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Akash Agrawal

Abstract Classics Inspirational


Akash Agrawal

Abstract Classics Inspirational

The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

3 mins

The show must go on…

Nobody cares about you goddamit.

You have been fooled into believing one of the biggest lies of our world: It is all about you…

Well, it is not. It never was and will never be about you.

Who are you anyway?

Oh! Forget it. Don’t tell me. Who cares whoever the hell are you!

Look around you. There are millions and trillions and gazillions of people out there, who are exactly like you, give or take. Each one of them is doing exactly the same things like each one of them. And you! Do I need to tell you? Can’t you see for yourself that you too are a part of those same ‘each-of-them’ herds of people? You too are doing exactly the same things give or take.

If not, then can you defy the claims?

You, one among the millions, do you have the courage to look into your own godforsaken eyes and say to yourself, not to the world… only to yourself, that you are different?

That you are not doing the things everybody else is doing…

That you might be one among the millions and trillions and bazillions out there… But you, sure as hell, are not a part of that herd….

That you have different dreams and different ambitions….

That you are different…

Can you say that to yourself, looking into your own eyes, with full confidence and truth?

I think not.

And if you are no different than everybody else, then why should anyone care about you, at all?

There, millions of exact same replicas and exact same copies are already available in every nook and filthy corner of the world. Why should anyone care about yet another set of photocopy?

Still, you keep hearing it now and then from everyone you know or don’t know: It is all about you….

Since there is a hell of a lot of people exactly like you, your presence or absence would hardly make a difference to the world.

The show has been going on even before you entered into this realm… it is still going on when you are here… And it will continue to be running and going on as lively as ever, even if you are gone forever for good(or bad… who cares!).

It shall keep going on unless you bring something unique of your own to the show. Only then you might have made an impression upon this otherwise godforsaken world.

You want the world to care about you and your tiny existence? You must become the Cause… Not the Effect of some already existing Cause.

You must be at the beginning of something new… not in the middle of something that already happened.

If you have the courage to find that something that only you can do, and others have to follow you to replicate it further and farther until each one of them can do it… That’s all you gotta do.

And suddenly you will see the table-turning for you.

It was not about you until now. The world was busy doing whatever it is always busy doing. But once you do something other than what they had been doing, they would stop at once, to notice you.

They would ridicule you… mock you… criticize you… might even beat the hell out of you… But then they would start doing whatever you just did for the first time ever, in the history of the world.

You were the cause for the change. And they would so happily and ecstatically become the effect once again. Sure as hell, no one would notice them again.

But Dude, you just made the world happen around you. You just became the center of the world for once. And whatever it was, sure as hell, it was all about you… 

If not,

 Then, who the hell are you anyway?

Whatever you do or don’t, the show must go on…

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