Drama Romance Thriller



Drama Romance Thriller

At The Bottom Of My Heart

At The Bottom Of My Heart

14 mins


I was in the airport sitting for a long while, I don't know why I had a strange feel of going to the person sitting right opposite to me, I was staring at her since a longtime, I had a thought of going and sitting next to her, but as an Indian boy my thoughts proved me wrong. I felt a bit annoyed looking at the way I think, after a while I heard the announcement of my flight and sat in my seat just closed my eyes for some time and was running in my own thoughts, after a while just opened my eyes and saw the clouds dashing each other and myself in between them, with a smile just turned my head to the person setting beside me it was her.

 I was astonished, she kept calm not even turned her head once a while towards me, I felt so awkward to stare at her times and later was busy in my own splashing thoughts….

I unexpectedly slip a bit of coffee from my cup on her hand, expected a furious dialogue from her!

 She didn't even turned up to me, I felt strange thought of pouring the whole cup of coffee on her face but I didn't dare to do so. Later, I felt the need of a sorry to lit the conversation in between us and said "excuse me……." 

she did turn and didn't spoke a word. I said "I... am….s…sorry"

Her face was as reddish like a tomato...Nope much more than that …..I don't know what's going to happen ….After a while, she spoke "I feel, It won't be enough even if you say sorries for your whole life……"



CHAPTER 1 – About Me

CHAPTER 2 – My First Love

CHAPTER 3 –She Was My Best Friend

CHAPTER 4 –Is Love a Terror to Friendship

CHAPTER 5 –At Times Friends Are like Lovers 

CHAPTER 6 –Was She Jealous Of Me

CHAPTER 7 – Did I Win Or She Lose?

CHAPTER 8 –Trip To Bangalore

CHAPTER 9 –It's Really Tough With Her

CHAPTER 10 –She Was Rude But So Cute

CHAPTER 11 –I Was Late But The Day Was Great

CHAPTER 12 –Time to Celebrate

CHAPTER 13 – It's My Birthday Today

CHAPTER 14 –Biggest Day in Our Life

CHAPTER 15 –It's Very Crowdie Here

CHAPTER 16 – An Unexpected Call

CHAPTER 17 –She Saved My Life

CHAPTER 18 –We Aren't Friends

CHAPTER 19 –There's Something Wrong

CHAPTER 20 – I Got Secretly Engaged In This

CHAPTER 21-I Lost Her Finally

CHAPTER 22 –What's the truth?

Chapter 1

  5 Years ago

  I was in the train alone as usual there's no one in the station who belonged to me

The train was very crowdie and I hate travelling in trains, but my dad forced to do so...

Somehow went and sat in my seat...

 I felt like slapping the people shouting like hell

As I was very panic, because that's the first time I was setting to Visakhapatnam. Later, I just climbed to my berth, I didn't at all feel like crying because I didn't miss anyone and just closed my eyes went through my thoughts flashing in my head…..

By the way my name is Ayaan. I m from a village near Vijayawada, I was alone ever since my 7th grade, my dad was the person whom I love the most as everyone does,but that day he dropped in a hostel. That day was the day where I could feel the tears dropping down from my eyes? I cried for days ….

Later I received a call from my dad one day, thought of telling him "I miss you dad" but there's something strange happened, he ask me "are you studying properly or not" I didn't feel he could receive my feelings as expected. From, that day I didn't ever share my feelings with him or any….

I used to have a friend named Sai, to my fortune he left me and the village during our 5th class. I even thought of attempting suicide, but I was scared. I do have an elder sister; I am nowhere close to her. I love my mom, but she loved me to study well.

At times I feel no one loves me alone they want me to be happy.

 I don't understand one thing, how could I be happy without knowing if someone truly loves me alone or not…that makes me shade away my thoughts to get faded from people.

I just had a wish hidden in me at some or the other day there must be someone who cares for me, who speaks to me, who loves me the most only me not my studies or anything only me {ayaan}……

I landed in Visakhapatnam station, I felt what so I listened about this city is completely true, I felt so happy looking at the trees and the beach, and finally I am here.

Felt to go in and play here for some time, but I have to attend my college which is going to start the very next day.

 As all the students I do have thoughts on how my college is going to be?

 By the way the name of my college "PRAGATHI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING"

 Don't know how am I going to do my engineering.

As usual my dad and mom gave me all the guidelines and this time my sister was even included who was a topper in her batch. I am a Mechanical Engineering student, suddenly heard the auto man barking at me to get down from the auto…..

Climbed out of the auto, actually someone else stopped me later, a greedy watchman of my college, on the right side, I saw my college name unlike HAPPY DAYS movie, the name plate of my college was with half of its words broken I then felt, truly expectations were different from reality!

There was a long way road to travel somehow managed to take my things inside and stepped in the main gate, felt like I m getting inside a dragon's mouth ….

I completed all the formalities and stepped in my room.

In our college hostel a room is being shared by 3 members and in my room I don't have any of them from my class or at least from my branch. The very next day I woke up and set up to start my graduation life.

Actually, I got my seat in second round and heard there's another round to get admissions for free, I did heard we could buy an engineering seat, parents these days never bother anything, they just want their kids to become engineers at any cost and that's truly ridiculous.

There weren't as much beautiful girls in our class as expected, I hoped for the best to come soon as the classes were boring I again went back to my home town for what my dad scolded me, I again felt bad that he didn't even missed me …..

Chapter 2

After a month,

  I somehow spent my boring holidays and went back to college this time I had a friendly roommates and I am happy for that, there was my finalized mechanical class where I was blessed with 20 girls in my class but none of them are as good looking as except a girl named hanisha, everyone in our class had a crush on her.

 I was the 15th number in roll number wise from my class, and hanisha was 13th person, which made me feel fortunate enough.

One day, after this I ringed up my sister informing about my first love.

 I even assumed my family with her, which made me blush a lot times.

 My sister said that,it's all attraction and warned me to stay away from all this and study well, after awhile I got fed up listening to all her meaningful nonsense words and ended the call but somehow I didn't get discouraged by her words, I felt for hanisha deeply and that's all running in my brain.

Hanisha used to sit in the first bench with three other girls and I used to sit in last bench in the side row.

I used to have whole concentration towards the board, but my heart used to turn my eyes toward's her.

 I don't know whether she noticed me not but I ever used to stare at her carefully so that no one could notice me.

After college I used to follow her till her bus with my friends, though that fools never knew why we used to go there after college, somehow I used to watch her from long distance her dimples and cute smile used to make my heart beat 100times more than it should … FINALLY I WAS IN LOVE.

I ever used to be busy thinking of her, I saved her number through our whatsapp group, my hands used to shiver whenever I thought to text her it took me a week to text her by the end with great passion,

 I texted her 'hi' and she wasn't online I spent the whole night waiting for her reply …

 I felt movies are no far away from reality….

Thinking of the same I closed my eyes keeping my mobile in vibrate mode.

In middle of the night I taught my data got expired and restarted my mobile, but I didn't receive her message, didn't feel like sleeping somehow closed my eyes imagining her, I was astonished thinking that I was it me dying for a girl.

The very next day was hot and my 1st semester was more dry due to theory subjects and my Basic Electrics And Electronics was much boring and irritating, our faculty was very calm which made boys in our class to jump and play, I didn't ever listen to her class but never used to make any sought of mess on the hand used to be Anil and his batch- Allen, Manish, Venu and Tej.

 I used to hate them because alen, tej and Manish had crush on hanisha, somehow the morning classes ended and I reached my mess ate swiftly since in the afternoon session I was having Physics Lab, hanisha and me are of same batch.

 I felt it would be the best way to stay close to her, and I did receive the message from her asking "who is this"

 I felt like flying in air and replied "I am Ayaan from your class and we are of same batch in physics lab"

She replied "okay, hi"

I truly don't know what to say and got fresh up in such a way as if I am going to propose her. My perfume was pleasant and nice and just walked to my lab with great passion, our physics professor was a bit sweet and bitter as he asked us to split into 2people a group, actually our batch was of 6 people – Sri Nidhi, Manaswi,



me and Harish,

I found hanisha and manaswi getting close to each other and Harish ever goes and speaks to them, prudvi was so calm and studious I just used to stare but never used to speak anything and I awaited for everyone to leave me and Hanisha but something else took place, as Hanisha and manaswi became a pair and Harish and prudvi we roommates and they became a pair and they left the place with their pairs I felt like leaving the lab,

I am no where interested to do with that Sri nidhi actually this girl is a bit different and weird and I don't know much about her, she didn't even speak a word to me neither I did, hanisha pair and Harish pair started doing the experiment.

 I finally took the initiative and started the experiment somehow we did start doing the experiment and sri nidhi was really crazy she used to switch on before I say and used to stop before I ask.

 We failed for 4 times and I didn't speak a word I dun no what she thought next time we had a clear unity between us and unexpectedly we were the first pair to complete the experiment and get it signed,

Later I asked sri nidhi to give her whatsapp number in order to share the readings and calculations and this girl was really different as told she never used to stay at least for a minute after 5 pm, she used to run as if she's goanna receive a noble prize,

I seriously never used to bother, she gave her whatsapp number actually she scribbled some numbers and ran away from the lab.

That evening, I texted her somehow tracing her beautiful handwriting and I confirmed by viewing her whatsapp profile it was her with a wide smile and was looking natural,

I just texted her 'hi' and kept the pictures of calculations and graph, it displayed online on the top but she didn't respond I specified myself by texting this is Ayaan and here are the pics of calculations, yet no response I got irritated felt she might be very arrogant not even a thank you and left it off,

I unsaved her number and was again thinking of how to chat with hanisha….

Chapter 3

It was night 8:30 pm I received a message from Sri Nidhi stating "thank you so much Ayaan …."

 I felt strange and asked "why didn't you reply me when I shared and even added there's no need for me to share okay"

 She replied me "Sorry Ayaan actually it's not mobile actually I use my dad's mobile and he just returned from office"

I felt bad and strange she is really nice person, I realized it today during lab, she was not talkative she was calm but ever used to stare at clock which was the only strange thing.

 The very next day was Sunday and a holiday, I don't know what happened to me suddenly,

 I opened Sri Nidhi's account and texted her "hi" no reply again after breakfast I texted her "hi" no reply,

 I texted her at 1pm "hi" again no reply,

Later at 6pm I texted her "hi" this time there was a reply from sri nidhi "hi",

 I felt like slapping her and texted "where were you till now,

 I have been texting you since morning" after a while she kept a picture which was showing house getting repaired,

 I asked her "what is the answer are you given to my question is this anywhere relevant"

 She then said "actually my house was getting repaired and dad was carrying his mobile for the whole day so I didn't get a chance to text you or even see your messages"

 I felt sad "she is truly a very nice girl" felt my inner soul, next took place a very strange question "will you be my best friend"

 I even haven't prepared myself but it happened unexpectedly somehow there was silence for a while from both sides and I could see on the top sri nidhi was typing. Imagining her reply I didn't feel to take it …

I texted her "I needn't view your reply ...

I am very well aware …no one likes me... I am born to be alone"

Her reply made me feel strange "actually I have a best friend she is from other branch, your words seemed like me …dun wry I will help you.."

 I don't know what to text, after awhile I texted her "u mean yes or no stay pretty clear"

She replied "yes".

The very next question of mine was much strange which even made me feel shy, I texted "may I call you bangaram (a sought of nick-name in telugu) ….."

She didn't reply for 5 minutes, I could understand what she must be thinking,

 I texted her stating "actually I want to call my best friend like that as u are my best friend may I …if u have any issue I won't… "

She replied "yes, u can call be that …."

I again texted her "what did you eat bangaram" She replied "chicken, how about you…."

 As our college was a Brahmins college no non vegetarian was available.

 I stated "sambar and a fry curry" that ended our conversation ….

The very next day morning, I texted her "hi gm" there was no reply and we both never used to speak in class sri nidhi even used to sit in hanisha bench later I realized hanisha made friends- Hanshika,Bhanu and Manaswi but not sri nidhi.

 Sri Nidhi ever used to turn back and speak to Swathi, prasanthi and Mayuri and at times to topper of our class Janu.

Every evening I used to text sri nidhi "hi ge" actually ge – good evening, I used to get replies at 8:30 and that to for 5 minutes she used to chat with me.

