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Rajanigandha was very keen on the first Holi to come after her marriage. She thought in her mind that this time she will be able to play Holi with her husband Kamlesh. Since childhood, she used to love to play Holi with her friends on Holi. Even if she wanted to join her friends , she was not allowed to play Holi. It seemed like this time would be a dream come true by playing Holi with her husband . Because this year she was not in her maternal house but in her in-laws' house.

She belonged to a very traditional family. Her father was against playing Holi. On the festival, sweets were made in the house, but he did not like any member of the house to play Holi. According to him, playing colours in Holi was considered the custom of the lower castes. But little Rajanigandha could not understand.

During school days , on the day of Holika Dahan She use to be very careful about fountain pen ink marks on her uniform. Because of her father’s anger .. But She was getting punishment from her papa and mother's scolding’s .Because she had difficulty in cleaning. Her friends used to call her to play Holi on Rang Panchami from behind closed door windows. She also had a desire to play Holi. 

Today, ten years later, Holika Dahan day arrived once again .  She was thinking that after returning of Kamlesh in the evening, she will speak to him about her awaiting wish from her childhood . She made some sweets and light snacks along with regular dinner till the reaches home,


In the evening, after coming back home of Kamlesh, she asked him for visiting Holika Dahan worship. He agreed, they went .Afterdinner , he went to sleep in his room. Rajanigandha also came into the room . She saw Kamlesh in a very good mood and started a conversation with great enthusiasm. Rajanigandha said - "Listen, how good it would have been if we had played colorful Holi this year. My childhood dream was that I wish to play Holi like other people. I never got a chance to play Holi. Father was very strict. He did not like it. Mother also would never allowed to play. Seeing her friends playing Holi would make me feel very much too. But mother would say - " whatever you like to do at your in-laws house no body will come to stop you. " It would have been very bad to hear and also very sad. I was impressed by listening Holi songs and people playing Holi in movies. I would have thought, I wish I had been married. Playing Holi with my husband and no one dares to stop me. Now I am married to you . No friends also here so let us play Holi.  

Listening all this Kamleshka mood deteriorated. He said " Oh ! Do you want to play Holi? " Rajnigandha was so lost in her emotions that she could not even understand the tone of Kamlesh's speech. She said simply " Yes, yes I want to play Holi with you. " "Kamlesh was angry. she did not know.   He threatened and said" Beware. , Don't even think so, with you? Never. But still she could not come out of the emotional feeling ,So she was just repeating the said words. He got more annoyed and pulled her hair vigorously and said, "What? Do you still want to play Holi?" Seeing his attitude, she kept looking at him fearfully . He was turning red-yellow in anger. He reprimanded, "Beware, if you take the name of playing colours, or else I will play such a Holi that you will remember the whole life!". Hearing this, Rajnigandha started weeping and slept without saying anything.

Kamlesh was not in the bed next morning. When She got up early in the morning. She was little worried but because of his threat, she could not dare of asking friends .She got busy with her work as usual.

After some time, when she was free from her work, she picked up her mobile phone to send best wishes to her friends and sent Happy Holi greetings to everyone. When she opened Facebook and saw some holi videos were viral. She was surprised to see her husband Kamlesh celebrating Holi with his girlfriend. Her heart broke very badly. She now understood the meaning of his threat. If he used to play Holi with her , his plan of playing Holi with his girlfriend would get dissolved in the colours which he does not want. So he went away after threatening her. Never returned again.

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