Akash Agrawal

Abstract Drama Romance


Akash Agrawal

Abstract Drama Romance

The Sin of My Words

The Sin of My Words

2 mins

My words were betraying me.

I thought of writing about the most beautiful thing that recently came into my life. But my words were refraining me. They gave me an angry look and said, “You fool! How dare you even think about committing such a sin? How dare you think of writing about the ‘one unlimited beauty’ in your scanty limited vocabulary?”

I knew.

That I was going to commit an unforgivable sin, I knew.

And I knew that try as I may, to the best of my skills, I would never be able to do justice to that ‘one immaculate perfection’ of nature.

Still, I knew, I must persist…

Of all my little imagination, all my thoughts, and of all my vast limited vocabulary, I would choose the best, weave them together, and carve the most beautiful ‘jewel of beauty’ for her.

I know that ‘the jewel of beauty’ would be but a mere piece of stone in her presence.

But I shall bring that jewel in her presence and say that, “I have crafted the most beautiful piece of jewel, in all the seven heavens, for you… But it needs one last finishing touch.”

Then I would spread my arms with jewel in front of her.

I know that she will know exactly what I mean by ‘One last finishing touch’.

She would laugh at my innocence. But then she would take that piece of stone in her hand… to give it ‘the last finishing touch’.

And the stone would turn into the most beautiful piece of jewel in all the seven heavensas the stone would then be an imitation of that ‘One unlimited beauty’.

And the sin of my words may then be forgiven…


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