people from the countryside. 'I think we are in the real-world guys,' Hillary said. Clavis groaned. 'You guys came out here and didn't even think to pack any sort of essentials? What if someone gets hurt or something you noodle heads, huh? Couldn't you cheese brains ATLEAST bring a flask of aquatus?' I sighed. Clavis was getting more and more annoying by the minute! 'Well, Clavis, we didn't really plan this trip. Also, you can't expect us to end up in a five-star luxury hotel, can you?' I said. 'With you chimps? Not one bit,' she replied.' I suddenly started to hear rattling and banging from a shack nearby. I looked around the shack to see if there was some sort of creature which would show itself. I noticed that the land around the shack looked deserted and barren, it stood out from all the other houses. 'Guys, I think there's something strange going on in that shack,' I told Hillary and Clavis as I pointed towards it. 'Hmmm… I don't know Ruphus. It just looks like an old, abandoned shack!' Hillary said. 'But I heard something coming from the shack!' I urged, 'What if it's the guy with the crystal?' Clavis and Hillary looked at each other for a few seconds. I knew they would disagree... until Clavis perked up! 'Well? Aren't you caramel clowns coming? We don't have all day you know!' I was a bit surprised. 'Wait. You're ready to check out this shack?' I asked. 'We may never know if the thief of the crystal is inside either!' she replied. Hillary looked defeated and dragged himself beside us as we walked towards the shack. I tied a vine to a large stone, tied it to the raft and set it on the ground to make sure the raft wouldn't float away. Deep inside the shack, I could still hear banging and the sounds of shattered glass. The shack was made of wood and was covered in vines. It looked old and deserted. The leaves and plants close to it were dry and looked dead. The place looked so unhappy and cold. The door looked like the only thing that was still in a single, beautiful piece. It was a circular door with side hinges. It was painted gold and looked smooth and modern. The handle was in a curved shape. The door had a knocker in the shape of a giant's head with the body of a mammoth. I was focused on the knocker for a while, I just couldn't take my eyes off it! I glanced back at Hillary and Clavis and I could tell from their eyes that they were scared. Clavis snapped her fingers. After a few seconds I could hear whooshing and zooming as if it were wind. Above her were a few small rainclouds, hovering on top of her head. Clavis pointed towards the door and her wind spirits swirled over to the knob and they clicked it open. We slowly creaked the door open and suddenly, a large creature snarled at us and growled. Clavis screamed, 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! GET BACK YOU LARGE PINEAPPLE HEAD! OR- OR ELSE I'M GONNA …. TELL MY WIND SPIRITS CRUMPLE YOU INTO PIECES. AFTER THAT WE'RE GONNA ROAST YOUR PINEAPPLE HEAD AND EAT IT FOR DINNER SO…. HA!' The creature seemed to understand Clavis and whimpered back into the shack. 'Clavis, I think you may have scared it!' I told her. 'SCARED I'?!!! YOU THINK A PATHETIC GIRL COULD SCARE A BADGER LIKE ME BY TELLING EM' THA' THEY WOULD ROAST THEIR PINEAPPLE 'EADS FOR DINNER, AY?' spoke a voice in the shack. Hillary and I exchanged puzzled looks. After a few moments, a small creature with a small tail, black and white fur, and an adorable little snout opened the door of the shack, holding sharp stick. He stepped out of the shack but then he fell backwards, as if there was a barrier between us and the shack. The badger gave us a sad look. 'I'm Muhasar Wahid,' he said. 'Hey!' Hillary began, 'That's Arabic fo- OW!' That was a kick from Clavis that was useful! I introduced us. 'I'm Ruphus Raines,' I pointed to Hillary and then to Clavis, 'This is Hillary Fortspell, and this is Clavis Cincinno.' 'Well, it's a pleasure to meet ya' kids, but you'd better be movin' along now.', Muhasar said with a stern look which was almost frightening for an adorable snouted badger! 'But what are you doing in this old abandoned shack? Why couldn't you leave the shack when you tried to? Have you got any food, we haven't eaten in a while!?', Hillary asked. Muhasar groaned. 'Sargus has returned, that's why I can't leave, kay', he is gatherin' followers, ones with the strongest name powers, they are called 'Powernum Khao', he hypnotises innocent people to do his bidding and gather more followers. If he lives, the Powernum Khao remain hypnotised. Their name powers are also known as 'Virtutis'. Every one's name has a meanin', Muhasar Wahid, it means trapped one. I may be able to trap others, not only in cages bu' in situations as well. But I can't release anyone', Muhasar said with a depressed look on his face. Hillary hesitated to point out that Virtutis was a Latin word, I could tell that even he thought that it wasn't the happiest time in the world. 'Um, do you mind if we call you Muhasar?', I asked. The badger shook his head. 'How do you use your Virtutis, Muhasar?'. He sighed. 'Well, it's quite easy actually. You've gotta' think of your greates' desire and keep it runnin' in your hea'. While you're imagining it, you've gotta' say 'Actuitis', loud an' clear. If the imagination of your greates' desire is still runnin' in your hea', the powers of the virtutis still affects the target'. I was about to say something until Hillary shouted, 'ACTUITIS!'. I suddenly felt a burst of happiness! It felt as if I was prancing through a flowery meadow, skipping along with my friends. Clavis and Muhasar were both smiling and laughing with joyfulness. It felt as if I was in my own world! Suddenly, I was back. We were back in the countryside, standing before Muhasar in the old shack. Hillary was on the ground, gasping and panting. 'My name, he began, it means cheerful and happy!', he said. 'Yeah, I guess so!', I said. 'But Hillary, what was your greatest desire?', I asked. Hillary hesitated for a moment, 'Well, then! I guess that worked, huh?', he said nervously. I wasn't satisfied, but it wasn't the major problem right now. 'But Muhasar, why did Sargus trap you here?' I asked. Muhasar muttered, 'He- he put me here. He was weak, I thought I could use my virtutis to trap him until I found a way to destroy him for good. I thought he was alone… I thought wrong. The Powernum Khao were there, they trapped me here, I have no way of escapin'. Food spells are trickie' than you think!' 

