Sai Subramanian

Comedy Thriller


Sai Subramanian

Comedy Thriller

The Visitor

The Visitor

3 mins

It was just like any other day for Ravi and Swathi. They usually do their yoga exercises immediately after getting up for about an hour or so. And today being Sunday, they did their workouts quite leisurely, without the pressure of office work stressing them.

They have been married for 6 years now and with Sneha, their only child of 5 years, their world was more or less complete. Having known each other since their school days, they understood each other quite well. Their mood swings, habits, idiosyncrasies, and likes and dislikes were aware of both of them. They share a lot of things in common and one of them is their penchant for yoga and physical workouts and eating home-cooked meals.

Their love for each other was apparent even to their childhood friends that no one was surprised that their friendship culminated in marriage.

The couple argues on only one thing. And that was the house they had bought recently. It was a one-bedroom apartment in a small gated community. Swathi always wanted to have a 3 bedroom one as the family from her side was quite large and generally, someone or the other keep coming to their place for a few day's stay. Ravi just wanted a single bedroom flat, as he was of the opinion that as one grows older, it would be difficult to maintain a big flat.

But for this bickering that infrequently flares up between them, they seem to be having a happy and healthy life, with Sneha their apple of the eye, on whom they shower their love and affection.

Sneha is a very robust child, with the abundant energy of a five-year-old. Her liveliness is quite contagious and she keeps everyone on their toes.

Swathi's uncle was expected to come that week, and hence her mood though happy, was slightly down as to how to accommodate him comfortably in their small flat.

That day, both of them being busy in their workouts, and Sneha happily playing with her toys, no one noticed the visitor, quietly slipping inside.

 Unannounced and not even having the courtesy of knocking on the door/ringing the bell, he slowly entered, without any noise. 

Seeing the couple doing their breathing exercises as taught by their Guruji Sri Ravi Shankar, he did not dare to go to them.

As he entered the bedroom, he saw Sneha happily playing with her toys. He pounced on the unsuspecting child and tried to embrace her. 

Sneha, though very affectionate, does not like to be hugged by anyone other than her parents. She fought with all her strength, stamina and energy. After a 10 minutes struggle, the Chinaman Corona could not match the energy of the child, quietly slipped away to rain havoc on some other unsuspecting host, leaving this family to their happiness

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