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In Defense Of Traffic

In Defense Of Traffic

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The other day in one of our metropolitan cities, on a recently built flyover, a speeding car trying to negotiate the curve, overturned and came hurtling down from the flyover, hit a pedestrian standing on the road, killing the pedestrian instantly.

The driver escaped with injuries and after a month-long hospital treatment was discharged only to find himself cooling his heels in jail. When one of the inmates asked him what was the cause of the accident, he replied. Absence of traffic!

It made me think the brighter side of being holed up in traffic. 

We always hear or read about ghastly accidents taking place on highways and other roads. But we generally do not come across any fatalities in a traffic snarl.

How many times we have missed breakfast due to either getting up late or due to some petty argument with your wife who has burnt your toast, only to order on Swiggys your breakfast who deliver it to you while you are stuck up in a traffic jam. You can actually munch your way happily, without cursing anyone! In fact, the times you spend on your vehicle in traffic helps you to cool down your temper, making you cool to take on office work! It would be easier to work from the road than WFH!

Or the times you have missed an appointment with your client, easily blaming traffic, without any untoward repercussions. 

One of my colleagues who is fortunate to have a driver, catches up on his disturbed night sleep, only on his way to the office. I know some guys who finish their office works/calls on their way to the office and actually have a blast with their colleagues in the office 

If a survey is carried out, I am sure, that it will report fewer accidents in high traffic zones compared to the roads where traffic is less. 

Most of the white-collared ones are ready to go early with the ostentatious reason for avoiding traffic, only to get caught in one!!

The list of positives is endless. 

Who knows, as the population and density of vehicles keep increasing, marriages can actually happen in a traffic jam. And conversely divorces too!

You can listen to music, catch up on your reading, and just about do everything else.

And so next time you are caught in a traffic jam, don't complain but enjoy it!

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