 'How'd he make a comeback?', I asked, 'He died years ago. He can't just return now!' 

'They say the leader of the powernum khao is immortal. He's been there ever since the time Sargus died!' They say tha' he's the one who shares his life with Sargus. He split his soul into two and poured half of I' into Sargus. It's not enough. That's why he's been hypnotisin' people. He makes people pour their souls into him. Sargus will be strong again on the day of the summer solstice. 

'But it's the sixteenth of June! The summer solstice is in five days! We'll never find him by then!', I said. 

'Wait here'. 


Muhasar went back inside the shack and came out holding a sword, a bow and arrow, and an axe. 'Well, they're all I've managed enchant. I' may be easier to conjure up than virtutis but it's all I go'.' 'Wait… what are these for?', I asked. Well, you don' expec' to se' off withou' any tools now, do ya?!', Muhasar said. He handed Clavis the bow and arrow and said, 'May this settle your attitude and let you concentrate instead of wandering about calling people pineapple heads!!!!'. Clavis stuck her tongue out at him the moment his back was turned. He handed me the sword. 'May this mighty sword brin' peace and victory to all of us.' He walked over to Hillary, who was standing proudly, waiting for his moment, when he would claim his mighty weapon. Muhasar handed him the axe and walked towards the shack, 'I'll be right back!!!'. 'But wait!', Hillary shouted. Muhasar turned around. 'What about MY speech?!', Hillary asked. 'Eh, enough speeches for one day!', Muhasar shrugged as he walked back into the shack. 'Man, that guy is as annoying as Clavis!' Clavis elbowed him, 'OW!', hard. He's not as annoying as me!!!', she exclaimed. 'I'm way more annoying than him!' Muhasar came out with three backpacks. He handed one to each of us. 'These are enchanted backpacks. I used to practice spells on em'. The one with Clavis is 'iets'. It can transform into anythin' your heart desires. The one with Hillary is 'alles'. The space insi' is limitless. It holds everythin'. You must tell it what you want, and you shall have it.  The one with Ruphus is 'niets'. If you wear it, you immediately become invisible.' I wore the pack on my back and stared down at my body, it was gone! I took the pack off and I watched as my body slowly started to reappear. 'These names are all Dutch.', Hillary said. 'Iets means anything, alles means everything, and niets means nothing!' 'Aye', you are a linguist alrigh', Muhasar praised Hillary. We walked over to the raft and bid farewell to Muhasar, his story was incredibly sad, and yet, he'd given us enchanted backpacks and weapons! I couldn't imagine what it would be like if I were the one trapped in an old shack to live off on nothing but enchantments. As nightfall came, we decided to take turns keeping watch. Clavis fell sound asleep and started to snore as soon as I said, 'keep watch'. It was my turn to stand guard next. Hillary fell asleep and started to snore as well. Clavis and Hillary should start a band called The synchronized snorers. I suddenly heard a rustle from the branches nearby. I looked around but saw nothing. I heard the snapping of twigs and branches and this time I saw a quick shadow run from behind the trees. I rowed faster and faster to catch a better glimpse of him or her. But they were gone. Nope, right back! It was a dude in a black suit and a black mask. He looked like one of those stealth ninjas in cartoons, so I'm just gonna' call him a ninja. The ninja leapt onto our raft holding a baseball bat. It was heavy enough to pull off a homerun with my head! 'Lights out fella'!' BONK! I blacked out. I woke up tied up to a wall inside a mansion decorated with vases and chandeliers. The room was surrounded by guards. It was a strange place to be kidnapped to. It was already morning; summer solstice was in four days! Hillary was tied up next to me. He smiled. 'Hey!' 