After, a few days sri nidhi informed me about her new mobile and her new number but actually it a stupid phone with battery issue and it was much better than the earlier case we used to chat every day,

One day there came a question from here " so do you love anyone "I was scared to my knowledge sri nidhi hates love and even the people who love,I somehow dared to exhibit my feelings in front of her, I texted her "I m scared if I say u that, but is it required now" she replied "ya, that's fine say who is it ", I said " A girl from our class" she texted "from our class who is she "

I texted "Hanisha"

Before this I asked sri nidhi about hanisha she told she hates her … and know knowing that I love her sri nidhi went offline she didn't even spoke properly for days actually one of my roommate was a friend of sri nidhi automate and the name of her auto mate is kanthi. I took number of kanthi from my roommate and dailed her, she picked up my call and ringed too sri nidhi stating about me,

 Immediately I called sri nidhi this time she picked up my call,

 I was rushing up my words stating "I am sorry sri ….

I am sorry bangaram ….please speak to me..

I am so sorry" but Sri Nidhi was calm she didn't spoke a word,

After a while she said "I am no where involved in your personal issues according to my report she is not as nice as you think there are many people following her and she speaks to boys which you unlike but if know I stop speaking to you it seems I am having some feelings towards you but it would never happen.

I am sorry for all the words I spoke about your girl and I promise to make you close to her" and she ended up the call.


Chapter 4

From the very next day, I could see a strange behavior in sri nidhi, after becoming best friends it was our first lab.

 I seriously want to do this time with sri but she became good friend of manaswi because sri made friends with people in the last two benches and manaswi was the very next person to sri nidhi in roll number wise so this time sri nidhi rushed with manaswi and harsih and prudvi went as usual and I am left with hanisha I don't know why ?

I felt bad , because this was the day for which I was waiting since days but somehow we started our experiment.

 I could observe sri nidhi have fun and  doing non sense with her friends as usual and hanisha was saying something to me while I had whole my concentration towards sri   nidhi who was enjoying like hell with her friends and she was even speaking with anil and his batch mates which made more frustrated somehow she came back after manaswi dragged her and they were doing their experiment and know I started enjoying hanisha company but sri nidhi was the favorite of all her friends everyone used to come and speak to her ever if someone passes through sri nidhi my concentration used to shift  towards her somehow to my fortune manaswi and hanisha were participating for our college annual day ,

 So they took the permission from our professor and left the lab later I went to sri nidhi felt this would be the right time to speak to her went and stood beside her she was calculating the values and I went and took away her calculator she then raised her as in surprise as if she didn't notice me .

 I did ask her whether she had her lunch in the afternoon. 

Later she replied "yes, did you have..." 

I replied "ya... why are behaving so strange to me since days…." 

 She replied "me what did I do, by the way enjoyed doing the experiment with your heart"

 I felt like slapping Sri Nidhi and she was teasing me more over which I hated.

 I just left the place and she didn't even came back of me to ask a sorry and the time was 5 pm she started rushing up as usual, today I went back of sri nidhi to know what was the reason for her to rush and I felt she must be in relation , else she must love someone just like me , but when I asked her she said she never loved anyone then felt my inner heart " a girl who hates people in relation, how could she be in a relation"

 I went back of her she was rushing to the place where buses were placed and was searching all the buses and finally I found her speaking to a girl later I realized she was the one for whom sri nidhi rushes every day .

 I did heard sri nidhi ever likes be with her and time was 5:30 sri nidhi was still at the bus speaking to her friend and that day 

I received a "hi" from the back and she was no other than sri nidhi's automate she asked me about sri nidhi and I showed her where she was ….

Her automate face turned red, she expelled "she ever comes late to climb auto everyday she has some story to say but the story is this….." 

I didn't speak and word and felt sorry for Sri Nidhi   , hopefully I don't know what happened that evening and I went back to my room.

The very next day , we had fest in our college and I noticed sri nidhi dressed up as usual except her everyone were well to be frank overly dressed up which I hated the most ,she was above to give a power point presentation on some topic which I came to know through sources and did heard she rushed up with her presentation and was very bold and clear but the way she rushed up made the judges frustrated later I came out and saw sri nidhi going back of her friend and walked back to my room  after a while I opened my whats app and saw the status of jhanvi where sri nidhi ,anil and his batch and even  Swathi , prasanthi and Sony where present . 

In very next picture I could see Jhansi , sri nidhi , and hanisha batch actually hanisha formed a batch with manaswi ,bhanu who used to sit in the first bench  with sri nidhi and hanisha , hanshika, harish , Dhruva and Umesh who were even hostellers but unlike Harsih . 

I hate Harish a lot I don't know why? 

But why is Sri Nidhi with these people, what is she doing here? 

Every day she runs to her friend when there is no time but today, and now all the time is her's but is is not with her friend, thought of calling her but her mobile was switched off. 

I was thinking about what happened to sri nidhi and closed my eyes and slept for a while and I don't know what happened by the end of the day . 

The very next day morning, I called sri nidhi  she picked up my call for the first attempt .

I did say "Hello , where are you" 

She spoke "I am on the way to college and I need to share a lot thing with you"

 I felt happy that I could spend some time with her. I waited for sri nidhi for the whole morning later I switched on my data I had a voice call and message from her stating "sorry, I won't be coming today" 

Viewing the text god should know how I felt, does she never bother me , I did knew the reason behind why didn't she arrive (because of her friend) 

 I felt sad and didn't even eat properly in the afternoon , one of my close friend called me stating that hanisha was in the college but I don't know what was wrong with me .

 I didn't feel like going there and stayed back in my room after a while I received a what's app text from sri nidhi stating "Hi ,had your lunch"

 I was online and didn't feel like texting her , I felt bad because she gives much priority to her friend.

 I texted her "What happened to you yesterday, where you fine"

She didn't speak for awhile and texted me "No Ayaan I a mint fine , yesterday was a day which I could never forget , you know something I came to college yesterday just for my friend and she said a word which I could never take……"

 I acted as if I don't know anything and texted back "ha, continue"

 She said "I was the first person to give the presentation and rushed to Sharanya and she was like where will you go know better go to vasavi (interclass mate) or to your classmates and you do know Ayaan, I never spend my time with them…

 I was not at all able to take her words ayaan..

My heart got broken...

I don't know how much I cried whole night thinking of her words..." 

I kept calm I don't know what to say,

I said "Don't cry , then what did you do in the evening" she called me and I could feel fatty words coming from her mouth , I got frustrated seeing sri nidhi crying for a girl who doesn't have any respect towards her feelings and asked sri nidhi continue , 

She said "After listening to sharanya I felt like fainting somehow managed to walk to girls hostel and rested in sony's room actually jhanvi was of the same room, had lunch with them and after a while sony asked me to come out,

 I and sony set out and went to canteen to get a water bottle as it was so hot outside and I could see sharanya with her gang, where shanaya(who made me and sharanya close in 12th) looking at that I again felt like crying and she didn't even come to ask me whether I ate or not and I no more resisted to stay there and went out with sony to the first gate , where sony started her story about her issues with Jahnvi…. 

  I even waited at Sharanya's bus to say her bye but she was very busy with her friends and I went away to climb my auto, she didn't even call me for the whole day and in the evening ,

I gave her left and right asking her: are you my friend. 

How could you make me a hell like this are you thinking that I don't have anyone except you and thanks for re-opening my eyes and I will never ever come to you , how could you do this to me …

Ya I was the mad person walking back of you no matter you bothered me or not , but today you proved me that I am nothing to you and one day you do will undergo this pain good bye…and today morning she called me stating that she won't be coming to college.." 

Listening to her I kept calm for a while and stated "you are a mad fuck to her eyes , may I know the reason why your auto people ever complain on you and do you have minimum self respect bloody hell how could you still go back of a person who doesn't have any value and any time for you are u mad sri do you know how I fell looking at you with that heavy back standing at her bus to speak to her ..

Okay sri here is a challenge for you … you ever wait till her bus leaves and drop her at her bus stop know…now ask her to drop you at your auto for a day at least, she don't bangaram,

 I am there for you don't cry …

I will be with you… "

She wiped her tears and spoke out "ha ayaan, I am no more interested to lead this value less life…and at last she added thank you for helping me out…."

 I said "Chaloo know wipe your tears, I want my bangaram to smile forever and no more cries tomorrow is our college annual day and come early"

She said "sure my friend I will be there …"ended the call that night we spoke to each other as we used to speak earlier and I was happy and thankful to sharanya get away from my friend and bring my friend close to me.

With these thoughts I slept at time which I didn't notice and woke up and the time was 7:50am,

 I called Sri asking "where are you madam…"

She answered "on the way sir …"

 I said "I missed you a lot come fast and did you get your lunch box we shall eat …" 

She stated "ha sure my friend" and I went to fresh up. 

It was 8:30 am and I went out to see Sri and I found her walking towards hostel

 I felt like smashing my phone there itself and went back to my hostel. 

At 10am, I received a message from Sri Nidhi stating "hi boss had bf" 

I didn't reply, I couldn't even and texted "where are you"

 She replied "I am in Jhanvi's room"

 I asked "why, what did I say and how could you behave like a fuck, do you think I am mad …"

 She replied to me "See actually I received a call from prashanthi stating about jhanvi.

Actually jhanvi is crying since yesterday and was sick because raghu was being teased by Jhanvi name and he said that if you guys want link me with girls who are beautiful like hanisha, me, mayuri anyone this yesterday evening, 

I replied "so what" 

She replied "so prasanthi wanted me to be with jahnvi because she likes and could feel better …."

 I went offline thinking is she Mother Teresa to go back and cure every one's problem ….  

I kept calm because I was aware of how she was…


Chapter 5

Somehow I received a message from Srinidhi after a while stating "will you be my brother" 

I didn't understand what the hell was wrong with her that time and texted back "fuck you…" She texted me "You are my bro I am your sis forever and ever and ever….."

I just taught of slapping her if she was right in front of me …

 Another text from her "hey ayaan, I am sorry actually it wasn't me jhanvi and sony did this…."

 Now I seriously went crazy thinking how could she give her mobile to them, are they more to her than me, this made me more crazy ….

 After a while my friend posted me, hanisha's picture, she was coming back to college and I found her so pretty in a black kurthi on a white pant ….

I don't know what did this sri nidhi wore and where was she roaming ….

 After a while I saw srinidhi in canteen of our college with Anil's batch I don't know whether she was aware that I was present there or not …

In order to make sure I stood up and found srinidhi in beautiful red and black dress she was looking like a girl but I hated to see srinidhi with anil's batch though hanisha was even present there during the annual day I say sri nidhi rushing to her friend sharanya and thought nobody can come in between them srinidhi dropped sharnya to the back end gate of our college and came back, 

I didn't ever notice where was hanisha sitting, 

I could see srinidhi texting me "Ayaan I am sorry actually sony and jhanvi pushed me there and I don't have any intension to be with them try to understand and I am leaving know bye…. "

I felt bad and in order to make srinidhi aware that I am even in the same place I stood up with her and walked away from that place and I was sure Sri Nidhi noticed me.

 She didn't call me even while going back home, I am sure she must be texting Sharnya, from her dummy mobile ….

And finally that ended our annual day and know days used to pass swiftly that I would never imagine and know I could see the same sri nidhi rushing from classes in order to meet her friend and now her friendship story became much popular than a love story I don't know why this girl is so crazy about sharanyaa , I used to feel jealous and at times I used to shout to stop listening about that sharanya , to be frank srinidhi loves sharanya a lot and I can't describe that at times I used to feel great looking at sri nidhi's love for her friend it was as true as a mother's love but I am sad and scared will sharanya come to learn about sri nidhi and will sri nidhi leave me basically she thinks I ever think of hanisha but from the day sri nidhi entered in my life it has been days even trying to text hanisha , this sri nidhi is a wonder but truly a big blunder but I love texting sri a lot she's my best friend …


Chapter 6

I felt srinidhi could understand my value only if I confess to hanisha so the very next day morning I texted to Srinidhi to help me in Hanisha's matter and the reply from here was never expecting ,

She texted "sure dude, I even taught of asking you about this don't forget to give me a 5 star at the end of your love story because my sharnya loves it a lot…."

I hate her bringing sharanya's name every time and thought shouting on her to never ever bring her name in front me..

 I was helpless and her reaction towards me and hanisha made me astonish she doesn't even have a jealousy feeling on us and I texted "find a way bangaram.."

 She didn't reply me back I felt great my plan worked out, after a while I received her message "sorry no network was available, sure boss I am ever there to help you out.."

