Akash Agrawal

Romance Fantasy Thriller


Akash Agrawal

Romance Fantasy Thriller

A Midnight Cab Drive - 2

A Midnight Cab Drive - 2

4 mins

As I saw her walking away farther, I realized that the little space where we were sitting had expanded into a bigger one, taking the form of a beautiful house.

I found myself sitting on a couch, grey leathered, in a room of decent size. The walls were painted in a light cream color. Not much decoration. Apart from a big round-shaped coffee color watch on the front wall at a height of 8 feet from the floor approx, platinum shaded metal wind charm hanging by the door, creating enchanting sounds with a light whiff of wind, and a small aquarium with four little fishes and a turtle in it was placed on top of a wooden table.

I looked at the watch hanging on the wall. It was 4:55 PM the day. Sun would be setting in an hour and soon it shall be dark out there.

As I heard the sound of steps, slow at first and gradually increasing. I moved around to look and saw a beautiful young girl, walking towards me, with two cups of tea placed on a tray, and she was smiling. She placed the tray on the table and sat aside from me.

As we looked at each other in the eyes once again, a part within me felt as if I had just woke up from a dream. I could not remember clearly. Only the faint memories of a cab ride, train, cold night, etc. were there. I couldn't remember anything else.

 And another part of me felt as alive as it had never been before.

It felt as if I have been asleep for a very long period of time. And now I have returned to the reality in my real world. Our real world. And it felt as if I have gained my lost memory recently once again. And soon everything seemed as real as if it has been created by myself. And now I knew who that beautiful girl was.

I learned a little about her and kissed her.

"I missed you dearly," said I, as I wrapped her in my arms.

"I missed you too," said her, in a deep voice, trying to hide her emotions, concealed for eternity within her.

"Oh and one more thing," said I, in excitement, "there's something making me uncomfortable in the side pocket of my trousers."

 As I drew my hands dramatically in my pocket, without moving my eyes from her face, noticing her every expression changing every second. From blank to puzzled to questioning to that of awe, when I finally moved my hand out of the pocket and placed it in front of her eyes with a closed fist.

"Can you guess what's in my fist?" I asked her dramatically.

She gave me a know-it-all look and said, "Oh dear! Need I remind you, how bad are you at this game? I can always beat you at this. Because I know you more than you know yourself."

I snapped annoyingly at her, "Will you please shut up darling! And just guess, if you may, what is inside my hand?"

"It's quite easy, you know." "Knowing a person of charm as simple as yours, it must be a ring "Having said that she fixed her gaze at me already certain of her victory.

"What are you? A spy or something?" I snapped angrily at her.

She burst out laughing at my innocence and a little annoyance at her being always right. I gave up finally and joined her in laughing and put the ring again back in my pocket.

"What are you doing?" She asked me puzzled. "Aren't you supposed to give this ring to me?"

"Oh, dear! Changed my mind." said I. "Since you are too busy making fun of me. Why on earth would I give it to you?" I commented in a teasing way.

"Alright! Have it your way then," she said, twitching her face and with a know-it-all smile. Somehow she happens to know all my plans better than me.

"Let's go out on your favorite drive which is what- a freaking fifty kilometers away from here," said her, "And let me guess by that look on your face that you want me to drive this time."

"Damn right! Sweetheart," I said with a smile and impressed by her intelligence. "Sometimes I wonder how I would survive without having you in my life. You happen to know everything about me."

And on they went out on their favorite drive…

To be continued…

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