'Oh, not much. Just getting kidnapped by stealth ninjas.' 

 'That's just sad, you know?' 

 'You think?' 

'SHUT UP!', shouted a familiar voice. 

Clavis stood in front of us, unscathed, and in new clothes. Her hair tied up into a high ponytail. From behind Clavis stood the same ninja who'd knocked me out, holding the same baseball bat with which he could've hit a homerun. 'CLAVIS, WATCH OUT!', I shouted. But she didn't do anything. She just stood there, her face full of guilt and sadness. 

'Who are you?! What do you want?', I demanded the ninja. Though I doubted I looked very intimidating tied up to a wall in a mansion, next to a stealth ninja with all our weapons and valuables 


Clavis took a deep breath and spoke, 'Ruphus, Hillary, this is my uncle, Legat Princeps'. 

The moment Clavis said Princeps, I froze. 'Clavis, you are from the Princeps' family! The Princeps' bloodline has been passed down to you! This means that Clark Princeps, our governor is your father!' 

'Duh, way to sum that up!', she said. 

'But that can't be!', said Hillary, 'The prostal never said anything abou- ' 

'SILENCE NOW!', shouted the ninja 

The ninja removed his mask, revealing his face. It was just like Clark's! The two of them must have been twins. Legat looked more cunning though. As if he had a master plan to take over the world!  

'Bring me all their weapons and valuables', he snapped. Clavis did as she was told. She brought niets and alles from the corner the room, along with our axe and sword.  

'Ah! You have done well Clavis, you may keep your silly quiver and backpack.', he said. But Clavis's face went red with anger. He paced down the hall while examining our weapons. The guards around the room pointed their spears at us (which I thought was dumb since there was nothing we could do. I suddenly glanced at my hands, I found hope! I waited for five minutes of what seemed like five hours of doing nothing. The guards gave up and walked out of the room, leaving us with Clavis. I was about to give Clavis a pep talk about her betrayal when she said, 


 'Just leave already! Unless you wanna' negotiate with my uncle, the immortal leader of Sargus's clan.' 

I didn't wait for Clavis to say anything else. I untied the loose rope strand from around my hands and freed myself. I rushed over to Hillary and freed him too. Then I thought about what Clavis just said.  


'Legat had no family. He lost my aunt and my cousins. He didn't see any purpose in his filthy niece. So, he joined Sargus's clan and as a gift, he became immortal just because he was the first one to join.', she said in disgust. 'And now, I'm his new servant. Always fetching him scrolls filled with master plans, bound with enchantments. Feeding him grapes and other fruits whenever he feels like it. Massaging his feet whenever they ache. Turning on the T.V. for him even when it's just a foot away.' 

I felt sorry for her. All this while, I thought she was just an annoying little brat with no empathy. But her story was supposed to be the one that deserved it. I wanted revenge for Clavis. Legat thought Clavis was useless and he had pushed her into joining forces just because of her Virtutis! 