I don't know what to do at evening again late to her auto, this srinidhi ringed me I was shocked. I think this'd the first time she called me I was surprised and ended the called and called her back, she said "hey dude, I have a very good news for you"

 I don't know what is she going to blast know somehow, 

I said "Ya, tell me sri"

She stated "your beloved birthday is in two days so get ready"

 I did felt happy since I love hanisha and felt srinidhi is my friend and hanisha is goanna be my girl friend and

 I said "hey sri say me how to confess my feelings"

 She was calm for a while and said "dude these girls won't accept if you go straight and confess so do what I say 

Go and get a silk bubble chocolate and give her and don't text her like a dog at 12 am it won't work out, just wish her directly and don't stare at her like something …" 

Listening to her I could understand sri had her keen knowledge on how to propose and said "looks like had a great experience" she said "yes, visualized experience during school days" and that ended our call.. 

Now came the day by the way we had our official fresher's on that day and heard my hanisha was goanna give a live performance .

I went and gave her the chocolate she was so beautiful that I was not even able to utter a word her eyes were as beautiful that I was not able to blink my eyes and somehow said "Happy Birthday Hanisha" 

She said "Thank you Ayaan" and left the place later I saw Srinidhi entering the classroom as usual rushing and running having fun laughing loud she was unlike hanisha , she doesn't about what boys think about her she stays the way she is and ever turn back to look at her friends and giggles every time my hanisha is so nice not like this nonsense srinidhi but srinidhi was true and natural….

But that was truly a sorrowful day in my life , I heard a lot about hanisha she is crazy about boys she encourages the boys who follow her and she even texts and chats with all the boys in our class and even to other section boys she attends not less than 10 calls a day and ever speaks to boys after hearing to how boys feel about hanisha I felt like If hanisha accepts me I would become a mediator to help my fellow classmates to be in touch with her and after realizing all this facts I could see hanisha singing and was a bit cracky and I found a happy sri nidhi laughing like hell with other girls.

Later I found sri nidhi walking out I felt she was going to her friend and hanisha was busy with all boys surrounding her and I even came to know she had a crush on charan from our class …

I was heartbroken and wasn't able to walk thought calling my soul mate Kumar to accompany me to  a bar near our college and Kumar is a very good friend of mine he knew my love for hanisha and my friendship with sri nidhi and he is ever by my side when I am low and even know ….

I drank a lot deleted hanisha's contact blocked her took away all her images and then texted sri nidhi "dude are you okay ... I found you dull after the fresher's didn't fall in low with your heart's beautiful song " 

I didn't reply her, I felt sad I was imagining wrong things sri nidhi intimated me long back she is not a perfect girl to me, I was a fool running back of her I completed my peg and kumar dropped meat my hostel and told me to take rest and not to call anyone by chance,

 I didn't even bother his words because if I drink I just sleep as if I haven't slept for years together….

The very next morning was a day with no light and I felt lazy to go to class,

Sri called me and asked "Are you mad why did you switch off your phone, have you lost your sense I have been texting you since yesterday evening what happened  ..." I called sri nidhi and said "I realised the truth I am a fucking ass going back of her and now I  understood what I did srii "

She said "see I told you long back but you love her so if I stop you, you might have wrong notion on me and now come to class,

Trust me dude appearance is nothing love a person from heart that stays forever not her face and structure if all guys think like you.

85% people couldn't survive on this earth beauty doesn't lie in face if yes then this a lie trust me,

U didn't come all the way here to love your hanisha your prime purpose is to study and my mobile is goanna switch off come to class..."

Srinidhi's words are fun I love listening to her she is a mood changer and I did attend the classes but there again came a big storm in our lives this time …..

Chapter 7

Actually I did commit a big mistake in my life while speaking about hanisha's birthday I was in srikar's room because I don't have a plug pin empty in my room and went to srikar's room,

I was not aware srikar was listening to me ….

Immediately, he called hanisha stating about me and sri "Hello hanisha, do you know something ayaan and sri nidhi speak everyday and to my knowledge there's something in between them" the very next day evening I received a call from sri her voice was sharp she said me about srikar and explained me what hanisha asked her and even her reply to hanisha

"Hanisha you asked that are we both in relation. I said we were just friends she didn't trust me and I hate all such things I am just a normal girl crazy about a girl named sharnaya and had a friend named ayaan that's all and I even said that you love hanisha since the starting of the academic year   ...she was blushing and I hope she might love you.. but I don't want my name with any other guy name I do have a person in my heart and I am not like your Hanisha " this ended up her call I was very frustrated and went to slap striker and smashed his face to the wall and he fell down and said sorry later I ringed up Hanisha for saying sir that "why should you   involve , you must have  asked him to say me directly"  

I called hanisha to give left and right but her voice was soft which I didn't expect before I say a word she said "If you something to say me , you must have reached me rather than taking sri's help see because of this srikar made it a big issue" to an extent hanisha was right ,

I said "No actually sri was my best friend so how could I hide it from her.."

She later spoke "so, you had feelings for me as I have for you…"   

I was spellbound listening to her words what should I say I dun no should I ask sri nidhi and by the time hanisha said "I do love you ayaan" so finally we are in relation and I didn't even say a word to sri , by this time sri nidhi was happy knowing about us and was online and didn't even text me taught she was busy with her friend and texted her "hey bangaram" she didn't reply by the time I say hanisha message ayaan don't save my name as hanisha save it as honey and now I felt strange … 

I said "sure hanisha …" she said call me honey…

After a while I received a message from sri nidhi "don't speak to me you didn't even say me a sorry for not informing nor did you get me a chocolate for my sharanya"

 I found a smile on my face and said "sorry bangaram and said will get a chocolate for your baby tomorrow" 

She said "yup, chaloo then bye … have a nice time dude.." 

I felt strange wont sri speak to me anymore is that the end I just spoke for a while she was still online, 

I saw hanisha's message "baby, did you had your dinner" and know I should say "ya honey waiting for you.."

 I did say that and texted sir "hey , what are you doing .." 

She said "hey dude go and speak to your gf what's your problem.." seeing her message I feel like smashing my mobile and know,

 I said "If you said a word more I am goanna break up with hanisha"

She said "sorry actually sharyana added me in our inter group and was having fun with them nothing more" 

I said "are u mad of here don't u have any other work except her such a fuck you are"

 I don't know why did I scold sri but sri didn't say a word in return but said "hanisha is good she might like boys but choose a perfect person stay with her and I hope my friend's desire got fulfilled, I am finally happy for you dude" 

She said "okay dude now go and speak to her take care bye.."I felt like why did I do this, what's happening to me….







Chapter 8

This is really a blunderful day in sri's life actually sri's family was full-fledged orthodox and she was a well mannered girl, she is lazy and mischievous but had a great character but know a cyclone had taken place Sri called at 11pm as it was a second Saturday and was a holiday stating "Please never ever speak to me neither text me nor involve me in your matters because of this for the first time I saw tears in his eyes so please leave me alone"

 I do know how much she loves her dad before ending the call

 I just said "sri nidhi to your wish I won't speak to you again but let me know what happened" She said "her dad called her a few seconds back stopping her from attending prasanthi's house" as we were having a project and sri was the team leader for her team and those people of her team were sony, jhanvi ,prasanthi ,   and her gang these people were mad and al together are nonsense and coming back to my senses,

 I asked "what happened"

She said "here dad spoke out:


I did ask my dad what happened my dad told our auto man complained about me stating that I m in relation with you my dad seeing your messages everyday made sure my auto man was right and I do know I didn't do anything wrong but still I love my dad and from today don't speak to me .." and that's the end from there sri didn't use her mobile I dun no what was happening I used to miss her like hell , though hanisha was happy and we were close to each other but I ever used to spend my time reading sri's chat ;

Unlike first semester sri got 80 plus percentage this semester where my dad was ready to speak to sri nidhi about what's wrong but to a point she didn't do anything wrong she proved her dad she is still the same sri who loves her sharanya to peaks and is ever away from her ethics and came to know her mom got her a mobile much better than her past mobile which I noticed during our next semester this time we used to have our electronics and then same batch of physics were continued by this time sri had formed a great bond with everyone except with hanisha after this incident sri ever spoke to hanisha rather to me and know we all are one batch sri hates that  I am well aware ,I did knew that but I used to have a great interest for performing lab experiments and honey was trying to catch my hand in the middle which I noticed after a while and sri didn't even bother of what's happening and she was holding the ammeter which was to be connected next and didn't handed to me and placed it on the table I got frustrated and banged my hand to the table after some time honey noticed my  hand bleeding and shouted for first aid sri was stable I felt strange don't she have a heart and while hanisha was shouting I gave a look at sri as "u are responsible" she did see me and went to her friend on the next table . In the evening I received a message "I am sorry" I found it was from sri "For what are you saying, if some fellow gave a complaint on you, you must try to defend it, you should stay strong, you do have your friend sharanya why don't you call and prove your innocence.."

She replied "No I will never do anything which proves my dad is wrong, I am ready to handle any sought of blame.."

I dun no what to say, this sri nidhi is awesome, she is so nice listening to her I felt great after a while I said "studying great ahh..." 

She said "that's for sharanya she wants me to get good percentage so   ..." 

I didn't know what to reply and said "may I know why you texted me "

Sri said "hey sorry not to disturb you actually you did get hurt today because of me, I should have handed it over to you rather than placing it on the table as I found one of your hand with hanisha's I felt you couldn't handle the weight and that's the truth.."

Seeing her text I felt yes she was right know how to blame her,

 I said "because of you I didn't study well and got less percentage.."

She replied "it's not at all reasonable to blame me , as you are in relation you did spend a lot of time you must have kept a bit on studies which might have got you some more reasonable result..

Never blame others for our mistake"

She was absolutely right but truly I was everyday thinking of her I used to miss her like hell, she was cute and nice, she understands me….

I said "ya, looks like you are grown up ahh.." 

She texted "hey chaloo, just be friends know, 

I will do the same with hanisha I don't want to have any sought of clashes with anyone…"

 I hated the last word, what does that meant am I the same to her like others

 I said "sure.." 

 The very next day she came to me and hanisha and said a sorry on face , 

Hanisha rejected it and said "dude this is all because of you and please don't say that again" and they both hugged each other I felt sri nidhi would sit for a while but she was busy rushing to her friend as I did noticed her friend calling her since the time she was speaking to hanisha and understood sri and her friend are getting close to each other that made me feel more sad , sri immediately left the place and rushed to her friend people in our class say "they are lovers…" But sri never bothers as she just loves her friend so much while I could see when she was with sharanya...







Chapter 9

Now , sri was no more sitting with hanisha and her friends she came back to her friends in the last but one bench and was with her friends sony , jhanvi and this people have a lot of fun together but it's strange sri doesn't exceed much they have fun on her sri don't say a word but once the classes were over she doesn't even stay with them for a while she has a clean cut clarity where to keep them and she has priority only for her sharanya which everyone used to hate but she loves sharanya like hell I don't know whether sri's friend realized till date or not but sri is even ready to die for sharanya…… 

So there were our classes going on as usual and know we thought of participating in a competition and hanisha said me to go to other team rather than in the team where she was …honey said 'baby I am not able to concentrate if you are in my team why don't you go to sri nidhi's team I felt great , I acted as if I am not interested and said "Honey what do you mean , I can't…baby" she said "no babe , you have to …"

Later hanisha went and spoke to sri nidhi and sri nidhi said "if you people are fine, I am ready to go ahead" the very next day on the purpose of our project we went to Bangalore .


Our trip had a great start , I am scared that sri's dad might notice me and managed somehow to stay away till the train moved , while hanisha was catching another train they were going to Chennai , in my team I had my soul Kumar and Jhanvi , Sony,Prashanti…

I felt I could never get time to be with Sri, but unlike we booked 1st class ac so only two persons for one room and I am far more lucky as boys were odd and girls were even in odd number I and sri was left out being a team leader she must take the in charge and came to the coach and opened the door I was texting hanisha stating "Miss you honey…" I saw her sitting on her berth I didn't knew whether she saw me or not because she was busy not even able to keep her eye's concentrate on anything else and I am damn sure it might be her friend for sure as these people are getting away for a week , I didn't knew whether sharnya came to station or not but went out to jhanavi's coach where Jhanavi was with Prasanthi and when I entered both of them were busy with each mobile in their hands and they didn't even realize my presence ,

 I went and grabbed their mobile in my hands and asked them "hey naughty girls what's up" prasanthi was shouting like hell "ayaan stupid give me back my mobile go and chat with your girl friend and stop disturbing her , what about your best friend who has another best friend did our plan work " I said "Not at all that girl truly loves her friend she is very busy texting her friend and didn't even looked at her co in her coach..I found it strange and came to speak to you guys …hanisha was texting me miss you …"  I don't understand what's wrong with sri later, Jhanvi said "ayaan , I don't understand one thing why do you bother about sri she might fuck up why do you bother a lot at times I feel you have immense concentration on sri when compared to hanisha …is everything okay" 

I said "hey donkey are you mad sri is my best friend and why do I have special interest on sri I love hanisha forever and ever …" 

 Prashanti said "wow great then go and have your dinner, else stay here we shall have together.."

