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Changing Time

Changing Time

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When Sumitra came home with water in the pot.  She saw that the vessel which was kept on the stove to boil dal for cooking afternoon lunch appeared to be thrown out in country yard and the stove was off. by her father. She came to know that this work was for her father , because he did not like his son-in-law. While Sumitra and Deveshne had a marriage in a temple. . Supposed that Sumitra could have told her father that she wanted to marry Devesh on her own, but would he have allowed her? She knew, no,he would never agree. . While her father also knew well that she would not agree to marry anyone other than Devesh. She was carrying out all the her duties of being a wife towards Devesh, despite the opposition of her father. She used to arrange tea, breakfast, afternoon and dinner from her house everyday for all of them.

First of all she used to feed her father and she would eat food with Devesh in his house. Her father did not earn anything. But he definitely wanted daughter’s hard earned money. All ways he was drunk and used to abuse daughter and son-in-law. Devesh had only weakness was that despite being educated, he could not get a good job anywhere. Only an old ancestral house was with him. But Sumitra was not sitting idel. She was stitching clothes of the people for the whole day and earning.  Devesh was also embarrassed by this but due to lack of job, he was also forced because of the poverty.

    One day Sumitra was called by the wife of landlord. She wanted some clothes to be stitched for her some function. Sumitra went to their house.  Sumitra was ordered to stitch some clothes by the wife of landlord. Sumitra agreed for it. Before leaving from there she asked for a favour from her. The wife of landlord agreed to do. Then she requested her for a job in favour of Devesh who was suffering from unemployment. It was not so difficult for the wife of landlord. She said ok to her and told to send Devesh. By the time he comes she will arrange for it after discussing with her husband. Sumitra thanked her walked towards her home.  

   On returning home, she got dizzy and fell. Some women saw her. She was taken out of the way and brought to doctor’s house. She was brought there to her senses. It turned out that she is going to be a mother. Sumitra became happy on hearing this. But upon coming home, she was afraid to tell her father. Because he was still accepting their marriage as sin and she was a sinner. So she became silent due to this fear.

Evening When She met Devesh, she told him the happy news. Both were very happy. After some time she returned home and got busy with her work. Devesh now became more upset. He wanted to bring her home with respect as soon as possible. Because of unemployment he was helpless.  

        Devesh and Sumitra were from the same village. The wife of landlord knew him well. So she recommended to her husband to give him the job. Landlord also liked that. Then he sent his servant to call him. He was shocked to see the servant of the landlord in front of his house. Servant said that "The owner has called, come along.   Devesh got nervous at first. But he could not ignore the call of the landlord. He closed the door and walked with Servant .

On reaching there, when the landlord asked about his studies and writing, his fear decreased slightly. He answered all the questions that he was asked. The landlord was happy and asked him "Would you like to work in our shop?" He bowed his head and said, "Of course if the owner is willing. " Hearing his answer, the landlord said, "Come to the street shop tomorrow. " "My boss, as please you. "

     When Sumitra came to know, she became very happy. Appreciating the fate of her future child, she spoke to Devesh. "Work diligently, look, don't ever give the owner a chance to complain. " Yes, Sumitra, with great difficulty l got this chance from the fate of her upcoming child today. I will be very attentive. Soon I will bring you to my house in front of everyone. You don't have to worry about anything now. Now all I will see, you just take care of yourself and your future child, " she said “goodbye “ to him and returned home.  

       Three months later, he came to his in-laws' house. He will have to spend on both sides expenses and will have to pay for everyday liquor.   Devesh agreed to the condition of his father-in-law.  Sumitra and Devesh got married grandly in front of the entire village.

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