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Bhagirathi Mohanty



Bhagirathi Mohanty


The Unfortunate

The Unfortunate

4 mins 209 4 mins 209

The darkness of night brings its own brand of intoxication as the day's pressure is released and the defense is lowered.

But for Rina, the reverse happens. She wakes up frequently during the night.

When the day breaks the nightmare comes to an end giving place to opportunities to engage in little things and chat with her most loving mother. Again the darkness opens fearful and tearful chapters

Born of an S.P.father nothing was demanded of her. She had adequate facilities for learning. She materialized it. She completed her higher studies at Utkal University in humanity(English).

Since her childhood Rina was vigorous. She toppled others. She never yielded to anyone. She thinks what she does is right. For her hectic attitudes, she has lost a good number of friends but she remains unvarying.

Due to her perverse nature, she has resigned from dozens of posts but she does not flex her dignity.

She likes those who are obligatory to her She expends lavishly for them until she is bankrupt. She scuffles with others for fruitless reasons. She does not want love nonetheless detects respect. Her S .P.father had no time to exertion about his family's lest problems would not get acute.

When at home his wife Krishna opens the topic as to Rina's looseness in wasting money in parties and picnics. She does not care about her but wages Krishna for hard cash.

She has a collection of sweethearts. They move to her life freely. It is for Rina the hunk-headed lurched there.

Day by day her ultimatum for cash reaches the extremity. In this way, she made a lot many complaints against her and wanted quick action. Mr. Roy, the S.P. was in a pensive mood after listening from her the activities of Rina against his family status. He was disheartened and dismayed. He was regretful for the dereliction of his duty. He reasoned prevention is better than cure.immediately he sent for Rina but he was suffused that she had gone out for an urgent piece of work.

The exigencies compelled him to wait for her return.

She transpired late that night. When she taped the calling switch her father opened the door. She looked at him from head to heal although a culprit. She was hoodwinked and exasperated. She spectate s timidly.

Mr.Roy frowned, "Where were you?"

Rina's s voice collapsed. After a tireless effort, she uttered, 'sorry'.

Mr.Roy roared, "Give me a satisfactory reason for your late arrival."

Rina was weeping helplessly. In the meantime, Krishna came and joined him and demanded meticulous punishment.

He gravely said, "henceforth you can not cross the threshold without your mother's knowledge.Mind it.It is my final warning.".

Rina was astute. But within minutes she stockpiled courage to attack her aggrieved and angry father.

She said boldly, "I am not seventeen but twenty-one. I have every right to make any commitment. I will not do any such felony by which my family will hold accountable. It is happy information for all of you that I have started modeling. Today I took part in miss state competition."

Raj Sundr Roy was dumb-stuck.

Rina went upstairs with hefty steps without caring to look behind.

The very night Raj Sundar could not sleep well. He woke up late with his phone ringing to overshadow the puzzled night he spent.

He got ready for his duties to be present in the judicial court to abate a crime case.

At the time of putting on his shoes, Krishna got there and questioned him, "Did you mark seriously Rina's conceited manners? Do you not think it is time to put in readiness for her marriage? If we make late we will have to pay to a great degree."

Raj Sundar said, "I understand it but I have no time to take the strain as I am in a trustworthy post." 

Krishna followed him to the car. When he was about to start using the gear he recommended, "Henceforth it is your duty to find out a better groom for her whatever it costs.

He vanished in minutes. She looked vacantly when the vehicle was racing forward leaving behind him a weighty load.

She sat quiet and pondered over the circumstance to get hold of a solution.

After her father's departure, Rina came down wearing her modern dress. She carried on with her mother for cash. She surveyed Rina in unmistaken anger. Without asking her what she wants money, she opened the iron chest and gave her the required amount.

Rina strode over the scooty , auto started it, and disappeared in a moment.

She stared at her desperately and made responsible to her for her absolute fall of moral standard. She determined not to capitulate Rina a single penny without sufficient reasons.

It was noon. The sky was overburdened with black clouds. It started thundering. Then followed by heavy showers and the wind turned to the tempest. The panes dashed against each other producing a chiding noise.

Krishna was annoyed as Rina did not get home. Her puzzled mind relieved when she heard the long knocking. She opened the door. Rina entered the sitting room with a handsome dude. Both of them had drenched all through.

Rina climbed up the stair to change her dress. Her mother brought Pantaloon and Tshirt for the guy.

They sat on the sofa waiting for hot cups of coffee. The servant served the most needed coffee cups.

Pointing her finger at the guy Krishna asked, "Who is this young man?"

Rina replied calmly, "He is Utsab the chief manager of I.C.I.C.I.bank.We flattered   friends with the help of Facebook."

Utsab lowered his head and paid reverent 'Pranam'.

A special quality Krishna smeared

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