I said "see at that jhanvi sacred that I am goanna eat her food   ..." 

 I started laughing, jhanvi started hitting me and prashanti was enjoying by this time I could sri coming in and said "ayaan here is your dinner as the delivery boy handed it to me..."

I said "no sri I am coming "

She said "its non of my business I just did my job eat where ever you want.." listening to that jhanvi and prashanti started laughing and sri went to kumar's and sony's coach to give them food packets… later jhanvi said "sri is doing the best as the leader .." for what prashanti even accepted and I didn't found sri coming back I did notice her mobile in our coach I felt she might be with sony as sony likes sri a lot and she ever misses her parents , sri ever likes people who miss someone because she know's how it makes a person feel ….

Sri's Brother

Once when we ever used to share our feelings , sri said me about her elder brother who  attempted suicide … Sri was very close to him actually he was her cousin as sri was the only child to her parents and brother was the only one person who used to play with sri and they love each other's company . 

Sri was studying 7th class when her brother passed away as he was in love with a girl of their town , for every vacation sri's family and all her family members used to enjoy their vacation there and the girl who used to reside to the next house where sri's family went for their vacation and that time sri's brother was in 12th grade and they were in love , that girl ever used to come to sri's house and everyone used to play and sri's brother and that girl ever used to maintain a deep glance on each other she was a Muslim and sri's family were Hindu's but still sri's brother was deeply in love with her the same happened to the girl .

One day after everyone slept there was a wall which was a bit climb able sri's brother, that girl climbed up and were found hugging each other which was noticed by the preceding neighbour. 

The very next day before Sri woke up she could see her brother getting tight slaps from the entire family and there was a big fight outside their house after few days sri' family set to leave the place and her brother from that day stopped speaking to everyone including sri , while they were leaving the father of sri's brother lover throwed a wedding card on his face which stated that girl is getting married in few days learning the truth , the very next day sri's brother attempted suicide by jumping out of the train….coming to know about her brother's death that Muslim girl even attempted suicide by having some pills.

At last , sri was left alone she used to love her brother and once he passed away sri stopped sharing her feeling with others and  she still cries for him……

I felt bad learning what true love means and from that date sri started hating love and lovers……





Chapter 10

Coming back to the present situation 

I waited till sri arrived she came back , I just woke up hearing her bag zip sound and she sat down and opened her packet and started eating I shouted on her don't you have manners to ask whether others ate or not…

She said "Y should I ask, tell me If I should even feed you, have it if you want or through it away" listening to her words I seriously threw my food out and came back, 

She asked "where's your packet" 

I said nothing ….

She started yelling at me and said "r u mad aren't u able to hear me where's your food"

 I said "I threw it outside" she said "then what are u goanna eat now" I said 

'I have a great idea if you are ready to agree' she said "ya say" I said "let's share" she waited awhile and said "no its okay u carryon I had some food with Sony I am not hungry" I replied "okay then good night" she said "no no I am ready to share   ..." 

I said "are you sure" 

She said "yes I am.."

I said "feed me or else I am not goanna eat" 

She looked at me as if she's goanna smash me ,

I said "hey that's okay don't look at me like a devil" 

After a while she feeded me and she didn't eat I took some food and kept it near her mouth she rejected , 

I said "Okay , no thank you good.." by the time she looked like a pumpkin and opened her mouth and I fed her it's so nice as she is  feeding me 

I didn't ever receive such an immense happiness earlier before, it felt nice I felt as if we were the only two on this earth within the lovely moonlight ….. 

She suddenly stood up to throw away the packet covers and wash her hands by the time I washed my hands and was back to my berth , by the time I could see sri coming,

 Her phone beeped, I saw sharanya's message 

Stating –did u eat and text me before you sleep

 I took her mobile and texted 

"ya I had and good night"

By the time she saw her mobile in my hands and came to grab it by saying "how dare you touch my mobile.."

Suddenly there was a hault and train stopped in sudden and sri was on me I hugged her tight, I don't know how she felt but I don't want to leave her and catch her for the whole night…

She immediately stood up and said "I am sorry, it happened by mistake.."

 I stood up and catched her tight and pulled her close to me and said "don't dare to text your friend again this time I am surely goanna kiss you.."

She looked at me in disgust and didn't catch her mobile and did I catch mine , as sri is here why will I watch my mobile .

 She slept on her berth and didn't feel sleepy same happened with , after a  while I said "chaloo lets play a game" 

She immediately said "no I am not interested to play with you"

 I said "no..No you won't and moved from my berth" 

She said "no no I want to play..."

 I said "I will sing a song and you should sing a song with the letter I end so let's start..." 

I sang she continued in the middle of one song I forgot the lyrics and sang something,

Later I sang "mien phir bhi from half girl friend" I looked at her in deep silence same she did after a while she said "okay it's too late lets sleep" After some time I could see sri sleeping peacefully and watched at her for the whole night and slept …

It was 9:30 am sri worked me over pointing at honey's call..

I picked up and said "hi honey did you reach…" She replied "ya baby we are now the way from station  ... how about you"

 I said "no I don't know honey I just woke up reach your and text me take care .." 

She said "miss you babe do well …"

Actually we are going to participate in a competition in IISC Bangalore and hanisha's batch was going to Chennai IIT , actually we didn't want to go to the same place so we got splitted into groups .

Our team members we getting ready with their prototype and a discussion was taking place when I entered the coach and Kumar informed to pack my bag and everyone went back to our coaches and were ready to set out , sri nidhi was with her friends as I was with Kumar and these people , Kumar and sri nidhi were speaking to the auto out of the station and I saw kumar sitting beside sri nidhi and told him to go back , I did knew kumar and he is my best friend but still I wasn't able to resist and I went and sat beside srinidhi while Kumar sat beside me. Sri nidhi look at me disgust and uttered "what's your problem"

 I bent down my head and whispered in her years "seeing you with others was my problem say what to do.." 

She just gave an irritated expression and I received it with a smile, later Kumar said "bhai , why you ever irritate sri nidhi"

 I said "because I love it bro .."

Sri nidhi looked at me,

 I said "irritating you.."

Finally we were out of the auto and kept our luggage outside our competition is 2 days later so, this time I didn't had a chance to be with sri nidhi as sony and swati were in one room Kumar and umesh were in other room jhanvi and prashanti were in other room we still have two more rooms so sri said the owner to give to single rooms or 2 triple beds in a room but they had no extra beds and it's goanna be conjusted so we took 2 single room .   





Chapter 11

I  leaned on my bed and opened my what's app I saw hanisha texting me she has safely reached the room and kept a picture of her gang in which I could even see charan ,

 I didn't speak a word but told hanisha to be careful and safe as I trust her.

 Immediately, I opened sri's account I saw her online , I am damn sure she might be texting her friend .

I  texted her "Hi" 

  I didn't even get blue ticks immediately I rushed to her room thankful to god as she was the only person in the room, went and banged the door she opened it and saw me  and asked "what's your problem" 

I closed her mouth and went inside her room and closed the door, 

I grabbed her hand and twisted it and she yelled in pain I then loosen her hand and brought her close to me she didn't maintain eye contact and asked me to leave

 I said "don't chat with anyone" 

She arrogantly said "who are you to say that , it's my wish" 

I grabbed her tight again and said , my wet hair water drops falling on her face I rubbed them with my other hand and said next time I will surely do it with my tongue she did feel like shouting at me and didn't leave her hand and smelled her she was smelling like a jasmine 

I asked "what's the perfume it's so good " then rolled on her bed 

She said "is it so and sprayed the perfume on my face and mainly on my hair which I love the most"

This made me more furious and dragged her hand and she was on bed. 

I kept my hand on her neck and leaned down on her and said "now I am going to apply a purified lipstick on your face it's a complementary gift please don't say no" she was begging me like "Ayaan I am sorry see don't do that I hate lipstick please ayaan " 

I bent soo close that I was not even a half meter away when I bent my face much more close she turned her face I rubbed my cheeks to her's and said " never ever dare to do things like this ,okay …..chalo, let's go I am feeling hungry" 

She lifted herself with a support as I kept more pressure on her and said will you please leave the room now, I said "No bangaram we shall leave together.."

She felt like slapping which I could notice through her facial expressions and got a smile on my face, she called all our team mates and everyone were ordering from their respective rooms listening to that she said "okay, fine I will do the same.. 

I dun no who asked about me,

 She said –

 I am not goanna call him, I will text him, if possible you call him…" 

I came back and said to me "please get lost from here and order something for yourself" 

I said "oh okay I don't know how to order online I will stay fasting till evening I didn't even ate anything since morning" 

She replied "Do you think am I mad to trust your words, it's no way possible get away from here.."

I simply said "okay "and went to the door, 

She said "okay wait I will order for you and go and eat in your room" 

I immediately went and slept on her bed and don't know what happened later, after a while sri splashed water on my face and said here is your food go to your room now,

 I said "no chance feed me else I will kiss you…" she had no else option to take , she started feeding me again and I opened her packet and she now went and took her perfume bottle and said" eat yourself fast make it fast else I will spray in your hair " I felt she got a chance , after completing 

She said "now get out fast else you do know what I am goanna do"

 I was a bit scared that she might spray and left the room after I went out she forgot to lock her room and was busy eating and could see her scolding me 

If am not wrong for making her room a mess 

I went back to my room and could see hanisha calling me and picked up her call, 

She was like "baby I can't call you today night we are working on our project and presentation"

 I said "sure honey all the best and take care of you" 

She said "sure baby, you do take care….miss you a lot …bye…love you"

Meanwhile I could hear my mobile vibrate and it was a message from a group created my sri it stated everyone should attend at Jhanvi's room by 5pm in the evening. I felt she was with them and did go to her , slept for a while and woke up at 4:30pm as my dad called me to know whether I reached or not and got ready to down and I could see Sri wearing a black kurthi on a light blue jean and sri never used to leave her hair like others and I rang her door bell she did open and saw me and forcefully closed the door where I was pushing it on the other side somehow entered in and said "U r not in college so leave you hair"

 She said "it's my wish why do you bother"

 I felt irritated this time and left the room by closing the door hard and I could see from a small gap sri leaving her hair by keeping a small pin on the top she was really looking nice .

 I was standing by the door way she came out and was locking her room, 

I said "u r looking good now.." 

She got scared as she didn't see me busy in her own thoughts and yelled at me as usual and added "my hair is wet so I didn't tie it nothing more.." 

We both walked down accompanied by Kumar and Sony all went down and started working on our project , our motto was to design a Mini Hydro Power Plants On Hills to produce electricity and help and poor surviving in villages .

 Sri divided the work among us, as I design well she made me, Sony and jhanvi as designers and she was giving the presentation and Kumar, umesh, swati and prashanthi were helping sri and preparing the prototype.

We had a great concentration and we did had a lot of fun but sri never used to look at me we had a lot of selfies and I kept on of the pic as my status , working for hours it was 8 :30 pm Jhanvi was hurry and everyone went out for dinner and I preferred sat beside Jhanvi and Sri and Jhanvi started eating like a pig ,  

I just ordered a fried rice and starter as Manchuria most of us ate the same and we all shared among each other but sri nidhi rejected whatever I offered..Finally, It was 11pm and everyone went back to our rooms 

 Sri nidhi texted "we shall be working from tomorrow morning sharp 10 sleep well be on time …sweet dreams ….good night guys …" 

Found her online and again texted her "hi"

As usual she didn't reply and went to her room and banged her door she didn't open I got an idea, I saw a waiter getting water bottle to her room.

 I stopped him "Hello bhai where are you going" he said "sabh madam ji ordered a water bottle" I  took it from him and asked him to ring the bell , sri asked who is this waiter said "madam ,it's me" 

She quickly opened the door and I could see her taking the water bottle and took it from waiter hands and entered inside and asked him to leave, 

She again said "Ayaan you are crossing you're your limits what the hell is wrong with you…"

 I went and so close to that I could feel her breath and was looking into her eyes they were like diamond flakes circled my other hand around her waist and fell back on bed and I looked deep into her eyes don't chat again did you get me "she just turned her head aside and asked me "please leave me it's hurting"

 I said "sure bangaram" and slept on her bed she looked at me in disgust and said "will you please get lost from here…"

 I was no way thought of moving from there and said "see if you think you are weak tell me I shall leave you and go back to my room " 

She taught for a while and said "I don't have any such issue and I do don't have any feelings or I am not weak.. Did you get that...?" 