'Now, where's your uncle?', I demanded. 

Clavis groaned,' You just freed yourself, what do you want now?! 

I pulled up a chair and got my pep talk ready. 'Clavis, you don't have to live like this. All this while, your uncle has been treating you like a pest. Come with us. We'll treat you better!' The moment I said that, I thought of the Shawn Mendes song, 'Treat you better'. I shook the thought of me singing it to her out of my head and went back to my pep talk. 'Think of it this way, if you come with us, we'll defeat Sargus and Legat and you'll be free! Who are you Clavis Cincinno? Huh? You are a noble, strong, brave, and courageous girl. DO YOU HEAR ME?!' 


As soon as I finished, she burst out laughing. She rolled on the floor and tears of laughter poured down from her eyes. 

'That wasn't exactly the reaction I was expecting', I muttered. 

'You said it', Hillary agreed. 

After Clavis finished laughing like a Hyanzee (a hybrid of hyena and chimpanzee), she finally spoke English. 'Thanks, Ruphus', she snorted,' But, you don't understand, I can't leave! There are guards surrounding the whole mansion. I didn't even mean to bring you guys here. My uncle captured all three of us. I told him that I'd cooperate if he let me go. I became his servant last night you moron!!!!! I frowned. 'You became his servant last night and I wasted all that time giving you a pep talk about your life… Wow.' 


Hillary scowled at us. He turned to me, 'Well Ruphus, YOU are wasting time giving Clavis a pep talk about YOUR OWN pep talk. We need to find our weapons and packs from Muhasar. They're our closest chance of survival!' 

He turned to Clavis, 'I don't know whether you're coming or not, but we're getting out of here.' 

'Or at least I am!', he muttered. 

Clavis sighed, 'Fine. I'll go with you guys. As long as no one dies!' She gave both of us a small hug which I thought was quite affectionate. 'Well? Let's go!' 

We started to come up with a plan. Clavis pulled out iets. She held it in her arms and concentrated. It transformed into a small scroll of paper. She unfolded it, revealing a map of the mansion. She pointed to a small square down the end of the hall labelled as TOP SECRET 'That's Legat's room. It's where he keeps all his tools and thefts. The only problem is there's a code to get inside.' 

'But surely you may know the code if he let you in, you must have seen him type it in', I said. 

'Legat always leaves the door open when he's expecting anyone. The guards make sure they aren't imposters', she replied. 

'So', Hillary began,' Clavis will have to do something to get herself called into Legat's office. She'll have to try to get him out of there for a while so we can distract the guards and get our packs and weapons back.' 

'I have an idea', Clavis said. She went into the room behind her which was labelled as LOUNGE. She shut the door behind her. There were a lot of screams and bangs. After a while, she came out holding a small cell phone. I glanced into the room to find an unconscious guard. Clavis dialled the phone and began to speak in a heavy, gruff voice. 



 'I WANT YOU TO MEET SOMEONE AT THE BARNELIUM BAR IN FIVE MINUTES, DON'T DISAPPOINT ME!' She declined the call and gave us a satisfied look. A few seconds later, I heard running footsteps across the hall. We hid. It was Legat, he was so worried that he didn't even notice we were gone! 'Keep watch on my door!', he told one of the guards, and off he went. 


 'Two things', I began,' One, that was amazing! Two, what the heck is the Barnelium Bar? 

  'No idea', she replied. 'Now, time to take out the rest of the guards!' She snapped her fingers. Above her were the same rainclouds which she had summoned when we met Muhasar. As she pointed her fingers towards Legat's door, her wind spirits went over the guards' heads and circled around them, making them dizzy. After a few rounds of ring around the rosies, the guards finally fell unconscious. 'Let's go!' Clavis said. We rushed over to the door. Calvis grabbed her backpack as we watched it transform into a huge hammer. She lifted it and gave it a strong hit against the door. BOOM! The door burst open, revealing Legat's room. It was not at all like I expected! It looked like a historian's room. There were maps everywhere around the wall. Old artifacts in frames. Mythological statues in the corners. I spotted our packs and weapons and shouted,'Found them!', a little too loudly!

Hillary and Clavis both whispered, 'SSHHHHH!!!' 


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