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Truth of Temple

Truth of Temple

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           Sampurna was returning from the office. On the way, there was a  big beautiful temple of Shrdi Saibaba. The temple was only a few feet above the ground. In the lower premises, there were shops for the worship material. She was shocked to see a long queue on the steps. She could not understand for a long time, why is there such a long queue? Then after some time she remembered that Oh! Today is Guru Purnima. As soon as she remembered, she came to a few steps back and took the material of Pooja and stood in the line like others. She started meditating to pass the time till she enters the temple .

After a while, there was a long line behind her. Since childhood, she was a devotee of Shirdi Saibaba. There was a special place in Sampurna’s mind. She fasted on every Thursday, it was still Thursday. She also had a desire to see Saibaba. She gave up the hunger and thirst and started waiting for her turn. After waiting for a long time, she got admission to the temple. She looked inside, there was a lot of rush in other than outside. People were willing to sit and go for a short time for peace of mind after puja-prasad. But the volunteers did not allowed them. They were driving the devotees out of the temple. There was a queue of men, on the other side was a queue of women. Men and women were supervised by volunteers. Male volunteers were shooing the men away by saying that there is an event organized in the lower floor today. Haldikunkum ceremony is being organized at the bottom saying this the female volunteers sent all women.


     Sampurna was praying at the time of darshan, after handing over the offerings to priest. A volunteer pulled up the sampurna brought out quickly and said, "Go down to the lower floor, there is a haldi-kunkum event, there will be Prasad distribution as well. It was believed that, maybe, that volunteer was telling the truth. If she had so much faith in Saibaba, then his volunteers would be true to him. Believing that they may not be lie. Thinking That she went down.

       She was surprised to see that. There was neither bhajanasandya nor any haldi-kumkum. But rather those who were sent by lying in the same way. If there was anything other than that, some old pictures of Shirdi Saibaba were placed on one wall. There were lamps in front of the Photo. Incense fragrances sticks were rising from one side. Everyone was roaming here and there. people were searching for bhajanasandya and women were for haldi-kunkum. Looking at the lies spoken so easily in the temple of God, the trust of Sampurna was shattered.

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