I said good then come and sleep...but it was a single person's room the bed was so small I could understand what sri was thinking about and said okay "we shall sleep down"

She didn't speak a word and placed two mats and a blanket on the two mats and kept a blanket to cover myself and she slept on her mat and closed her eyes.

 I switched off the light and went to my mat and slept on it, I could see sri nidhi sleeping and felt like moving my mat close to her's but I didn't…..

I did sleep after a while and woke up at 6am as sri nidhi, said "Ayaan wake up it doesn't look good if anyone sees you in my room.."

 I woke up and went back to my room managed to walk somehow to my room and again slept on my bed, where my mobile stated ringing  and saw it was hanisha , 

I picked up and said "hey honey how are , I am fine baby , we are going for the competition today …wish me now…" 

I said "All the best honey…" 

She said "Chaloo babe take care, love you  ...bye..." 

I just ended her call and saw Jhanvi calling me I picked up and said "hey pig, what's up "

She said "u mad fuck, come down swiftly …" 

I saw the time and rushed in and got fresh up soon and came wore a t-shirt and a pant as we are working with girls… 

Went down , I saw sri sitting beside kumar and sony and discussing I went and sat beside Jhanvi and prasanthi and later we went back on work , today we worked sharp and didn't speak to each other much as tomorrow was the presentation we were very dedicated and worked all the day ,in the afternoon we ordered for food online and ate in the same room and didn't rest anymore till evening and it was 8:30pm and we all went out for dinner to the same restaurant and today everybody ate like pigs unlike Jhanvi and walked back to our rooms and Sri said to all of us , tomorrow by 8:30 am sharp get ready we need to leave as swiftly as possible , and I went to my room

 I was exhausted and didn't go to sri's room and slept I found my mobile vibrating , it was sri and picked up her call "she said why didn't you come today.." 

Listening to her I smiled and rushed to her room and this time took another bed sheet yesterday sri didn't have blanket I didn't say a word went and slept on my mat , sri spoke out stating "Ayaan I am sorry .. Actually I was scared to sleep alone  ..." I said "I did know….now go to sleep else we will be late tomorrow..." and she slept after that same I did …







Chapter 12

The very next day morning I could hear sounds at 5am sri moving here and there and getting tensed I went and hugged her tight and said "don't worry you will do the best , stay calm and cool"

She didn't say word and I was above to leave the room Ayaan I heard a voice it's sri, she said "ayaan thank you"

 I smiled and went back to my room and we all came down by 7am well dressed and booked 3 autos and with the help of the Google map reached the place and all of us were panic looking at the people there ours was 22nd  number and we sat in our allocated place and they announced a lunch break and the canteen was so far went to a nearby restaurant there and any of us didn't feel like eating and went back to that place and  our turn came ,sri did the best her way of presenting impressed the panel members and when we came out the outside staff asked us to wait the side and it was 4pm in the evening the announced the result we bagged the 3rd position and all of us jumped and hugged each other sri was so happy , it was the second time I hugged her … 

We all went to a restaurant and eat a lot... a lot that we had great fun that day , I could see a bright smile on sri nidhi's face and we all enjoyed a lot and this nigh none of us felt like sleeping we all went and sat in Jhanvi's room and started playing having fun and teasing each other , 

It was 2am and our train was at 8 am so we all slept in the same room and woke up at 7am and went to our rooms and packed up our bags and handed back the keys booked auto's all of us had a feel of staying back here itself, but …. 

None of us were happy.

 We went and sat in our seats , unlike last time we booked 3rd class Ac tickets this all our seats are in the same place and we arranged our bags and had a deep sleep and woke up at 12 pm slowly did everyone , actually Kumar's dad works in Tirupati and got food for all of us we ate the food .

Jhanvi said "Guys these are the most beautiful days in my life which I could never forget " 

Later said prasanthi and me , in Vijayawada station came my dad and handed the food sri came down and wished him everyone of them thanked him for the food ..

 Later we slept I looked at Sri Nidhi who did look at me and she turned aside and slept same I did ….

We landed in Visakhapatnam station at 4 am I somehow managed to go out of station as sri nidhi's father came there and we boys were all hostellers and had two bikes and don't know about girls as Jhanvi and Sony were hostellers and Prasanthi and Swati were day scholars, Prashanti's father dropped Jhanvi and Sony at the hostel as their house was nearby to your college and Swati's dad came to the station.

I went to my room and slept like I didn't sleep for years,

Umesh came to my room and worked me up saying "we have lab today come fast" 

I went and dressed up myself and could see a person closing my eyes from behind and it was Hanisha 

She said "I missed you a lot baby" 

 I smiled at her and said "same with me honey" everybody congrulated us and we all were so happy and I saw sri nidhi with her friends explaining what all took place.

 I was with hanisha and listening to their batch by the way hanisha's batch didn't win. 

After coming back from the trip I could see hanisha didn't made as many calls and texts as she used to and saw Sri online and texted "hello" 

She said "hi"

 I felt strange and asked "Are you fine" 

She said "Okay sorry bye"

 I texted "hey I was just kidding bangaram"

We spoke for the whole night I am happy that she didn't call her friend as she was chatting with me , ya I do accept she might even chat with her friend parallel but I felt Something Is Better Than Nothing and she went offline same I did ..

 After a few hours I received a call from Hamish telling "Happy Birthday My Love" 

She posted a picture as her status and wrote "to an irreplaceable person many more happy returns of the day…."

I said "thank you honey" 

She said "okay baby lets meet tomorrow"  

The very next day Hanisha made my birthday a great thing and gave me 12 gifts we all had a lot of fun and sri nidhi didn't even wish me while leaving the classroom she came to me and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYAAN" and went away.

 I felt what the hell was wrong with her and came my Hamish with her gang we all went to central and ate a lot, after that Hamish left.

I reached my room at 11 pm and slept, I didn't even text sri she didn't even attend my birthday party…

After that days used to pass like a stream flow.

Chapter 13 

I was very happy to know anil's batch got detained and I and Hanisha had our first kiss by that time …….

After a few days we were announced to go for an internship actually Sri Nidhi was going with Jhanvi and others and I am going with Hanisha and batch.

Sri Nidhi and her batch were doing in Steel Plant, while we people went Chennai and were doing in Hyundai. 

As I and Hanisha we in relation her gang used to leave us on same coach and we booked 1st class Ac on both sides, after a while Hanisha sat beside me and we started kissing we switched off the lights for safety as it was night we kissed each other liked hungry birds I could feel her breath and tasting her lips was divine and Hanisha was totally melting and was kissing with great passion..

I made sure I took safety precautions before that and asked her for safety things she placed her hand towards her bag and I switched on the light to take the safety things, I don't know why, I went and slept on my berth, I even don't know what did Hanisha think, the very next day morning we were out of the train and went to our rooms actually our training program begins from tomorrow I felt like speaking to Sri….

Later Hanisha came and asked me to come forward and we went to our rooms, Hanisha was unlike sri she was ready to share her room with me and this time we were unstoppable and I am goanna do it, I took the safety measures and switched on the AC that was the first time I could see a girl naked and she was literally beautiful. 

I don't know from where to start she pressed me deep into her I felt she must have great experience , unlike me I gave a slow start and she gave it a kick fast ,I was busy kissing  her boobs and sucking and she pushed me under her waist  and the thing finally took place it was truly awesome and I loved it she was really cooperative and I felt done and the time was 4 pm I set myself aside on bed, unlike sri's batch everything was different here I and Hamish used to go and have our food and continue with the same and I was totally tired it was mid 1 am and she calls me again, what to do, I did start and end at 3am.

The very next day exactly at 8 am we reported there and Hanisha was still pressing my hands I was like "honey now do the work.." 

She said "okay baby"  

We ended up at 4 pm working there made me so happy because I came across so many new things as I love automobile.

 I could feel the hotness of an engine and the strokes that a piston gives and imagined my condition yesterday night…

We reached room at 8pm as we had dinner and came and I was up to do the same as it took hours I was even interested and continued but I said "honey lets end up fast as we have to go early tomorrow "  for which she accepted and we slept early .






Chapter 14

The very next day we were up with our work and I received a call from Jhanvi and spoke to her and asked about Sri she handed the mobile to her I didn't knew whether she was aware or not I said "Sri I miss you"

She didn't speak a word and Jhanvi spoke after a while "What sir how is your hot life having hottest fun ahh"

 I said "ya pig would you like to join us"

She said "you are a fucking ass" and ended the call.

I felt happy and recollected sri's "hello" ample number of times and our intern was only for 15 days unlike others I felt happy to  be a trainee in such a prestigious company and set out with my work and we had no time to roam around and I was even no more interested hanisha's batch was awesome as they don't care about each other and do their work so I was free to express my mood through my facial expressions and could never compare by Bangalore trip with my Chennai trip they were quite opposite and we ended our intern and set out to Visakhapatnam, I and Hamish kissed each other for a while and went to sleep . 

The very next day morning I was in my hostel and texted Sri "Hi how are you don't take it as an advantage and chat with your friend I can no way reach steel plant so better be careful with me…." 

She wasn't online and intern was for 20 days and those 5 days I used to call Jhanvi  and asked about sri and one day I asked Jhanvi to say that I met with an accident to Sri , immediately she called me and used to speak to me for hours though I used to speak to her something which I don't even realize what I speak but it's really a great feel, speaking to her ,on the last day I revealed the truth that it was a lie ,she blocked me and I am sure Jhanvi would get nice gifts for sure…..

The only sorrowful thing is that Sri Nidhi is going to leave India after our graduation, there came our placements I was very tensed and same happened with Hanisha. 

We sat for our placements and I got a job, yes I finally got a job, I could never believe myself I got a job in TCS and Hanisha bagged a job in Wipro and heard Sri got a job in TCS and I did know she is not goanna join and we finally were out of the cyclone placements most of us got placed and some of them went for Gate.

Here came the biggest day of our lives and that was our Farwell day , sri was the latecomer to the party and everyone was looking awesome , Hamish wore a black sari and was truly hot and there came sri wearing a red combo black saree and that combination suits her a lot leaved her hair and was truly looking pretty , there came the ramp walk round and I made it with Hanisha and everyone shouted me to have a ramp once again but god knows where Hanisha was and people shouted sri to have a ramp with me because our dressing style was perfect and I did got excited and she had a great fun with her friends and I didn't see Hamish since that time ad I got a perfect time to be with Sri 

At the end of the event Sri thanked all of us and that was the first time she sang and was truly heart worthy I loved her voice like hell everyone started crying listening to her and at last she stated that she will be leaving India next week which left me in a dilemma I wasn't at all goanna accept that day I spoke to Jhanvi for hours together and she said "it was sri's dream Ayaan no one could stop her'

I didn't feel like using my mobile and Hamish forwarded me the pictures of our flights and said "see you soon sweet heart"

I felt annoyed and there came the day I picked up Jhanvi and went to airport I could see Sri in tears and I went and stood in front of her and gave her a gift cover.

I don't know when did she open the very next day she texted me "thank you ayaan the bracelet was so pretty…"

 I said "Miss you bangaram" 

She didn't speak and went offline, the very next day I and Hanisha climbed our flights and went Hyderabad.











Chapter 15

I felt tired as Hyderabad was very crowdie unlike Visakhapatnam, it would take a lot time for me to settle here .Hanisha took a room to her office, I did the same and we were a bit far to reach each other, fortunately Kumar got placed in the same city and used to meet him during weekends. Hanisha changed a lot after coming to Hyderabad,

 I felt like she was hiding something from me and I didn't even ask her at times we used to catch up spend nights and I ever used to make sure I did it with her only if I am not drunken and I was so cautions and at times Hanisha did stopped asking me and if I feel I used to have…

The very next day I felt like speaking to sri but she don't want to be in touch with any one and and stopped using mobile and I don't have any other means to reach her.

Finally, I was blessed with an opportunity to go US, with the help of my cousin who was staying in the same country and traced Sri's address. 

I called Hanisha and said " I am going out of country on a project work take care honey"

She said "miss you babe" 

 I informed my parents and went with great desire because this was the first time I am boarding a flight to travel out of the country,

 I was very excited, me and our team mates were received by a personal who was working there for our company and dropped us at our quarters , it was no where far from my cousins room and sri's hostel was a walk able distance from mine and now I am not scared because this is America I am free to meet Sri at any time . 

That day night at 10pm I went and banged sri's room door, she was a bit scared and opened the door there were no one inside and she was still in a shock to see me there ,

 I hugged her tight and kissed her she didn't respond properly for a while and kissing sri was a dream which came true but truly I was day dreaming.

 I rang the bell and some other lady came out and I asked about sri nidhi , she was really surprised to see me there and we went for a walk and sat at a restaurant nearby , sri did got habituated to the food there and I asked her to order me a spicy non-vegetarian thing if present in the menu , she smiled and gave the order ,

 I said "So long seeing you, looking cool…..changed completely" she said "situation demands dude .."

She was really hot and so cute now , I felt she is perfect now 

I said "at present sri nidhi was completely different from the past one "

She gave a smile, her smile was so beautiful , I felt like kissing her ,

She said "what's up dude, flirting with your friend" 

I didn't say a word and just ate as she did the same , while walking back she asked me "what did brought you here" 

I said "the blind company who felt me trust worthy send me here on a project

She said "u might be doing great then.."

 I replied "ya…. very great that there's nothing to say"

She smiled and said okay this is my room.

I turned back to call her, she did the same we laughed at each other's gestures .

She said "when are you leaving"

 I said "I will stay for two to three days, Shall we meet tomorrow" 

She exclaimed "sure why not" 

With that I left the place and went back to my room and gave a call to Hanisha, actually I found Hanisha strange these days , she didn't even text me I felt she might be late at work and ended the call.

 America was really a great country, I could see beauty of the country and the people I went to my office there we attended a meeting and returned back at 5pm, I was so excited for my first date with Sri Nidhi, and rang her door bell at 8pm sharp we went to the towns and had great fun shopping roaming here and there and I found it amazing and finally we were at Sri nidhi's hostel,

 I said "so…."

 She asked "so, what" 

I replied "I am leaving tomorrow"

 I found her dumb with no words and she gave a fake smile and said "okay, good night   ...bye..."

 I stopped for a while and saw sri nidhi walking and called her "sri" 

She turned back, I immediately hugged her tight on the American streets and felt like moving to bed with her but I don't know whether she was ready or not, I felt like kissing her at the same time I could see a friend of Sri nidhi walking towards us and released her from my arms and she did look at me,

 I said "Looks like your friend is coming this way …." 

And Sri nidhi introduced me to her and her name was Sakshi ,

She was even from India and introduced me as "he is Ayaan and we were best friends since college days " 

I smiled and said "okay then bye sri take care I need to leave.." 

She wished me "happy journey and handed me a gift pack"  took it and left the place ,I packed my bag and set to the airport the very next day morning and it consisted of a watch from Titan , looks costly and awesome on me .

 I immediately took a picture and posted the image to sri, texted "it's looking great on me  ..." She texted "that's why I got it and kept a smiley emoji..."

 I went and sat in my seat and slept without thinking of anything else ….

I landed in Hyderabad the very next day morning and went back to my room , in the afternoon I had my lunch and went to hanisha's room ,

I didn't find her asked her fellow roommates about her and waited for her the whole night and went back to my room the very next day, I was leaving to office and could see Hanisha texting me "why did you come to my room" 

I felt strange and asked "why shouldn't I.."

She posted me the pictured of me and sri nidhi hugging and said "you are a cheat…" 

I texted back "we didn't do anything wrong she was my best friend and hugged her don't speak like an ass to me"

She kept calm for a while and said "sorry baby, I was angry on you…so did speak that way..."

 I later asked her "who did post you that pic ..she said I came back of you to US … kept cracky emojis and said "baby I shall speak to you in the evening I need to give a presentation I my office come to my room this evening" 

I said "sure"

That evening I took my safety things and was ready, I kissed Hanisha with great passion as it has been long time and was ready she stopped me,

She said "baby I am a bit exhausted shall we sleep.." 

This words made me strange and I did sleep , the very next day was a holiday and I woke up much early than Hanisha and said found something strange they were medical reports grabbed it from my hands immediately ad said she had some health issue and was fine know , I don't know that made her grab the papers from my hand .






Chapter 16

After a week 

I received a call from my home stating that my grand mom passed and went to the office applied for one week leave and texted Hanisha "honey, my grand ma passed away I am leaving home for a week take care of yourself "

She texted back "miss you baby, may grand ma's soul rest in peace should I come with you I said "not required.."

I did text Sri and my other friends about my grand mom every one offered me condolence in behalf,

Sri texted "May her soul rest in peace" 

 I went to my home town and saw my dad and went to him, I could see tears in his eyes and hugged me 

 I said "No dad, control yourself"

After a while I could see a huge crowd gathering at our house and we finished all the traditional formalities and that night I informed my dad about my stay for a week , he was happy that I will be staying for the first time and spent some time with mom and my sister .

 After a day we offered pooja to our grandmother and invited all our relatives and people from our town and that day evening something strange happened I received a call from Kumar asking me to watch news, 

It stated 

"A young girl working in Wipro Company was dead…

All the people will be accused …..



 I was shocked and received a call from the commissioner asking me to come Hyderabad by tomorrow evening .

I didn't inform my parents about this news and left to Vijayawada airport and boarded the very next flight to Hyderabad .

I was shocked and felt very nervous and shocked and I don't even know what truly happened and reached the police station and commissioner Dev asked me to sit inside and it was the first time ,

 I went inside a police station and sat inside a dark room, there came the commissioner Dev, said "How did Hanisha die" 

I: Sir I don't even knew until my friend called and intimated me about her death 

Commissioner: Actually hanisha's doubts on you and was sure you did the crime so you must stay her for a mean time…

I didn't ever met hanisha's parents and I was shocked how he could confirm I did that ….

Later came the postmortem report and it was a suicide and the police even came to a note that Hanisha was pregnant and I was shocked.

 I found a person shouting my name out and brought hanisha's gang who said that I and Hanisha were in relation from our engineering days and now knowing she was pregnant I harassed her and she attempted suicide because of me.

 The police commissioner took all the evidential proofs and pictures of mine and Hanisha and stated the media "the criminal was taken into custody and it was the girl's boyfriend Ayaan..." I was speechless and was under bars, I was scared thinking about my family and slept ….



Chapter 17

I don't know   what was happening no one came to see me , I said Dev many times I didn't know anything but no one listened to me after a while I was released from the bars and saw Charan being hit by the commissioner and I didn't  understand what was happening …

After a while I saw Jhanvi, Sony and Sri Nidhi I was shocked to see her, Jhanvi saw the wound on my face and we sat in a restaurant next to the police station 

 I broke the silence "Guys why was Charan taken into custody what did happen will anyone please tell me the truth .Was charan involved in Hanisha's death case….

Guys speak out manhhh….

Jhanvi, Sony , Sri ,Kumar tell me the truth…"

I screamed at them and I could find everyone staring at us ….

After a while spoke Kumar" Bhai just eat for now after we go to your room I will explain to you what did happen…"

After eating Sri said "Okay guys I and Jhanvi we go to the hostel … and today evening all of us are leaving to hanisha's house to offer our condolence to her family, I am leaving for tomorrow's flight to Visakhapatnam…" I saw her face and Jhanvi said "Chaloo girls let's leave now…"

I and Kumar went to my room and I asked kumar to say what did happen...

2days before

Sri saw the news on her mobile and gave a call to all our batch mates, the very next moment she boarded a flight from US to Hyderabad and reached a hotel in Hi-tech City and we all reached I , Jhanvi , Sony and Prashanti reached the hotel by 7 am .

I was then aware and saw that you even got arrested and Sri claimed that you wouldn't have done that same did we say.. And there we started the operation

We went to Dev and asked him for permission which he rejected, Sri had a friend of her's whose father works as an IPS and she got a permission and Dev accepted and gave us acceptability and said "you people have only two days, after that no one can help your friend" I could see Sri was really dedicated to save you and 

Firstly we went to the apartment where Hanisha used to reside and took the CCTV footages for a month and that day before hanisha's death we could see Hanisha getting down of a bike and she left in her room ,no one did enter and in the early morning make the maids to clean and reported about her death …

We did see the footages from a month and another person other than you used to come with her and we suspected it as Charan and we shocked to see him here.

One day before you came Hanisha and Charan went inside their room and locked themselves inside , after a while you came and waited for a long while and left after some time they ordered for a pizza and opened the door and again closed it the same way .

Later, Charan ran down the steps and Hanisha was trying to stop him but he didn't…..

We even tried to take the report of her call list information but sri stopped us and we went all the way to Charan's room and we gave some money to the watchman there and asked about charan and if anyone else used to come to his room,

He said "Sabh, a madam used to come very often and used to leave …" and we did took the same CCtV footages and found the same and it was Hanisha with all the information we went to Charan's house all the way it was a village near Hyderabad and we went in sony's car and could see it was just somewhat like a house with bricks. Charan was sitting inside and we went inside and Charan I don't know what happened he was scared looking at us and he came out saying something to his parents , we took him to Hyderabad and he was tensed and we didn't speak a word and we got out of the car and I banged 

Charan saying "Bastard tell the truth now"

 He was tensed and said "Please leave me…" after that we went to my room and asked charan to say the truth he didn't say a word and tried to run out of my room when all of us were in the hall, we later tied him to a chain with a rope and we kept a camera secretly and we again asked him to say what happened he received a call from his parents to his new mobile and said "I and Hanisha were in  love from the time we went to Chennai and one day we both were together on bed .

I did love her so much , but I was not so rich enough and I got job in the same company where Hanisha got placed , we used to spend time together on bed and one fine day she fainted in office, 

I took her to hospital and the doctor congrulated me saying she is pregnant and from that I left her she used to come to plead me and I used to threat her that I will reveal this to Ayaan and her parents and one day she lost her patience and attempted suicide …" 

There came Dev and his team and arrested him , the video clip page got viral and you were released and Bhai without Sri nothing might have been possible.

5PM in the evening of the day,

We went to hanisha's house and her father scolded us for being he  got much frustrated looking at me and came hanisha's elder sister and controlled her father we offered some boques in front of hanisha's portrait and was not even able to believe a girl who was a best person to be on bed and one of my good friend and my official girl friend was no more , after a while we left and I did book a ticket to Visakhapatnam and  Sri wasn't aware of this……



Chapter 18


Listening to her words I kept calm and turned my head towards the window , I didn't know what to say , after awhile she turned towards me and asked "Don't you have a minimum commonsense of informing people .

I truly don't know what you think of yourself.. "

I smiled and said "Why to worry if I have a friend like you …" 

She didn't spoke a word and said "what was the reason for you to come here .."

 I said "Actually I came here to attend a wedding of my inter class mate" 

She teased by saying "looks like your friend's circle reached out of state"

 I said "though I have an ocean you are my purified drop of water, which is more precious than that ocean "

She smiled and said "hmm, flirting with friends ahhh" 

I replied "you are my bangaram right.." we went out of the airport ,

 I said "Sri you saved my life today  don't know what to say , I am really proud of you and thank you my friend thanks a lot" 

She said "I didn't do for this thank you Ayaan , as a friend it's my responsibility.."

We left our way I went to green park hotel and was received my friend and met someone after the wedding I went back to Hyderabad and I called from Jhanvi to offer thank you

She said "hey dumbo thank sri dude , she truly" and stopped.

 I asked her "Jhanvi continue else I will surely kill "tell me what you stopped 

 She continued "Bro , sri gonna kill me for sure " somehow she continued by saying "she loves you Ayaan , she loves you a lot as you were in relation with Hanisha she left it.."

I was shocked ended the call and made a whatsapp call to here, said "Hey, how are you, whatsup…"

She said "hey I am good what about you"

 I said "Sri, do you love me .."

 She didn't speak a word for a while and said "what are you speaking ayaan"

 I said "sri please be clear to what I asked say the truth" 

She said "I am scared ayaan…" 

I later stated "I LOVE YOU SRI"

She didn't say a word,

She later said "Ayaan please don't say such I am …bye ayaan" 

I gave a call to Jhanvi and asked, Jhanvi said "Ayaan she has being loving you since ….. she wasn't aware of it , by the time you and Hanisha we in relation she kept her love aside she loves you soo much ayaan, I did realize it when we lied to her that you met with an accident during our internship , she can't tell you now that she loves because Hanisha is no more and she didn't to make it an opportunity to express her feelings to you so she kept calm ayaan but don't miss her ayaan without her you don't have a life ayaan today.." listening to Jhanvi 

I was shocked "yes, it's love, I felt it , I am in love with sri since years that's the reason why I went to US and ever used to miss her…"

 I  texted Jhanvi to ask where Sri was and came to know she was boarding a connecting flight from Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad and from there to US , 

I was so happy learning this and waited for the flight from Visakhapatnam and enquired the flight from Hyderabad to US is at 5pm in the evening and I could see Sri coming out of the flight I went towards her and she kept her head down , 

I caught her hand and to her with me . I took to a restaurant and ordered food and she didn't speak a word and I said "So bangram let's celebrate love she didn't say A word and after a while 

She said "Ayaan look I don't love you" 

I got frustrated listening to her and ordered a room and asked the waiter to get the food there after some time.

 I took her to the room there and she said "Ayaan have you gone mad" I said "Say the truth sri.." she didn't speak a word I went a step towards her and she was moving back and she fell on the bed I climbed on her and kissed her like hell I don't know since what time I have been of this kiss,   at first she shouted to leave her later I could see her responding I felt wild, yes its truly passionate kiss in my life and my first kiss to sri later, I kissed her neck and went down to her boobs squeezing one and sucking the other and I was ready to do that without any precautions but I stopped,

 I said "Sri I love you, let's have all that after marriage"

 I could see her blush and we hugged each other tight. I went and dropped her at the airport and we used to talk for hours but since few days, I was thinking of something after meeting someone unexpectedly.






Chapter 19

All days are happy I and sri were so happy and everyone of our batch were happy to see both of us in relation and to an extent something was pinching my heart though I got my job back and everything was fine .

I was in a dilemma why did Dev arrest me without any proof what was the reason ,okay if so sri loves me she saved its acceptable , why did she stop Kumar from taking the call list details of Hanisha .

 I didn't see any sought of sadness in Sri eyes for Hanisha's death, 

I don't know whether I was thinking out the scenario or else it was reasonable.

I everyday used to have same things running in my mind and one day went to meet Dev and even see Charan. I met dev and asked him the reason behind arresting me 

 He said "after hansiha's death we sealed the items and  there was a microchip  through intelligent report we traced that it was reaching me and said so you might be the one who was harassing her and supposed you to be the cause of hanisha's death"

 I said "No sir actually I placed the chip because I could see Hanisha hiding something from me since we came Hyderabad and much from the time I came back from US in order to know the truth I placed it a week back to know what was the thing she was hiding from me if  I truly want to harrase her I would have place a secrete camera , but I didn't ever have such taught to harass her "

 Later dev said "so why did you come here" 

I stated "sir there's something wrong happening in this case why don't we take the call list of Hanisha , Sir I heard that one of my friend opposed to even enquire by taking the call lit of Hanisha and sir why did charan at a prompt unexpectedly accepted the crime , sir I feel someone is hiding back of this sir" dev continued "Yes ayaan I do accept you but I don't understand whom to suspect earlier I felt you later charan but what was truly taking place.." Dev asked his staff to get the information about hanisha's call list and even charan's two sim cards.

I went back and had a bit conversation with Sri and she stated she will be coming Hyderabad within two days and even said she will speak about us to her family soon I smiled and said "sure bangaram , good night" 

I slept as Half completed , I went the very next day morning to Dev and enquired about the calls Hanisha received were from different STD Booths which didn't make anything clear but all were from Hyderabad local and was shocked ,why was he calling from different places and same did take place with charan accordingly he received calls since hanisha's death and Charan had a new sim something much to be discussed was that while Sri and my team brought Charan to Hyderabad from his home town he left his mobile at his home through intelligent report..And why did he accept the crime did this black masked person even threatened charan…. I was having a bunch of questions with no answers , Dev and I went to all the places asked the people there no one observed and took the footages but  he was no where visible as he covered himself with a black scarf and there was a bracelet to his arm and I could observe through CCTV footages the bracelet stating 'OM' ,

 Dev asked me for help and I accepted  the very next day we started the operation I spoke to Sri saying "I  have work today evening" and said "I won't be able to speak to her"

 She accepted and said "by tomorrow evening I will be with you ayaan complete your work"

I said "sure bangaram" and went on my bike to all the bars and pubs in Hyderabad 

 Later went to a bar shop which was very untidy and sat down ordered for a peg of beer and roasted chicken lollipop  and observed all the people there , 

I couldn't find any such and Dev didn't even get even suspected people after a while I could see a person dancing and to his hand I could see the same bracelet and texted Dev immediately and dev did come on bike unlike jeep and dev sat next to me after a while he went and caught the culprit and arrested him 

Dev said "ayaan I truly appreciate your love towards Hanisha and we should know who made him do this or he did himself" 

Listening to his words I asked "Sir will the investigation start right now"

 Dev said "Yes ayaan as Charan has been pleading me since days and was not eating anything we should rescue that poor boy" 

I nodded my head and asked Dev to give me the permission to meet Charan by the time there was a bit heart bursting news charan attempted suicide inside the jail , I rushed to Dev and came to know that charan mixed the pesticide which was sprayed in the garden in the day meal which was proved through postmortem reports ,

 I asked Dev "how could he get those things"

 Dev answered "It's possible ayaan , as all the prisoners has to jobs like cleaning gardens , spraying pesticides on growing crops  in our Hyderabad prison we were allocated a lot space for even harvesting , so Charan might had some pesticide….."  

I was shocked ,I really didn't had a word and by this time came the media asked Dev about the true culprit, he said "there has been a small clash and unfortunately we lost charan"  he did say "we did found the true culprit and he is taken into custody further reasons of hanisha's death case will be informed accordingly"








Chapter 20

I left the station and went back to my room and really felt very bad for what had happened , I just couldn't understand what was taking place two of my close friends lost their lives and they were pregnant by that time 

 I felt like my head will burst out with question storm 

 I could see everyone posting CHARAN'S picture as their status they did add "sorry friend we were blind to trust you did a crime and unfortunately we lost you…" 

I felt like crying for the first time and could see Sri calling, I picked up her call her voice was not proper,

 I said "Bangaram are you in the airport"

 She replied "Ya ayaan"

 I said "That's great see you soon 

I informed "By the way we had a bad news Charan passed away" I didn't inform anyone that I am helping Dev in this case including Sri. 

 I informed sir about charan's death, She said "Ya ayaan, I was shocked to learn this truth  ... may his soul rest in peace"

 I was shocked as Sri didn't even asked me what happened and was not at all worthful for her condolence for Charan's death. I don't know what I am up to and slept.

The very next day morning I received a call from Dev, he said "Ayaan come here as soon as possible" by this time,

 I informed him that "I should go to airport to receive Sri"

 He said "NO ayaan we shall meet at airport" 

I was surprised said "sure sir" 

I went to office to apply for a half day leave and was above to reach airport , unfortunately my tank was empty I placed my bike in a shed nearby and booked a cab to airport, the cab driver was much crazy than expected he was driving like hell

 I insisted him to go a bit fast the funny thing was that he used to increase the speed whenever I used to say "bhayya go a bit fast " 

Again he used to drive the same, after a while I stopped saying him to go fast, somehow reached the airport by that time I could see media and police jeeps surrounded , I went inside , the media came towards me and asked "do you have any evidence of how were back of this or did you kill Hanisha and were being re arrested are you planning to escape" 

Listening to them I lost my temp and Dev came towards the media and said "without ayaan we would never find the true culprit….

He is not to be accused he was to be appreciated" I didn't knew what Dev meant and who was that culprit why did Dev come to airport and Dev asked me to go and sit in a café nearby and asked me to switch off my mobile for a while, before I say a word 

Dev said "Ayaan, don't anything much just switch off your mobile for a while"

 I did accept and went to the café and sat a side.

I could see Dev rushing towards a passenger and his staff locked the passenger with hand cuffs to my surprise it was Sri, I felt like fainting  what the hell was taking place , I felt like screaming out  , I went back of the police jeep and could see Sri screaming out for help inside the jeep , I went inside and saw Dev,

 I rushed to him and said "Sir what's happening here?

Sri is my girlfriend and we were in relation , she came India as we taught to inform our parents about our marriage" 

Dev took a deep breath and said "Ayaan after you left I tortured that black masked person I smashed him and felt he will be encountered , finally he opened his mouth and said "Sri madam said me to do all this and I was even paid for this" 

As you were I was much shocked because "she was the one who worked day and night to get you out of this case and she herself was the true culprit" listening to Dev I asked him what is going to happen now sir "Ayaan know Sri will be applied in court and charan family will get compensation for his death" 

I left the place and I didn't switch on my mobile  as I did knew how many calls I am gonna receive just like hell . 

I went back to my room and slept this day as I am even exhausted to think of any as I have many to think , the very  next day morning I could see media reporting informing sri is being taken to the court as Dev insisted me not to move anywhere for a couple of days, I took a sick leave and was tensed what's going to happen and felt what about that black mask person?

I prepared sandwich and coffee for myself and ate it was not perfect but eatable after a while I switched on the television and saw the headlines as sri fired herself and the black masked person after court ordered LIFE for sri and asked the police to hang that black masked person , on the time of getting down from the steps ,

Dev was informing the media in the mean time  Sri took it as a chance , I fell down from my seat watching sri , she fired herself in front of the public I couldn't understand how could she do that she might have got help by any of the staff of Dev or ….

I immediately went to the police station where dev was having a serious meeting with his staff , I was standing out and dev asked me to get in , I went in,

 He said "Ayaan what the hell is wrong man , how could she get a gun and it's nowhere possible"

 I said "Sir what if she did take help of someone in order to run away and fired wrong as she might not have pointed properly"

 Dev kept calm and said "Yes ayaan one of my staff member was not proper since we were reaching the court and he was zooming and seeing  the scene when sri fired and she got the pistol as one of the police women took away the diamond chain and she nodded her head as sri pointed towards the Blackman and shot him and later everyone rushed towards her and she shot herself" I was shocked to see all this and felt like yelling , immediately the police women got suspended and was to pay a fine of 5lkh to the government for here irreplaceable mistake .






Chapter 21

I went to the airport and booked a ticket to Visakhapatnam and I went to Sri's house I could see most of my classmates there and wished them, I offered my prayer to her,

 I could see a person crying and took her aside and said "Be strong sharanya that's okay I didn't even expect she would kill herself and that person I didn't ever knew, she had such a short temper of not even think of what she was up to and this was all because of the neglance of the police staff and that police women got fired out her job for the thing she has done and it's you now to stay strong my dear, we have a beautiful life , I will come back to Visakhapatnam we shall start our lives, trust me …." 

She said "No Ayaan , I helped you when I came to know she was ready to kill a girl for you, what if I was in hanisha's place, I used to think she was not involved in love but when we were in love since we met in Chennai ,

 I started to read and learn new things about Sri, when I realized her decision to kill Hanisha, I taught of teaching her a lesson …but never knew she would die and leave this world forever" sharnya broke down in tears…

1 year back

As I went to Chennai with hanisha's team I went out to get some fresh air as Hanisha went out with her friends and I found a girl getting teased by some boys and this black masked was one there and I went there and shouted in them they were ready to hit me, 

I in hand made a call to the police  for safety and hearing I said should I complain now one of them fell down and said "Bhai we are from Hyderabad,

 We are unemployed and bhabi,

 We are extremely sorry please forgive us…." They ran away and before I say a word to the police, 

Sharanya said "there was a robbery taken place I lost my gold chain and he helped me " 

The inspector came to me and said "if you lost something come to station and complain are you thinking we are free to come and search for you , I felt there's something more emergency "

 I said "sorry sir I didn't knew how to help her " later said the inspector "come to the station and file a FIR we shall come back to you soon" both of us nodded our heads and the police left and I saw her she was beautiful, her loose hair and her eyes were much beautiful , later she broke the silence "Hi this is sharanya "

I said "I am Ayaan from Pragathi college , Vskp" she felt surprised and said "I am even from there"

 I added "I am friend of Sri" and she said "hey I am her best friend" she later said "she never said about you to me well nice to meet you… later I said …I LOVE YOU" she turned red "Are you mad mister" 

I laughed "hey sorry I was kidding" 

We both laughed and we reached her room I asked "so are you living alone " she replied "no ayaan I came with my friends to attend intern and now they all still didn't return from shopping, I went down to roam and met with a tragedy where you saved me" I smiled and said "so had something" 

She replied "no" 

I said "okay wait we are friends now, I shall order something for you and she asked me to get in, I sat in her room " 

Sharanya's hotel was even very pleasant and the waiter got the food,

 She served for both of us and said "thank you ayaan you are trustworthy" 

She sat down and said "I was so scared ayaan if you weren't there I dun no what was going to happen" 

I said "so why did you leave" she answered "they seemed to be poor and young by this they might have learned their mistake that's enough to me …" 

I felt soo nice, she was soo sweet and said "you are great sharanya nice to meet a person like you …" 

She smiled and said "you are much than that ayaan, you saved a girl's life today"

We both shared smiled and I could see the time, it was 9 pm 

I said "okay sharanya, I will leave now" and left the place and said at the door "please don't say about this with anyone and even about me think it's a nightmare and be careful, bye …" 

She said "you are an awesome guy ayaan , sure I am not gonna discuss with any of my friends and I will never forget you in my life" 

After a few days , we met at a mall and I could see her wearing a black top on a dark blue jean I went to her and said "Hi sharanya"

 I made sure Hanisha was busy buying something I went to her and said "baby I will be back" and left to sharanya who was speaking to her friend she asked me "where did you rush soo sudden"

 I said "nothing to inform my friends I am going to speak with some important person" 

She smiled and said "so how are you" 

I said "I am fine how about you" she replied "I am fine, why weren't you shopping"

 I replied "I hate shopping sharanya" 

She nodded and said "same applies to me"

 We both sat down and exchanged our thoughts and laughed making fun of the customers there , we later reached a dark place and that was parking place as we pressed all the button in the lift we did press this floor and it was very dark we went down in order to go forward and climb up to the mall entrance again but I did something unusual , 

I pressed her back to the wall and I could see her strawberry like lips kissing each other ample number of time 

I didn't even listen to what she was speaking and taught of adding my lips to her's ,which were kissing each other since a long time , and she didn't even push me we were kissing each other and her lips did taste like strawberries and we heard   watchman coming towards us and I immediately grabbed her hand and we went back and hid ourselves after awhile he left and we climbed the same lift ,

 I said "I LOVE YOU" 

She said "Do you have a girlfriend"

 I said "yes" 

She said "shame on you and I did knew it as your girlfriend is world famous and how could you kiss me"

  I said "sharanya listen to me, when did you knew I had a girlfriend" 

When I saw my friend seeing your girlfriend's facebook profile yesterday night,

 I did see you pic and my friend commented that you where her boy friend, from that I taught of just being as friends and nothing more ayaan,

 I stopped her and said "You did knew all and still you kissed , what does that mean sharanya , you made love for me and that's true same with me sharanya,

 I am her boyfriend but we never truly loved each other just give me some time we shall become one forever" 

I can't break with her know as "I will miss my intern certificate if they write a remark on it my work experience would be lost so please sharanya give me some time"

She nodded and said "I love you ayaan I will wait for you but don't cheat me"

 I said "I love you darling"

We both left our ways in college we used to meet as sharanya used to stay back after college hours and there came placements after a few days, 

I promised sharanya once I get a job I shall marry her , but I got a job in Hyderabad as it was because of Hamish , so I asked sharanya to give me some more time, she was working in Visakhapatnam and by this time I met with hanisha's death and with the help of sharanya came to know it was all because of sri nidhi"

Yes, after going to Hyderabad I used to get calls from sharanya's friends mobile to my office telephone in my cabin and sharanya one day broke down in tears 

She said "sri loves me and was planning to kill Hanisha"

Learning the truth ,I was shocked and said sharanya "what if you were in hanisha's place, she will definitely kill you also" sharanya helped me to exhibit the truth , Sri ever used to take sharanya's help and I used to monitor the situation indirectly  in order to kill Hanisha , I asked sharanya to tell sri to assign a gunday so that he could threaten Hanisha about her issue with charan as did the goon he used to get paid by sri nidhi well efficiently and sharanya through me used to direct what should the goon has to speak with Hanisha.

This way sharanya helped me in proving sri as a culprit, but sharanya has been falling a bit aside from the day of sri nidhi's died, she was ever thinking about the same thing and spoke to me about the same and was feeling guilty and said one day, she want to surrender to the police and want to accept that she was the one to be blamed for Sri's death.

I got scared is sharanya gonna do this, I tried to console her and said "darling I will be coming there in few days please stay strong"

 But no, I saw a bit change I sharanya's behavior.

The very next day I went to my office as usual and while returning from office, I saw one of my friend ringing me and picked up his call,

He said "Bhai we lost sharanya she met with a car accident", 

I fell down, I really shivered like hell is Sri Nidhi's soul trying to take revenge, I did go there and saw sharanya's body felt bad and didn't cry in front of everyone and thought


Chapter 22

To be true, let me start from Hanisha,

 I did knew Hanisha was in relation with charan since they went to Chennai for the first time , they did sleep for 2 nights as manohar was even there in Chennai who was our classmate and one of my close friend , 

I said manohar just to keep it in his heart as I don't want to blame Hanisha in front of everyone, he felt I was deeply in love with her and left it aside .

 When we returned I didn't speak to Hamish about this I never used to check her mobile as days passed we did our intern together and then we got placed in a busy city Hyderabad , I didn't knew why did she opt for Hyderabad but during our farewell when I and sri did the ramp and later I went in search of Hamish  and could see Hanisha and charan kissing each other, I heard 

Hanisha saying "you didn't accept to stay here, so I am coming there" 

Charan said "what is the need for all this"

 She replied "because I can't stay away from you" 

I did act as if I was not aware of anything and for  few days Hanisha used to be with me during weekends I used to go to Kumar and I wasn't ever been stopped by Hanisha , but I did knew what she does , after knowing why we came here I kept a microchip in hanisha's room ,

Actually I didn't brought it here it was from china I placed it to the corner of her bed and ever used to listen whatever she spoke, to whom ever she spoke and what my so called girlfriend is up to . I could hear Hanisha making sounds after a while when charan arrived and used to think she was crazy about that ……..

One day, I taught to end up my relation with Hanisha by going to her room when she was with charan but there took something unacceptable,

 I used to share hanisha's goggle location and she visited hospital one day with charan and immediately after that I gave a 1000rs note to the nurse there and asked about what happened to Hanisha she informed me "sir there came one madam and sir , actually madam fainted in the office after testing doctor mam said that she is pregnant"

I fell down into the chair , the very next day I wantedly went to Hanisha to have it but she refused to have and the very next morning I saw the medical reports and acted as if I a mint aware of what happened to her and she informed me she had some health issues .

After a day, I went to hanisha's room on a week end and the door was locked I taught to catch them red handed but listening to Hanisha I felt really very bad and if so I prove my innocence no one trusts me as I was her boyfriend since 4 years and by the time I went down and through the chip I heard Hanisha saying "charan don't worry I shall say ayaan the baby is his and he has to marry me…"

I do accept we had it with precautions, but I am no where away from filing a complaint on him and he would be left with no other option"

Charan said "No honey I am scared of all this and I warned you many times to stop having that, I am very scared so please leave me I am a poor boy and I am no where involved in this"

She said "charan don't be stupid I seriously love you, I am there to you, don't at all worry"

Listening to Hanisha, I really felt like killing her but how? I don't have any way…. Then, I reminded myself about Sri who was in deep love with me and was ready to kill Hanisha for loving me.

Sri Nidhi

I did go to US in order to send Hanisha to heaven and I could see , Sir love for me in her eyes , Sri wantedly took separate rooms to each of us in Bangalore , she wasn't truly scared to sleep at night she used to text sharanya in order  to ask how to impress boy who was none other than me and to stay close to me, but I never had a thought to have it with her as I promised sharanya, to stay away from all that stuff, and now sri was the one who could close the chapter of Hanisha, as sri assigned a goon to threaten Hanisha who was none other than me , I used to speak to Hanisha on phone sorry phones , I gave a number to sharnya and asked her to forward it to Sri and he was none other than a goon from the batch who scared sharanya in Chennai , the person I picked from the batch was an orphan and spoiled lives of many girls I taught to cure him from all these sins, I promised him to get a ticket for world tour and Sri even used to pay 3K per day and he used to enter hanisha's number in telephone before that he used to ring me through his smart phone and I used to speak to Hanisha accordingly . That fellow wasn't aware of what is happening and on the final day before hanishsa's death, I wantedly left to my home town in order to stay away from all these case but I used to train the goon to take the position to threat charan after hanisha's death , said the goon to ask charan to move to his home town. Unexpectedly dev was so intelligent and got the microchip which I thought to take away and forgot about that , he suspected the true culprit was me , by the time I got call from dev for investigation, I asked sharanya to stay strong and not at all to involve and leave a hint to sri to save me by going through if Hanisha has any relation with some other boy , sri was even aware that Hanisha likes charan and would never leave the opportunity to prove him as a culprit according to my plan ,sri did take the medical report and went up to charan and the goon called charan's family once before sri asked the goon  to go to charan's home town and call from charan's mobile to her and threaten  charan's parents to say that "he will kill them" the poor elderly people said the same to charan on phone, later the goon took the mobile from his parents and said charan "Bhai don't act smart accept the crime and if you dare to say that I called to threaten you , I will send your family to heaven make sure of it" listening to the goon as charan was a family man he accepted the crime and surrender to the police that day I could see his parents crying out as charan's parents were poor and I went to his father and said "babha I will get your son out trust me give me some time go home everything will be alright"

I immediately took a decision to save charan looking at his love for his family and thought to prove Sri as a culprit I proved her that I was in love with her as I did knew the whole situation I went to the goon and said him "Bhai see the police will threaten to kill you don't worry I will handle the situation trust me , in a few days I will be coming with ACP Dev to the bar where you go and arrest you make sure that you say Sri nidhi madam's name , once after I will save you accordingly 

If you lose your tongue everything gets spoiled so be careful"

Accordingly, I went with dev and arrest him to my fortune Sri came to India herself and got surrounded to the police , but never taught she would fire the goon and herself , but to be discussed she didn't get the name of sharanya anywhere she did love her friend my hidden girlfriend so much , but to be thankful she killed the goon else he would definitely display the truth in front of the police any day at least one second before he will be hung then I should stand at his place , I am thankful to Sri.


Sharanya was really an awesome person she has a well settled mother and father and was wealthy , her job was good and her earning was much good , I and sharnya used to meet whenever I  came to Visakhapatnam , once I came with sri to my inter classmates marriage in order to meet sharanya and we did meet often but   no one knew we were in relation, I did love sharanya so much she was the main part to this case who truly saved my life by unknowing the truth she helped me because I manipulated her  that sri would kill her even, if she was in hanisha's place and I secretly ended the show but never taught to kill sharanya but what to do the very before day of her death she asked me "Ayaan I will tell the truth at least to Sri's parents I am not able to carry this guilt any more , I am feeling like dying"

 I thought to make her second option true and assigned a person who was a bike mechanic and was a friend of the person who parks all the employees vehicles, once made a conversation with him as I was in sharanya's car , I dropped her at the office I could find a person rushing towards and said "Sharanya didhi give me the keys I will park the car " 

She said "no ramu not required my friend will take it with him" 

Ramu was my person I used to pay him to get cigarette and beer bottles at college days he used to work at the mechanic shop near our college, from the day of Sri Nidhi's death, I asked Ramu to keep an eye on sharanya. Ramu used to give me day to day information about sharanya and the way she started becoming physically and mentally unstable.

Sharanya's father took her to a psychiatrist and asked to take some medication, to our fortune she left the tablet pills in her car, she asked ramu to get them, ramu immediately informed me about…

I asked ramu to replace the pills with drugs , ramu had his neighbor and school friend who became a drug addicted person and secretly took them from his room the very next day he replaced the pills the original once as this pills were packed similar to normal tablets.

And on that sharanya left the office early and was not stable as ramu said to me,

She went home as usual and clashed a lorry and was dead on spot.

Dev did investigate,

Mean time came the postmortem report stating sharanya had drugs before driving. Everyone including show parents were shocked, but the proofs were very clear, sharanya's parents did feel the guilt and expressed that their daughter was not stable since days, even did sharanyas colleagues mention the same.

Dev did take the CCTV footage on the day of sharanya's death,

He did question Ramu "why did it take him so long to get the tablets from sharanyas car."

Ramu did answer dev "Sir I was searching in the front side besides the steering but sharanya didhi placed them at the back and the fell down from the set to the car floor".

 As there were no suspects

 Finally sharnaya reached my other two girlfriends and left me safe here...

I don't know whether I am the hero of the story or not but I am the hidden villain.

Actually I saved myself from three locks who were inter-related to each other, started with Hanisha who was in love with charan and charan was in love with his family and Sri Nidhi was in love with me and Sharanya was above to step towards humanity…

Finally I ended up  by giving a kick start to my carrier and applied for MS in SWEDEN , know I did remembered the promise I made to Charan's father as his son was no more, he has a daughter. I failed to get his son back but I married Ramu to charan's sister and Ramu was happy to have a family , I promised charan's dad that Ramu would take proper care of his family and assigned ramu in a good automobile company as a mechanic , I felt happy to see a smile on Charan's father's face .

Finally none of them were aware of the truth neither the police nor my girlfriends this truth ever stays At The Bottom Of My Heart and burns with me …..


I was in the airport to fly Sweden all my family members were happy for me and I received a call from Gujarat.

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